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is my wife suffering from sihr (black magic)?

salamu ailaikuum

hello im a 22 yr old muslum boy who has been married for 7 months now, but i started having promblems with my wife. she is a very nice person who knows a lot of quran and prays her salats, the promblem ive been having is that for the smallest reasons my wife would get angry very quickly, and when she gets upset its like she becomes someone i dont know, one minutes she loves me the next minute she gets angry is like she dont know me and she could just stand there with no feeling as if she is heartless, and even if i apolagise very sincerly it still doesnt make a difference, she gets angrier more and more untill it comes to a level where she locks herself in a dark toilet without being scared, and she could be in their for 1 hour.

i feel as if there is something in between me and my wife its like when where most happiest and lovely something changes and becomes a nightmare. me and my wife are two people who are very in love and understand each other we have fun all the time we have many things in common.

in the beggining of my marraige when these promblems started occuring i thought it was normal arguments, but more and more i started to learn and understand that there more to this. when my wife is angry she says things she would never normally say and is like she doesnt love me at all its like she completly hates me, and she looks at me in a very different face as if there's something else staring at me.

but when she calms down, instantly she would become normal and then she would apolagise and cry, not remember most the things she says or does when shes angry and she would tell me don't believe wat she says when shes angry because thats not the kind of person she is.

she once told me that when she's angry she feels good. i said even if im upset, she said yes.

i swear sometimes i can know that there something there, because in the night when im with my wife im not able to sleep i feel as if there something near us, it scares me my wife would sleep easy but i would not.

i wake up in the morning sometimes and i would see long red scratch marks on my back, as if ive been scratched by a 3 clawed creature i wouldnt feel pain but i can only see it.

when my wife was young age 14 her mother took her to a witch in zambia, because she use to have very painful period pains her mother was a revert who didnt have much knowledge about the deen, my wife didnt want to go she was very scared and uncomftable.

well what happened was that she went in the witches house and saw many strange evil things, very evil things she saw the witch talking in a mans voice and telling her that shes going to see the promblem in her stomach, and she closed her eyes the witch, and my wife felt something moving in her stomach, they slept over for the night in the house, when they were leaving the witch told her i will come and check up on you many times, no matter where u are.

from the knowledge i have, i think theres a female jinn in between our marriage who is divided me and my wife, my wife is not possesed because we went to many sheiks and they advised me its not possesion, my wife prays reads quran shes learning surah al baqarah now, she doesnt get any side effects from reading or practicing,

the only problem is when me and my wife are together.

inshallah i hope someone can read my story and give me some advise about wat is happening, and to stop this promblem

salamu ailaikuum from your dear muslim brother AHMED.

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  1. Assalamwalikum,

    I would be very very grateful if this brother's question could be answered. I have been searching for information online about black magic when i found this question- exactly the same thing is happening in my marriage (I am the wife). I am so upset at my own actions and i am trying to figure the situation out.

    I have been complaining for months that i have no control over my actions and that i am afraid. After a very nasty fight 2 days ago my husband finally agrees something is wrong. We fight constantly and i feel myself change- screaming, swearing and hitting him, i hate him and wish him dead (really really wish him dead or i ask for divorce constantly)- but later i feel calm again and am so sorry for what i have done. i really love him and i fear and love Allah ta'la too. I say astagfar and do taubah for what i have done. Even during the fights i ask Allah for help and protection and i know i need to calm down but i cant. Later i feel love for my husband again and the anger is all gone. I used to pray regularly but now its on and off. I havent read Quran in months but inshallah im starting to pray and read Quran regularly as i dont want this awful situation to continue and i know my imaan has become weak.

    I didnt think much of it before but my husband also complains that he cant sleep at night, quite often, he's wide awake but i sleep fine. I never went to a witch doctor though (to my knowledge) but i did wonder if it might be jinn as i used to live in a house with other people who were possessed by jinn. But i dont have a problem hearing Quran or praying.

    Please answer the brother as it would help me too, jazakallahkhairun


      Go to this link it will help you in sha Allah

    • Asalam alaykom. Subhanallah I have the exact same situation. I can see a creature in my dreams beating me it looks like the predator. I love my husband but something has changed us we became slaves to shaytaan. I would love to stay in the bathroom and talk to myself in the mirror. I became so weak and tired I could barely take care of my own children. One night as soon as I stood up to greet my husband I began to bleed the dr said I am healthy yet it's been 2 months of heavy bleeding. I wish I could pray and fast.i actually thought it was because of hormone imbalance or stress. 2 nights ago I pray istikarah and made sincere dua for help. Alhamdulillah, Allah has somehow led me to ruqyah. I never really paid much attention to the unseen but now I am truly terrified. Can anyone perform ruqyah? Like a husband for his wife? Can I just listen to ruqyah on youtube? I'm a convert to Islam and I'm so confused. I sincerely need help.

  2. I also found this which is a checklist for black magic affecting spouses (there are many types of black magic) which may assist the brother.

    Symptoms of Sihr of Separation

    1. A sudden change in attitude from love to hate.

    2. A great deal of suspicion is aroused between the two people concerned.

    3. No excuses are accepted by either party, even if one of them is in the wrong.

    4. Exaggerating the causes of disputes between two people, even though they maybe trivial.

    5. Changing the mental image that a woman may have of her husband, or changing the mental image that a man may have of his wife; so that the man would see his wife in an ugly way even though she is beautiful. In reality, it is the demon who is entrusted with the task of performing this type of sihr is the one who would appear to the husband in her person, but in an ugly way. By the same token, the woman would see her husband in a unattractive way.

    6. The person affected by sihr hates anything the other person does.

    7. The person affected by sihr hates the place in which the other party stays. For example, a husband may be in good mood when he is outdoors, but when he returns home, he feels depressed.

    8. Two spouses appear ugly or ill-mannered in each others eyes.

  3. Walikumsalam sisterZ,

    yes its

    I havent got anyone i can ask about this so i dont have proof or confirmation its sihr but more and more things are happening and im afraid i cant control it. im almost positive is sihr and need to get a knowledgeable persons help. jazkallahkahirun

    • Assalmualaikum sister. I am experiencing the same problem and i cannot find help any where else but Allah. No one really understands my situation, but it seems you have gone through the exact same thing. Can you please help me with any advice! May Allah bless you with any type of hardship. Thank you. Salam

  4. Asalaamualaikum Brother do need to seek professional advice inshaAllah...would you be willing to leave an email address?

    It is better to perform Ruqya yourself rather than have someone do it for you. There are many duas from the Quran that can be used, the greatest of which are Al-Fatihah and Al-Mu'awidhatayn (Surah Al-Falaq & Surah An-Nas).

    The reason I offered to give you and Sister Muslimah1 details of a learned man is so that he can help you to identify the issues and to then maybe teach you how to perform the Ruqya appropriately inshaAllah.

    InshaAllah seek the right help and then have faith in Allah, the cure is in His Hands...

    • I have same problem as the others here. I'am angry at my wife and one yr old kid all the time and the periods of anger are increasing and time of normalcy is decreasing. Please provide me the raaqi details as mentioned

    • Hi salaam i neec help as well concerning a similar issue...could you please provide address i can email to? Shukr

      • We do not provide answers by email, sorry. Please register and submit your question as a separate post, or see the answers already given.

        Wael Editor

  5. sister z, i have started researching this and i found several authentic-looking sources about the Al-Mu’awidhatayn (Surah Al-Falaq & Surah An-Nas). The Prophet saas used to read this and rub his hands over his body and this was a protection from sihr (al-Falaq specifically asks for protection from those who perform magic) and also the prophet saas used this when he was ill.

    Ive been reading Surah Al-Falaq & Surah An-Nas this week in morning & evening and i feel better already. I cant tell you how scary it is to feel like something is...on you/in your head/poking you..sounds stupid but i cant describe how i suddenyl feel so unconfortable and then i hate my husband and we fight. i'll seek refuge in Allah and then next second im fine again and apologising to husband for what i said. but this doesnt always work and i suddenyl feel like killing him.

    i dont know how it happened but i stopped praying regularly (used to 5x daily) and this has obviously added to my downfall. i read that sihr affects those who are weak in imaan more heavily. pray regularly brothers and sisters!

  6. Walaikumsalaam Sis...

    What you're describing doesn't sound stupid. You're experiencing it and it must be really terrifying. May Allah give you peace and may Allah save us all from being affected by this.

    Sis, you are right, those of us who are weak in eemaan could easily be affected - but remember our Prophet (SAW) was also affected by black magic and he was the strongest and best of believers.

    I totally agree with your advice about Salaah...any time I have left it, it has caused me alot of distress. So pray regularly everyone!!

  7. Asalamualaykum
    I am experiencing something very similar andi understand that sometimes it can feel like you are going crazy or seeing things.
    my understanding is that there is sihr- which is black magic and nazr- which is the evil eye. sihr is intentional, whereas nazr occurs when peple admire what to you have and unintentionally affect your health an well being.
    i have been sick for a long time and i am now seeing an imam to help . the Prophet S.A.W was also affected by sihr and prescribed manzils- which are a compliation of duas and surahs that you should read every night. When you feel the presence of something just recite ayatul kursi and the three kuls and Insha-Allah Allah will protect us all and give us guidance.

  8. As salamu alaykum brothers and sisters.

    All of the situations here are very serious, but they are not the worst. First, alhamdulilah. Because there is always someone who has it worse. Surely Allah knows best. Surely Allah is our saviour, HE is who we repent to, he is who we praise. I say make your sacrifices to Allah SWT. Meaning do something big for Allah SWT. Make dua constintly. Feed the poor. Woory about everyone. Fear Allah and not the sihr. Love Allah. Surley Allah loves those who they love him. Insha'allah, Allah will answer you prayers.For those of you getting mad, a quick reminder is that holding your anger is a form of jihad. also thos who drop an argument get to see the gates of heaven, hope i helpen. May Allah Send glad tidings amongst you all. Salualaykum.

    • Assalamwalikum brother. Im so sad to hear of your poblems, may Allah ta'ala make things easier for you.

      It must be devastating to have your wife cheat on you and say things like she doesnt love you anymore. My advice is to be sure, as you say, that it is her - does she mean what she says about wanting to leave you - I mean, deep down, is it her own choice or is it sihr- you need to know. If its her own choice you may need to try to help her change her attitude and if she doesnt, then to move on, But first you need to know if its definitely sihr.

      Do you have evidence your step mum is doing sihr on your wife? You need to make sincere dua, pray regularly and also encourage your wife to do the same.Play surah baqarah in your house. If she agrees to try to "cure" herself (praying, doing ruqyah, staying away from bad things) then you will see some level of difference inshallah. If she improves maybe it was sihr or maybe the sickness in her heart has gone (sickness= people follow shaytaan without sihr- they just start doing bad things due to bad influences, those friends who are not Muslim ad drink etc are not helping).

      Also try reasoning with her gently and say to her - what if this isnt you, not really your own choice. Do the ruqyah, try a month or two of being very good inshallah (especially now ramadan is coming) and then if you still feel the same way we'll discuss where to go from here. But you may be surprised- you may remember why you loved me in the frst place and we may discover who if anyone is trying to split us up. no matter what happens, we cant let them win! etc Ask her just to try.

      You can also try the lote leaves ruqyah (crushed lote leaves, recite certain dua and then bathe with it- your wife would bathe with it) More details here. May Allah ta'ala help you and your family inshallah.

  9. Assalamou alaykoum dear brothers and sisters,

    I am stuck in a situation and I do not know how to get out of it. I have been out of work for quite sometime. alhamdullilah i am blessed with intelligence, education, and a good heart, and I canNOT find work. even the simplest of the simple works such as working at a bakery ( i love bakeries ) i can not GET. i want to blame it on the economy but I feel something is wrong.

    I make duas and i feel as though something always stands in my way. i have gotten many many (hamdullah) interviews for good jobs and which i consider halal such as working at a bakery and yet they never choose me. i don't want to sound connceited but alhamdullilah mashallah i am good looking as God had pleased. just to tell you that some people might consider this an obstacle. I asked Allah that if this is from him then i welcome it with open heart but i seek refuge if it's from the human. i had gotten interviews and there was a very strange period where i would not wake up on time even though iget plenty of sleep the night before, this happened about 5 times in a row. i literally cried and everyone thought it was a weird thing that happened. my alarm was on of course. All this also happened after my fiance an I broke up in the most unimaginable way, i found out he was cheating and he left me as if i was his most hated enemy, up to this very day i am trying to come in terms with what happened, because there was not a being (at least that i know of) that didn;t think him and i are a match made in heaven.

    however, there is something that i noticed and i can't stop thinking about it...i have this friend of mine and once i went out with her and husband and my fiance at the time and a group of friends for dinner, and while waiting to use the bathroom, i turned briefly the other way and when i turned right back (i caught her squinting her eyes as in evil squint like she was thinking something bad) imeediately my heart skipped and i laughed it off and said are your eyes okay? and she said yea and her face turned bright yellow. She however practices witchcraft as in the type that makes her fiance think only of her and etc etc...she also copies everything i do, she was never interested in aviation and because i am all of a sudden she started interested in it...and everytime i try to come up with a new idea she ALWAYS MANAGES TO FIND A WAY TO PUT IT DOWN OR TELL ME I AM NOT THE ONLY THINKING THAT...I am afraid she may be doing somthing to me for her family is notorious in this kinda stuff sorcery etc fact i do not want to be her friend anymore and i don't know how to do that. i pray to God that she stops talking to me.

    All I want inchallah by Allah's will and pleasure is to have a good decent job just to afford to help my family but i don't know why i can't find a job...

    please help me

    thank you and jazakumllah kairan

    • As-salamu alaykum sister Muslimaahamdullah. Next time please log in and submit your question as a draft. In any case, I will respond briefly. I doubt very much that your inability to find a job, or your breakup with your fiance, had anything to do with any "witchcraft" cast by your "friend." In any case this woman is not a true friend of yours, not because of witchcraft but because she puts you down and makes you feel bad. You need to simply tell her, "I don't feel our friendship is working out and I think it's best if we don't see each other any more." And that's all.

      Sometimes relationships end, even when we think they are made in heaven. It happened to me, and it was very painful, and I am quite sure there was no black magic involved. A year later I am doing much better Alhamdulillah, but will always have some residual confusion and pain over it. You just have to remind yourself of your good qualities and your worth as a human being; pick yourself up and move on.

      As for your job, keep trying. This is a difficult economy and there are many applicants for any position. Don't give up, and keep up your duaa as well. Consider starting a small business of some kind with whatever marketable skills you have.

  10. salam i need advice marriage went so wrong that my partner ended with a woman he wud never normally look at.i will give further details to the pious man i know i am affected with symptoms of hus wants me to die we were happy and married own choice-nearly seven years.

  11. Dear sisters and brothers, I am a Christien and done so many things prevent and escape from the same problem. Now I always pray. The person who did that to me is another women to destroy me and my family because satan entered in to her and using her to destroy me because I love god very much. This happen to good people because evil spirits does not like good people.Regular prayers will help.peace and blessings

  12. Hello,
    Just like our brother who posted his family issue above, I am facing similar issues. My wife of 3 years, who used to sote on me, suddenly decided to leave the house, saying there are too many differences between us now, and that she wishes to end it. I am shocked at her behavior as I never got any signs from her about this.

    Please brothers and sisters, I am disturbed. Please help me in restoring my marriage. I've tried almost everything.

    I am based in Delhi India.


    • Asalaamualaikum Brother Sameer,

      I am sorry for what you are going through, may Allah give you strong eemaan at this difficult time.

      Brother, all we can do is offer advice, we cannot restore marriages - we are humans just like you and hence need to make dua to Allah(swt).

      Why do you think that this division between you and your wife has been caused by sihr? Do you have any evidence?

      You can only try your best to make your marriage survive - if Allah has other plans for you then that is the way it is to be. But you can't blame everything that doesnt work out on sihr.

      Has your wife given you a reason for leaving you?

  13. Asalamualaykum,
    I need help. I am not sure but i think my husband is affected by sihr. He is a very good businessman but not very educated as compared to me (7th grade). We got married 3 years back and it was a love marriage. We belong to different nationalities( nations which do not share a good relationship). We are presently residing and working in a third country. Since the marriage i have seen the business grow constantly and i also did support him wholeheartedly as i am well educated. He had started the business with debt (credit cards). For the last 2 years, we have been trying to settle our debts but somehow we could not do so. Al Hamdulilah, we were blessed with enough rizq but whenever we planned to pay our debts, the money would either get into use for some other important matters which we could not ignore. We are a large joint family and my husband is the only bread winner. All the other members other than our immediate family is back in my husband's country. There has been lots of wasting of money by my husband's family. They will always demand money either by emotionally or mentally torturing my husband. His family is very abusive towards his relatives and will not let us help any of them who is really in need.

    My main issue is that suddenly we are noticing downfall in our business. We are suffering loss in every projects that we complete. We are unexpectedly getiing fines and losing money in every way. We tried many ways like changing our office but no use. My husband has been reciting the verses from the quran for the settlement of debt, increase in sustenance, Surah Yasin and surah Waqiyah. Every day we have a different situation to handle with respect to money. The debt is increasing day by day not reducing. My husband is always in tension and now he is losing hope. Earlier, i never felt so much worried but seeing the situation, i sometimes feel that it is black magic. My husband strongly feels it is black magic. Even at this stage when we are financially unstable, my husband's family is ignorant and demands for money regularly.

    My second issue is similar to brother Ahmed's. When i met my husband before marriage, i was going through the stage of divorce from my ex-husband. I was not a muslim then. I come from a liberated but modest family. After meeting my husband, i felt he was the only one who could love me dearly. i accepted his proposal and gradually after reading the quran, i made up my mind of converting myself into a muslim. After becoming a muslim, we got married. But since the time i accepted his proposal, he would suddenly become angry and verbally abusive on small issues and would always bring out my past and try to mentally torture me. But when he is in the good mood, we will enjoy every moment because he is like i always wanted my husband to be. Whenever he is angry, he will hate me, will threaten me to divorce me, will not accept my apology. He will try to find fault with every work i do and also compare me to other females he knows including his sisters. if i try to change his mood, he will get more angry. Most of the times he will ignore me even if i am sick. He will try to put me down in front of his family and will never let me confront them if they argue or speak wrongly of me. On the contrary, if he is angry with any of his family members also he will be abusive but will talk to them normally after some time without increasing the issue. I love him very much. I have tried to explain him many times, how i feel about his behaviour but he feels he is always right and i am always wrong. He says women should always be happy and content in the husband's happiness.
    I am very confused and mentally depressed. Please advise me.

    Thanks and Jazzakallah Khairan.

  14. salam sister z. do you mind helping me find a person who does ruqyah or do you mind emailing me so i can get some help with the situation i am in right now. I really need help. I pray to allah (swt) every single day. may allah bless you in all you do. thank you.

    • Assallamo Aalaikum.

      Here is the number of a Shaykh in London.

      He has been to the Ruqya for over 35 yrs according to the Quran and Sunnah.

      You can contact him directly on07405178220 or contact me on 07536763086, my name is Yakub.

      I have known the Shaykh for around 10yrs Alhamdulilah.


    • Asalaamualaikum 'Muslimah2386',

      I am extremely sorry for this late reply, I only just saw your message now.

      I am reluctant to give out contact details as my knowledge on this subject is very limited and hence I do not want to suggest anything against the recommended way.

      Be mindful that you are praying all your Salaah, reciting Quran, abstaining from major sins, doing dhikr, being careful to maintain sanitary/bodily cleanliness and you are doing your best to observe the ways of the Quran and Sunnah.

      Maybe if you elaborated on your situation we may be able to suggest some help for you inshaAllah.

      May Allah be with you,



    Sihr(BLACK MAGIC) of Separation :--

    - Definition of Sihr of Separation

    - Types of Sihr of Separation

    - Symptoms of Sihr of Separation

    - How does the sihr of separation take place?
    *Sihr of Separation:

    Allah (‘Azza wa Jalla) says: (...and they follow what the Satans recited over Sulayman's Kingdom. Sulayman disbelieved not but the Satans disbelieved, teaching the people sorcery, and that which was sent down upon Babylon's two angels, Harut and Marut; they taught not any man, without they said, 'We are but a temptation; do not disbelieve.' From them they learned how they might divide a man and his wife, yet they did not hurt any man thereby, save by the leave of Allah, and they learnt what they hurt them and did not profit them, knowing well that whosoever buys it shall have no share in the world to come; evil then was that they sold themselves for; if they had but known.) (2:102)

    Jabir (RA) reported that the Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him) said: "Iblis would lay his throne on water and would send his brigade of demons. The lowest among them in rank is the one who is most notorious in stirring up fitna. One of the demons would, after a mission, come and say to Iblis, 'I have done so and so.' Iblis would reply, 'You have not done anything.' Another one would come and say: 'I have not left such and such person until I separated him from his wife.' Iblis would come closer to his demon and say, 'How good you are.'" Muslim in An-Nawawi : 17/157.

    *Definition of Sihr of Separation:-

    It is a sihr which aims to separate between two spouses, or stir up hatred between two friends or two partners.

    *Types of Sihr of Separation:-

    1. Separating a person from his/her mother

    2. Separating a person from his/her father

    3. Separating a person from his/her brother

    4. Separating a person from his/her friend

    5. Separating a person from his/her business partner

    6. Separating a person from his/her spouse. This is the most dangerous and prevalent type.

    *Symptoms of Sihr of Separation:-

    1. A sudden change in attitude from love to hate.

    2. A great deal of suspicion is aroused between the two people concerned.

    3. No excuses are accepted by either party, even if one of them is in the wrong.

    4. Exaggerating the causes of disputes between two people, even though they may be trivial.

    5. Changing the mental image that a woman may have of her husband, or changing the mental image that a man may have of his wife; so that the man would see his wife in an ugly way, even though she were beautiful. In reality, it is the demon who is entrusted with the task of performing this type of sihr is the one who would appear to the husband in her person, but in an ugly way. By the same token, the woman would see her husband in a horrible way.

    6. The person affected by sihr hates anything the other party does.

    7.The person affected by sihr hates the place in which the other party stays. For instance, a husband may be in good mood when he is outdoors, but when he returns home, he feels quiete depressed.

    According to Al-Hafidh Ibn Kathir, the cause of separation between two spouses through this sihr is that each of them appears to the other as an ugly or ill-mannered person. Tafsir lbn Kathir: 1/144

    *How does the sihr of separation take place?

    A person goes to a sorcerer and requests that a certain person be separated from his wife. The sorcerer would ask his client to provide the name of the person and that of his mother, and traces of the person's smell from his/her hair, garment or handkerchief etc... If this is too difficult to obtain, the sorcerer would perform sihr on some water, then ask his client to spill it along the way which that person normally uses. If person crosses the place of water, then he/she would be affected by sihr. Another way of doing it is by adding the water into his food or drink.

  16. If you people are more interested to know about the black magic(sihr) and the cure of black magic by quran and the methods of sunnah.....then you better join this group for better and useful suggestion because Allah(S.W.T) himself said in the quran "And We sent down in the Qur'an that which is healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss". (Qur'an 17:82)

    so join this group in facebook:-

  17. asalamwalikum brothers and sisters

    im so sorry to hear of people experiencing problems. I just wanted to say that peoplecan behave differently to normal for all sorts of reasons and it is NOT always black magic. the Asian community always assumes black magic is troubling them when it could be all sorts of reasons. don't assume its magic when actions suc as discussing the problem and praying to Allah swt will help instead.

    In my case, I have no doubt it was magic or "sihr" for many many reasons which I dont want to divulge here but including being told it was by someone with a good reputation who has devoted their life to dealing with sihr and jinn. But it is not always the case for everyoen so please do not assume it is. When you assume its magic you start to put all responsibility for the problem to one side, saying that you cant change anyting when really, we should strive to improve ourselves and our relationships with the help of Quran and sunnah.

    My situaiton started to improve after I began reading aytul kursi throughout the day. On waking, ebfore sleeping, when travelling, doing housework and so on i read it only about 15x during the day but every day and whenever i feel bad like i used to (feeling really hot all of sudden, angry for no reason, or feeling like something is poking my back and trying to irriate me and other symptoms) i read aytul kursi a few times and feel better alhumdolillah. remember that Allah swt does not have to make you better so you should pray and repent for any wrongdoing. sihr works with His permission and He can take it away.

  18. Assalam Alaykum

    Reading up on all these posts, I thought i was the only one going through this. I am in a very similar situation as the above brothers and sisters who have posted about what could be black magic upon them which is destabilising their marriage.

    Iv been married for over 6 years now and alhamdulillah i could never have been more happier with my husband, everything was perfect and going well and was thankful to Allah for truly blessing me with this happiness but sadly an unfortunate incident took place in which my husband was remanded in prison and i was left alone to tend to my kids and support him. I went to see some well known Sheikh who another of my family member was seeing to make taawiz for her sons as they were strayed from the deen> i decided to just "try it" but not whole heartedly believeing in it as my belief is with Allah but just out of curiosity i felt at that time that i was in a very vulnerable situation given my circumstances. This "Sheikh" i heard had a jinn with him and a lot of people visited him for prayers and taawiz and said he benefited them, the stories people were telling each other in the waiting room was just believable! When i entered the room in which he was sitting in i did feel a bit nervous and unsteady but nevertheless i decided to approach him. The first thing he asked me was my mothers name , my husbands name and his mothers name! Then he started talking about our situation which i found was scary but true! He had all these kitaabs surrounding him and he prayed from one and then became silent and at that time i assumed the jinn was conversing with him! He gave me some taawiz and told me it had Quran ayaahs in them and not to touch them when on menses and to burn them every day at Maghrib time in the bedroom! He also gave me some black rye seeds to put in food which i didnt at all. He told me to leave some money in the box like for sadaqah or something. I must have burnt a few of those taawizs but not exactly sure how many! But i also used to burn for my family member her taawiz when she was on her menses!
    Obviously with my husband being in prison i didnt have much of a relationship with him but i always had thought everything would be back to normal how it was when he would be released. After he was released problems between me and him became so out of control. i felt i was not the person i was before and i always said to him that i did not have peace in my mind at all! he felt i had changed and i felt he had changed, he started doing things he normally would never ever do in his life and what he said was always wrong, he often spent some nights with a friend because he felt he couldnt be around me becoz of all the heated arguments we used to have when he came home. In arguments he used to say the most horrid things and would look at me like i was his enemy and from my side i did and felt the same. All these arguments would start in the bedroom. There were some nights he couldnt sleep at all, and some nights i couldnt. we started losing alot of money and blame each other and within 3 months he was involved in 2 car accidents and the 3rd accident we all were involved in but Allah saved us! It somehow never felt right at all! Its like we were possessed! He left home many times something he would never have considered doing before and iv also left the home and now we are seperated.
    At that time i had just burnt a few taawiz in my own marital home and then put them away in an envelope in the bedroom drawer and i had completely forgotten about it until my husband found it a few days ago and called me and questioned me about it. I said i got it from a well known Sheikh living locally and he gave it to me whilst in prison. he asked me what is written in the taawiz and i said he told me Quran ayahs and not to open them. My husband had opened them up and saw scribbles and "art" drawings on them and demanded to know what was going on thus implying these so called taawizs are the root cause of our problems bcoz they wernt there doing good but evil - black magic he said! i was obviously very shocked and kicked myself for being so stupid as the taawizs had been activated through burning them at maghrib time!! I am still in shock as i now know looking back at before the taawizs came into effect how peaceful and love filled my marriage was and after the taawizs how unsettled and argumentative my marriage had become because of this. By accident he washed the taawizs away in the washing machine as he left the envelope in his trouser pocket forgetting it was there. But he said as soon as the washing machine switched on he felt "free" like something had been uplifted and only realised the next morning that he had accidently washed the taawizs away, he was gonna keep them as proof to ask for opinions from a few Maulanas as to whether these taawizs may have been the cause of our problems and if black magic had been activated on me or not and after doing much reasearch over the net and much thinking i think so too!!

    I will Insha Allah let you all know further once i find out for definite!

    • Absolutely NO DOUBT that was disgusting black magic. NEVER EVER EVER use tawiz when you dont know whats in them, NEVER go to people who have "jinn helping them"- no real islamic sheikh needs a jinn- it is SHIRK to use jinn for anything- we only rely on Allah ta'la, you step outside Islam (i.e. no longer Muslim) if you do the things that "sheikh" did.

      Clean your house throughly, especially the bedroom, play surah baqarah for minimum three days in the bedroom and ideally open the doors so the sound can be heard in the rest of the house.

      The biggest SIGN that you speaking to a magician who you go to for help is that he or she will ask you: WHAT IS YOUR MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME etc as they need this information to do the magic. DO NOT LEANR how to do magic it is forbidden and shirk in Islam to learn the methods. Just stay away from fortunetellers, magicians and anyone who gives you tawiz. Inform others about this sister- you said other people were going to this sheikh for twaiz- they must get rid of the tawiz and no-one should go to him. Maybe contact a good reliable brother or sister in the community, maybe the imam of your mosque and inform them about this "sheikh" who isusing the devils to help him destroy the lives of muslims. Stay away from him sister and dont use tawiz again as you never know what is in it. Also, pray regularly and recite Quran regularly and encourage your family to do the same: the one who is close to Allah ta'ala inshalla is safe from such things, if Allah Ta'la wills.

  19. please can u tel me about him i am really need of help!

    • Asalaamualaikum Sophia Khan,

      Since I gave the contact details to the sister, I have read up a little on this subject and no longer feel it was the right thing to do. Not because I don't feel the man is not genuine, but because the Prophet(saw) has highly recommended we perform ruqya ourselves. Further, your problem may have nothing at all to do with evil eye etc.

      Sophia, log in and submit your question and we will try to give you some advice inshaAllah.

  20. Please can anyone e-mail me the number or e-mail address of the learned man...My problems started all of a sudden and I feel some being between my husband and me...Please I just want to identify the problem and if advised with some duas I will do it..I just want to know what is going...Jazakallah..

  21. Hello,

    I was going through and found it very interesting. I was searching for some answers. I just don't know what happened ?

    My mothers family was a big family with Grandmother, Grandfather, 3 uncle's and 1 daughter. As my 2nd uncle was about to marry, my 1st uncle died. There was hatred in the family members all of a sudden. Even after 21 days of death of my 1st uncle my 2rd uncle opted for marriage. He got married, not even thinking of his brothers death as if he din't cared. Then there were various problems... fights, illness and more hatred. There were fight regarding property. Then my 2rd uncle moved out as he got a new house, but was abusive to my grandmother and would abuse her for each second and every activity she did. It was so much that she wished for death. Then my 3rd uncle came with a broken marriage to the house and was ill. Seeing this, my grandfather got a paralytic attack and was eventually admitted to the hospital. Grandmother was staying at the hospital with grandfather. My 3rd uncleas he was ill too, care was to be taken by my 2nd uncle. We were not informed all this time. My 3rd uncle was very ill and he was not taken care of and was without food for three days. He eventually died in few days. His death ceremony was shocking as my 2nd uncle and his wife came with sweets (as they got a new bike ) and gave it to all who attended the death ceremony. Upon stopping them, they fought badly with my grandmother and my mother. My 2nd uncle's wife said that," I will kill your 3rd son (her own husband) too in 1 month". This was bad for my grandmother as she already had lost her two sons. And my 2nd uncle was the closest to her. even if he abused her and made her life worst.

    One day, after all this happened a man came to our house and said, " There is a Jinn who lives on the terrace of the house and he owns this place. He hates us living in the place and wants us to leave. He is very angry and always in a mood to attack. The reason for all the deaths is the Jinn. He will kill everyone, who says," This property is mine". We asked him, how he looks. He said, " He has a dark skin, thin, bald and his eyes are big with a face to be scared off". We asked him to help, but he said, "The Jinn is very powerful". And never showed up again.

    After this conversation, I was in my house far away from grandmother's place and saw the same in my bedroom for a split second. The same as described. We felt some presence in our house. I talked about it with my mother. She was scared too.

    My grandmother used to be sick due to unknown reasons, the problems were never detected by any doctors. She used to be mourning due to pain all the time (Severe stomach ache upon eating). My mother used to take care of her. She went to live with them for a month. The month was horrible, as my grandfather used to talk alone and sit alone. He said he saw people coming through the window, but the window was too small with grills installed. He was abusive, angry and irritating all the time. He wished for my grandmother's death all the time. They were 55-years of married couple. Still these things were happening. Then my mother came with my grandmother to our house. We felt the anger, hatred and uneasiness between us. There were fights between us for simple reasons. Then as my grandmother went back to her own house, things were stable. After she left, in one month, she died due to heart attack. During her death ceremony, all were present. My 2nd uncle's wife abused and fought again with my mother as my grandmother's death body was lying. She said that, I am the one behind it because I need the property. We were too depressed and sad to even fight.

    My grandmother was 65-years old when she died. Then, after my grandmother's death... my grandfather was forcefully taken by my 2nd uncle to his house and kept him in a room locked for the whole day with no food. He used to beat him up. He was halfly paralyzed and needed some one to help him with daily activities. We were not allowed to meet him or call him. Eventually, he died in the same room due to heart attack. He was 75-years old when he died. The time period was 1 year after grandmother's death. All the property was then occupied by my 2nd uncle. Now, they have all the land.

    My mother is left with behind with sadness and depression. After each death my mother was blamed by my 2nd uncle and his wife that, " You killed everyone through black magic". In order they think she will take revenge by really using black magic or other sources they are keeping an eye on our each activity and trying to be dominant.

    The death's ocurred in series of 1-year.. 3rd uncle (2007), grandmother (2008) and grandfather (2009).

    My 1st uncle died in (1999).

    My 3rd uncle got married in (1999).

    Please tell me what is it, black magic, politics or something else. Is there a jinn or my 2nd uncle's wife did it,? can any one cast a jinn to possess the house. What can she possibly do? What will be then end of this story....

  22. S/aleykum

    Completely believe that destiny in this dunya somethings we are meant to have others are just not destined.
    But can't help but think that hasad has been directed to me by a so called friend and sihr by sisters in law hate me as successful in career (but not in love).
    Always envious of my perceived achievments. Had a new car_ friend obviously envious broke my mirror,thought of her slammed finger in car door.
    With a potential suitor whom she admired ,suitor cooled for no reason married another.
    Accepted this as Allahs will but most recently had a dream of the suitor(who is now divorced) standing with so called friend-suitor got in touch again but suddenly stopped.I am no longer associating with envious friend whose bitterness radiates from her face who leaves me feelng unhappy due to her underminig comments.
    Question-even tho I no longer see this person could her evil envy still affect me?
    How to free myself from hasad so I can have success in getting married.Seem to have no desire or feelings /desire to get married anymore.Just exist going to work /home.
    Do my ibaada,charity beginning to think where has all this goodness got me,a good job but lonely with zero marriage prospects or desires?and a load of people who hate me/envy me?
    All suitors in past suddenly cool off no reason,am considered on the ++attractive side.

    Thanks and Jazakallakheir


    • As-salamualaikum Saira and the one who started this topic,
      I wasn't raised back home so I never believed in black majic as much as some people who believe everything is sehr and nazar, altough I did know that it is true because we have such believes in our deen. Being a student of psychology I also know that if I am too worried about getting nazr from somebody and that person makes a positive comment about me, I might start feeling sick and think I got nazr. Even though I am not really sick, nor did I get nazr, It's just that my body and mind makes me think that I got it.
      For Saira, I understand that there are people who are extremely jealous, I would stay away from them. Get involved in your masjid, go there on weekends for salah, go on halaqas, volenteer with your time and money there and you will inshallah make good freinds. You seem like a good person. You will also be in a positive environment. Read Quran daily, I have infact taken a 6 day a week course of Quran online, and it has helped my tremendously. Me, my kids, my husband are all happier people alhamdulillah. Read about Ruqiya ( if I spelled it correct), which I think is reading surah Fatiha and the last 3 surahs of the Quran like 3 times each and blowing into your hands and rubbing over yourself. Or just blowing onto yourself from your mout. I forgot. My life is much better being away from negative people who could possibly have or will use black majic against me and my kids or family. I know the type of personality you are talking about, and if my guess is correct, I know some psychology sis, please stay away as much as you can, don't share anything happy or good about yourself, or in fact not anything too personal or detaily about your life. It can be used against you. There are evil people in this world who have evil intentions. The only way to goodness is the deen of Allah, because we are all humans with faults.
      And the brother who started the topic, I would say do you know anyone who would be envious of you, your wife, your marriage? First of all, stay away from them. Don't eat from them or use their gifts. I'm not saying randon suspiscion, but does some one you know seem extra jealous, do they try to prove that they are great? Did you say the sheiks have ruled out black majic? Try some muslim counselor or social worker. She could have a personality disorder, that's a small possibility. Or it could be you my brother. Have you been a good husband? Sit down with her and calmly ask her if you are making her happy? Try this for a few weeks first. Everyday read quran and ask her to. Do surah fatihah and the three last surahs and blow onto her everyday, do this three times. Help her with housework, spend more time with her, when you are intimate with her give her lovely words before and hug her and talk to her after, help take care of the kids sometimes, aplogize for any wrongdoing that you have done. Ask her is there a reason she is acting like this? Read Dr Phil's RELATIONSHIP RESCUE together. Tell her you guys are gonna make rule of no yelling or put downs in the house. Everytime she gets mad, hold her or tell her to calm down. Or walk away. Tell her you will only talk to her in a civilized way. Not like this. While doing all this, do find some muslim counselor or social worker. Never ever leave a marriage without knowing and believing in your heart that you really tried everything you could to make it work. Also make dua for her, continiously pray for her. The creator of every single thing in the universe can help you, ask him. By the way, never make her feel anything good about her negative side even with joking.
      About the witch stuff, yea I know back home they got some wierd stuff, so ask around people from back home who are religious if they experienced anything like this. Never use black majic to cure majic, it's haram. I truly believe all these wierdos that people go to for special water or duas also themselves to lack majic. Only go to a good and rfeligious sheikh.

    • Firstly sister dont start thinking that your ibadah and charity work has gone to waste. Allah ta'ala records your deeds in His book and you will be compensated for what you earned as will we all inshallah. This negative way of thinking is not good and not Islamic.

      Secondly, always make sincere dua, stay away form evil deeds and be regular in your ibadah and inshallah Allah ta'ala will give you a good husband.

      Your friend could be giving you nazar (evil eye) either intentionally or unintentionally ( or maybe not at all). Recite Qul Falaq (it has a line that asks Allah ta'ala to protect us from the envy of the envier, when he envies. Also recite Aytul kursi several times a day and pray 5x a day inshallah. Keep your faith in Allah ta'ala strong and turn to Him and keep faith and trust in HIm. Inshallah He will protect you, reward you and give you a nice husband.

  23. I meant , "also themselves do black majic" when i wrote, "I truly believe all these wierdos that people go to for special water or duas also themselves do black majic. Only go to a good and religious sheikh"

  24. need proof of black majic?
    ok, so i really used to think who has the time to go do all this? without going into details of symptoms,dreams, and some very jealous narcissist type person who could have done something to cause unhappiness in my married life. i do know for sure she was jealous of me has told me that they know somebody in their family who does this type of stuff. she even told me that her brothers and sister went to him once and they saw faces of evil creatures appearing on paper. but i don't have proof so it is possible she is innocent. i CANT accuse her. she did with her own mout tell me that she DONT like her husband and likes mine. but again, i CANT accuse. I have no proof. all i know is that she has told me people can do black magic through clothes, so I am undecided wether to throw away the beautiful new outfit that she got me from back home.
    i will tell you something that i do have proof of. when i went back home, my son then 2, got really sick and wouldn't eat anything. poor kid would ask for ice-cream, but people were like it's bad for his throat! so they didn'tlet him eat that! foolish huh? a kid won't eat anything, has severe diareah, and you won't let him eat the one thing that he does ask for. anyways, my mother-in-law went to some wedding and when she returned she brought this ugly little bag with her. the bag had sugar in it. she said that she had gone to an old man who did something to the sugar and told her if the kid eats the sugar, he will get hungry and start eating again. so i put that ugly bag aside and did NOT feed the crap to my son because it is HARAM. but when my mother in law came in once or twice, the stuff was fed to him. guess what, he started getting hungry.

    • I would guess that your son's experience had nothing to do with magic. It's well known that sugar causes an insulin surge, which is followed by sugar depletion from the bloodstream, which means hunger. In other words it gives you a short term boost of energy, then leaves you hungry.

      Historically there has always been a fine line between so-called "witch doctors" and simple herbal healers. I think many "witch doctors" are just people with knowledge of herbal cures, folk remedies and a bit of psychology thrown in.

      In any case Alhamdulillah that your son got better. Allah is the master of all. We should always be grateful for His mercy.

  25. Salaams,

    I am disturbed by reading all these comments as I never contemplated the extent of the effects of black magic. I have been separated for 3 years. (I have sent in a post that is pending.)
    I never considered it could be due to black magic. But having read Muslimahs post, it feels like I am reading a summary of the troubles in my marriage.
    I can't think of anyone who could have been jealous of me. My husband would suggest that my sisters were jealous that I had got married first and had beautiful children, Masha'Allah. However, I heard from some family members that my husband himself was very jealous natured, but he would claim that many people were jealous of him on superficial things such as his looks.
    I am not sure what to think. I can't even get to communicate with my husband at all right now, let alone recommend him to pray, to cure him etc.
    Re Anonymous post with burning taweez, if a taweez is supposed to have Qur'anic verses, how could they even be burnt? I don't like the sound of these charlatans.
    My husband bought a taweez from pakistan when he returned on his own for a visit. He said it was for our 2nd child. For some reason I would not use it and felt uneasy about it, I fobbed him off with excuses claiming the string could get caught round the baby's neck etc. I eventually opened it and could not decipher the scrawl. I kept it to try to show someone. One day, my husband reached for something ontop of the wardrobe and that peice of paper fell on the floor. He went mad at me and he took it with him after that. We were already living separate then, but he wasn't as bad then as he has now become.
    Also, he used to carry a piece of plastic. Like a cellophane bag for incense. I was wary of this also. I took this and I'm sure I burnt it thinking it was evil. He also got really upset at that too.
    It is true though, that those 'back home' are obsessed with black magic.
    I will read that link on Ruqyah.


  26. I reside in Chicago and think have black magic done on me......I need help, can anyone give me some instructions?

  27. Assalamu Alaikum brothers & sisters,

    Below are the links to the recitations of some surahs to cure black magic InshaAllah....

    Black Magic Cure - Quran Recitation (1 of 3)

    Black Magic Cure - Quran Recitation (2 of 3)

    Black Magic Cure - Quran Recitation (3 of 3)


    • Assalamualaikum,

      I read all the posts.I have some problem.We have been married 15 years.but my husband avoidind me in the bed.He is mmody.When he comes to bed he behaves without love.If i approach he doesnt.appreciate me.He does not look with love.I fear thar shir involves with him.I read quraaan in the bed .he said to go and read out.I gave zam zam water .He said that i read in the water somethihg and giving him.H e gets angry quicly and sout .C an some one advise me regarding this .I am helpless.Can i read Manzil to him ,But how can i read loudly.shoud i need to be next to him.Cn i use the tape.?


      • Dilshi, it's very unlikely that your problem is sihr. Try to convince your husband to go with you to a marriage counselor. The two of you need to learn how to communicate and show love to each other. Sometimes this distance occurs between people who have been married a long time, but it can be overcome Insha'Allah, through communication and care.

        Wael Editor

  28. Salams,

    your comments reminded of an incident in my life and now I fear that I could have become a victim

    of nazr as well. Few years ago, I came into a new class and began to study at uni. I was surrounded

    by new people and at that time I didn't wear the hijab. There was a girl who was constantly talking

    about looks and hair, telling me how beautiful my black hair is (was) and admired my oriental

    skin tone. There were many boys who were interested in me, but as I was raised a Muslim, i didn't

    really care. One day she started making fun of my hair in front of a guy, saying that I may become

    bald due to stress and have to be careful . I was surprised as my hair was full and thick. I had enough of

    hair. But during these 2 years, she was watching me constantly.... In the second year of my studies,

    I started losing hair , but I didn't have stress or anything.... was happy with myself. During that period of time, I

    I had many depressions, and lost my self-respect, which is very uncommon for me. I was always very

    confident, but I wasn't able to control these moments.

    Now almost one third has fallen out and I still have hair, but it has become very thin. I don't believe

    it's genetic, as I was always admired for my beauty, everything was fine and my hair, too. It has never

    been an issue in my life, before I met this girl and the people in that class for which looks were such an

    issue. What am I about to do? I went to physicians and they tried to ascribe it to genetic reasons....

    but they don't believe in sihr and always try to find medical reasons. I never believed in al ayn(the

    evil eye), but I feel that this is more powerful than we think . It doesn't really have something to do

    with witchcraft, but we shouldn't underestimate the power of the unseen- only Allah knows about that.

    There are forces, powers and things we don't understand...... How can I protect myself against that?

    How can I try to protect myself from now on? Could I get back my lost hair with a special dua or

    should I consult a religious scholar? Would ruqiya help?

    I'm thankful for any kind of advice


  29. Assalamu Alaikum dear sis Jannah,

    I agree that black magic and evil eye do exist.However,other factors such as stress/diet/water/lack of exercise/chage of weather could also be a cause of the hair loss.Have you consulted with your doctor ?....sis you say that you wear hijab now MashaAllah....(may Allah(SWT) reward you for your efforts Ameen…)do you pull your hair back tightly?And do you wear your hijab tight or loose?Sis maybe you need to change your diet?Do you have long hair?If so, maybe you need to shorten it!Have layers….cuz wt happens is sometimes when our hair grows….it weighs down the front section/part of our hair...anyways sis you could try the above and as for evil eye unfortunately it exists…

    As Ibn al-Qayyam explains in Ziyaad al-Maad:

    “The evil eye is like an arrow… sometimes it hits him [the target] and sometimes it misses. If the target is exposed and unprotected, it will affect him, but if the target is cautious and armed, the arrow will have no effect and may even come back on the one who launched it.”

    Whenever you praise someone, or you notice something nice about someone, one MUST always say, “Allahumma barik” or “masha Allah.” Even if you don’t verbalize your praise, know that the shayaateen are sharply observing your sight. There is a reason why the evil eye is called an “evil eye”:

    An evil eye can be given by anyone. When a person likes something and looks at it, either with jealousy or with sincere appreciation, but does not invoke Allah’s blessings over it, the shayateen/jinn voluntarily fly over to harm the one being appreciated.

    The Prophet (sallallahu alihi wasalam) traveled with Sahl ibn Haneef towards Makkah, until they were in the mountain pass of al-Kharaar in al-Jahfah. There Sahl ibn Haneef did ghusl, and he was a handsome white-skinned man with beautiful skin. ‘Aamir ibn Rabee’ah, looked at him whilst he was doing ghusl and said: “I have never seen such beautiful skin as this, not even the skin of a virgin,” and Sahl fell to the ground. They went to Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alihi wasalam) and said, “O Messenger of Allah, can you do anything for Sahl, because by Allah he cannot raise his head.” He said, “Do you accuse anyone with regard to him?” They said, “‘Aamir ibn Rabee’ah looked at him.” So the Messenger of Allah called ‘Aamir and rebuked him strongly. He said, “Why would one of you kill his brother? If you see something that you like, then pray for blessing for him.” Then he said to him, “Wash yourself for him.” So he washed his face, hands, forearms, knees and the sides of his feet, and inside his izaar (lower garment) in the vessel. Then that water was poured over him, and a man poured it over his head and back from behind. He did that to him, then Sahl got up and joined the people and there was nothing wrong with him. (Ahmad, Nisaa’i)

    If the person invokes Allah’s blessing (by saying Allaahumma barik), the shayaateen cannot cause harm, or if the one being appreciated has his/her adhkaar recited then he/she stays protected, by Allah’s will. However, if people are not well-wishers and are jealous of the blessings of the other person (such as beauty, wealth, education, children, a happy marriage or any type of success), then we can be assured that they will never invoke Allah’s blessings. And the dangerous harm that they cause from their evil eye can even be life-threatening!

    “Most of those who die among my ummah die because of the will and decree of Allah, and then because of the evil eye.”
    “The evil eye is real and if anything were to overtake the divine decree, it would be the evil eye. When you are asked to take a bath (to provide a cure) from the influence of the evil eye, you should take a bath.” (Muslim)

    However, since the jealous ones, in most cases, are not spiritual enough to know the harm they are capable of causing simply by looking with the eye of hasad, their jealousy eventually leads them to the magicians. They need something more “concrete” to satisfy the fire of jealousy in their hearts. With the help of the magicians they try to achieve that satisfaction, however little do they realize that it only adds to their distress, unhappiness and failure to this dunya and akhira (may Allah protect us from hasad and haasid Ameen).

    “And verily, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes (through hatred)” (68:51)

    As for cure from black magic and evil eye....sis always remember Allah(SWT) and pray 5 times a you can also read 3 qul before going to bed... cuz our beloved Prophet(PBUH) never slept without reciting surat al-Ikhlas, surat al-Falaq and surat al-Nass. Prophet (PBUH) after reciting the 3 qul use to blow on his hand and rub on his body to dress himself with baraka of these surahs.Sister you can read 3 quls in the morning and evening.

    Moreover, you can obtain further information regarding the 3 quls from the following link…

    May Allah(SWT) protect us all from black magic and evil eye...Ameen


  30. Surah Al Baqarah is a Surah that protects us from Shaytaan and attracts Angels towards the one reciting it.

    It is evident from the following Ahadith, that this great Surah helps warding off Shaytaan from our dwellings.

    (Do not turn your houses into graves. Verily, Shaytan does not enter the house where Surat Al-Baqarah is recited.) At-Tirmidhi

    Abdullah bin Mas`ud said, “Whoever recites ten Ayat from Surat Al-Baqarah in a night, then Shaytan will not enter his house that night. (These ten Ayat are) four from the beginning, Ayat Al-Kursi (255), the following two Ayat (256-257) and the last three Ayat.” In another narration, Ibn Mas`ud said, “Then Shaytan will not come near him or his family, nor will he be touched by anything that he dislikes. Also, if these Ayat were to be recited over a senile person, they would wake him up.”

    (Everything has a hump (or, high peek), and Al-Baqarah is the high peek of the Qur’an. Whoever recites Al-Baqarah at night in his house, then Shaytan will not enter that house for three nights. Whoever recites it during a day in his house, then Shaytan will not enter that house for three days.) This Hadith was collected by Abu Al-Qasim At-Tabarani, Abu Hatim Ibn Hibban in his Sahih and Ibn Marduwyah.

    Also, Al-Bukhari recorded that Usayd bin Hudayr said that he was once reciting Surat Al-Baqarah while his horse was tied next to him. The horse started to make some noise. When Usayd stopped reciting, the horse stopped moving about. When he resumed reading, the horse started moving about again. When he stopped reciting, the horse stopped moving, and when he resumed reading, the horse started to move again. Meanwhile, his son Yahya was close to the horse, and he feared that the horse might step on him. When he moved his son back, he looked up to the sky and saw a cloud radiating with light that looked like lamps. In the morning, he went to the Prophet and told him what had happened and then said, “O Messenger of Allah! My son Yahya was close to the horse and I feared that she might step on him. When I attended to him and raised my head to the sky, I saw a cloud with lights like lamps. So I went, but I couldn’t see it.” The Prophet said, “Do you know what that was” He said, “No.” The Prophet said, (They were the angels, they came close hearing your voice (reciting Surat Al-Baqarah), and if you had kept reading, the people would have been able to see the angels when the morning came, and the angels would not be hidden from their eyes.)

  31. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I am suffering unexpected loss of business , missing obvious profits , at every time of gain. I am, now, certain it is due to evil eye from multiple sources , may be human, jinn or others.

    I need strong protection. please guide specifically.

    ---Muhammad Shamsul Hoque

  32. Asalamualiakum wa r wa b
    Brothers, I need help and Islamic advice.
    I have been married for almost 2 years. and story begins this way:
    I have been living for almost 18 year in an eastern Europe country with my brothers and parents. My father was passed away ten years before. Now I have my home and property here and the recent crises damaged me alot.

    As I was away from muslim community for long time I couldn't marry in my early ages that is because I could not find a muslim girl. At the age of 35 I married my wife who has live for 16 years in the a western county. We both practice islam very well and I think that I am really devoted all to islam.
    Me and my wife agreed that after marriage she will live with up here. Then find her to study in a very good UNI available here. Then provide for private teacher to learn the language.

    Unfortunately the problem started right form the first month our stay in here. She was saying my mother, my brothers even my sister who does not live here give her hard time. She wanted me to stop seeing my mum and brother whom I lived for 35 year and all been so good to me. She started to pick on every action of me and made routine days and terrible live. Then our disputes intensified. At last she said that she does not want to live here. I told her there no way at the being time to move. Unfortunately my business after my marriage especially gone bad. But still alhamdullah I receive some rent from my property. But it is not enough for my wife,... she wants shopping and shopping and shopping and going holidays. I really even run out of my savings. But she was insisting to leave this country but I had no possibility to go. So I contacted some muslim scholars to help and one of them said the way she deals in not normal. But still he suggested me that If I want to stay with her , then to send her back for some time to her parents. I told the scholar that every one two months we are gong to visit her parents. Then he said to send her along for some time.
    So I told her that it is good for her to go for some time to her parents till things get normal and we both calm ourselves down. But she refused to go. Then I told her t is impossible for me to leave. Then she started the live more aggressively and was saying that my mum and others are damaging her live. So our fighting and dispute got intense until she was acting far from normal acting like crazy etc.and even once made me to slap her for which I regret. Then she started to hit me seriously. So told her we are moving from this country just make her leave me. I sent her to her parents. A week later I explained to her. I said does not matter where live but would stop acting the you did, insulting me picking and make the terrible for both. Then she went crazy and told me the worst things that she never said them before. Cursing me my parents, my dead father etc. So she stayed for moths in there with her parents and there was no communication between us. After two moth she send me an e-mail asking for divorce and bla bla. In fact all was bla bla. So our family from both side made us get together again with understanding that where the husband lives wife lives too. She came back but things gone much worse. Until we decided to to hajj and we went this year 2010. With hope that all curses will be away from us. After came back from hajj things the same. She sometime hit me with thinking whether I die or not and some she loves me with no limits.
    She suddenly switch from a best muslim. lovely, kind to a monster.

    She hates every one around. Every one is an enemy to her. She hates me and always wish to have some else as husband so and so.

    So I really decided to leave this country and to away from my mum and brother and everything. So already working hard on moving to London where her parents, friend etc. live. So we are so near to go may another month. Unfortunately she got worse and want me to fight with my brothers making to do evil to them. I told her be patient and very less time left. What she says to coward, bad husband the world most horrible thing that no can take. But I still refer to be patient. Last she wants to evil thing to my brother and her wife by putting garbage to their and our shoes in front door saying this is also our house too. any way her intention is to make us fight. So I refused. Then she did beat me up with all her powder using all king of hard stuffs glass bottles, lamp etc. and I am all in pain.

    Please brothers I make dua for you all. What you will suggest me to do. May Allah bless you all.

    • brother, it sounds to me like she is mentally ill, maybe bipolar. It may very well be treatable with medication. She needs to see a psychiatrist who can diagnose her condition and prescribe an appropriate medication.

      Your patience has been superhuman, mas-sha-Allah. You must really love her. Strongly encourage her to get treatment for her condition. If she refuses, then divorce may be considered as an option. No one should go on living in this kind of misery and abuse.

      Wael Editor

      • Asalaam u alakum brother,

        do some research on premenstrual tension it can be from moderate to severe.

        May Allah sbt make things better for you ameen.

    • Asalaamualaykum Brother,

      I agree with Wael. Your wife may have a mental health disorder that could be treated with the right medical attention.

      I have seen people behave like jekyl and hyde due to bipolar disorders (a chemical imbalance). It is extremely frightening to be on the receiving end but if you start to seek medical attention the doctors will give you the help you need to deal with this issue as a carer. Physical and mental ailments are from Allah too and so we should not hesitate to seek out qualified doctors to find cures.

      At the same time, make dua to Allah as any therapy will work only with the His Leave/Will.

      May Allah help you and give you patience through this very testing time. Seek the right help, your wife can be helped and inshaAllah you will be able to live a peaceful content life together, aameen.

      SisterZ Editor

  33. Brother , I was in rush writing above letter to you and there are words missing. Please try to understand. I was reading in my mind but forgot to complete sentences.

    May Allah bless you all. I really need help whether she is for me or she is a selfish evil wife.

    • can you update us brother?

      Im not making excuses for her but i experienced black magic and did similar things to my husband. i was like jekyll and hyde too. it wouldnt hurt to play surah baqarah in the house and remain constant in salah. you should not have to suffer physical abuse though and this is not to be tolerated in islam

      why not try istikhara and ask Allah swt if you should leave her or stay with her?

  34. Salam

    Dear Brother

    May Allah reward you for your patience and sincerity towards your wife. First of all continue to beg Allah to help u .

    Take ur wife to a raqee who can do rukaya.
    The prophet SAW) used to recite the 3 quls and blow on himself as much as he could
    Recite the above and blow over water and oil an rub the oil on your self and your wifeand drink the waer and bath in it. The raqee will advise you more on this point..
    Magic can sometimes cause both physical and mental illnesses.
    She may have magic thathas now turned into a mental illness so she will need rukaya and medical assistance.
    If she refuses any help then brother divorce is not haram but it s however very painful. May Allah make it easy for u.
    Seek help from close freinds and family to advise her that might be a better option. If she is suffering from magic she may not listen to you.

    I hope i have been of some assistance

  35. I have almost become the victim of Sihr myself. Say: Bismillah arqeeka va min qulli shayin yudheeka va

    min shari kulli nafsin awaynin hasid. Allah yashfeek, Bismillah arqeek!!!! This was recited by our holy

    prophet whenever someone tried to do Sihr on him.

    Let your wife recite for the rest of her life or at least the next 2 weeks, every day:

    3 times Istighfar

    1 time Surah al Fatiha, Aya Kursi

    1 time Sura al Baqarah( Vers 285-286)

    Sura al Ikhlas 3 times

    Salawat 11 times

    Surah al Baqarah, Vers 1-17 one time

    Surah 23 al Muminoon Vers 117-118( 21 times)

    Surah al Yasin, 1 time

    Surah al Jinn (72) one time, 11 times Salawat


    Inhale deeply and then blow into a drinking bottle. Let your wife drink from it and she will be healed

    insha allah. This is called Ruqya and a Sheikh from the United Kingdom gave me this information

    I wish you good luck, may Allah help you.

  36. assalamu alaykum , i feel you and your wife should forget the past (witches,what the man said etc.) when my husband used to make me angry i would go in the toilet and switch the light off and lay on the floor for an hour or two i guess it just made me feel better doing that .... id mention divorce and things like i hate him and dont like him and didnt want him to touch me for days but later i felt so evil and wondered why my heart felt so troubled i thought to myself what am i doing wrong and what is missing i realised and acknowledge my behaviour when im angry and felt its wrong so when my husband comes from work i would put a paper in my mouth to keep quiet did it for a month and made alot dua now alhmdlh when i get angry i just cry and whenever i feel troubled i ask him to place his hand on my head and read manzil (four kuls,surah ikhlaas)

  37. Salam/A
    Im very happy to say my wife is ok alhamdulillah. A lot of advice people gave me was about mental, which was quite anoying ,my brother was affected by bipolar so i know about it . the way i found out the solution was kind of amazing , i started to realise something, first thing that came into my mind is that shaitan is an open enemy and u should beaware of ur enemy. So i realised what ever it was it hated me , and was trying to affect me, i know my wife shes a wonderful wife this is why i didnt give up. I want to say praise to allah for guiding me through everything . I understood that wat ever it was i should focus on it .espacially the night i witnesed something very scary ,i saw my wife get strangled infront of me i thought she was dying shes beging for help i couldnt believe wat i was seeing ,theres was nothing to see wat causing her strangulation,until i made her say ayat kursi, it immediantley stopped, i was in stated of shock i never knew how serious it was until that moment, so i started examine the situation and cause my wife to get angry so i could know wat im dealing, i started practicing more so i could have the strenght to deal with this evil thing that was causing mischief to my life,my marriage,my future, i had to face it .

    1st ......i did was go to the most reliable and honest shiek i could find i searched for weeks untill i found a the right shiek my allah bless him, he advised me your suffering from one of the worst magic and devil, his had some very very similair cases, mashallah he didnt even take hardley any money from. He told me that is a female djinn named ( Musiibiyanad ) she works with the worst witches. He told me that she is known for this stuff, i was in total shock ,he said it hates the husbands ,
    So when things finally came clear to it me it was quite simple all i had to do was too not show any emotion, it fed on my sadness , please understand that walahi this a very true story , i stopped getting upset , it played through my to get to me , i could straight away the big difference when the thing would interfer , i would get my wife to rub black seed oil before sleeping and read ayat kursi, . The more ignored the interferance of the djinn, the more it started focusing on the whole , my brother inlaw would wake up with a black, rocks were being thrown from inside the house and we would find the rocks split in half ,tables ,chairs,and plates being played, it was very terrifying, but i knew the more it did this the more my wife would get better because i had to show that it didnt effect me anymore , when my wifes condition was rapidley improving i was amazed and grateful to allah ,
    Never just take advise from people if you know 100% there is something out of the ordinary seek knowledge from the true books and the people with real knowledge and sinsere ones. Any ways every one single person started to pray after the choas in the house we were all frightneded but trusted in mashallah me and my wife still married happily after 2 years and we have a 9 month yr old girl, it just goes to prove to you , beaware of your enemy especailly the one you dont see... does allah not warn us of these shaitans offcourse , the way i see it brotgers and sisters in islam dont ask advice from people who no experience on these kind of situation ...instead of arguing back or ask urself why,s this happening , put your trust with allah drop your pride, And start thinking of how to resolve the situation, sihr can be dangrous especaily when descended from BABYLON for the clear pleasure of separating the husband and wife....i hope every can profit from my difficult path.

    I just like to glorify allah the most high, the supreme master of the heavens and earth, and to thank subhanah watallah for his mercy and grace towards his slaves, for surely allah knows all that is in the universe and unseen


    • This is for haniiya ask why im i soo angry all the time my wife would start shouting when ur with ur husbund or wife u should imediantley if theres something wrong .

    • As salamu alaykum, brother Ahmed,

      I just got to know about your post, your story, your Heart and your love towards your wife, you have touched me, Masha´Allah. Many people, family included would give up and blame all the fault in your wife, but you said, "I know my wife she is a wonderful wife", Masha´Allah, you fought for her with the Unknown, being helped by Allah(swt), Allahu Akbar.

      Thank you very much for sharing and keeping us updated, it is deeply appreciated, Alhamdulillah.

      All my Unconditional Respect,

      María Editor

    • Dear Brother Ahmed,

      Thank you for telling us about your case here. Sihr is real and you are right, the main purpose of this evil act is to separate husband and wife. I am glad that you have overcome this issue by turning to Allah. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, because it brought your entire family closer to Allah.

      May Allah keep you and your family safe and happy.

      SisterZ Editor

  38. very very happy for brother Ahmed. Alhumdulillah that it all worked out for you. I am glad you stuck by your wife and my husband did the same with me and now we are moving on with our lives.

    I just want the doubters to see this and finally admit that black magic exists and is a scourage - especially sihr of separation. Alhumdulillah i am cured too. i advise everyone to see a sheikh of very good repute and the sincere ones do NOT take money by the way. May Allah SWT bless you all. Remember He is the one who protects

  39. also would like to say jazakallahumkhair to the editors and people behind This thread has helped SO many people. It contains very useful advice and practical tips from the Quran and sunnah in some of the above posts. Please feature a section on black magic and jinn and nazar and point to this thread as people are no doubt reading and not commenting and the number of people this will help is vast. jazakallahumkhair to you

    • Thanks for your comments. I have thought about publishing a permanent piece on the subject of black magic, but haven't gotten to it yet.

      Wael Editor

  40. Salam i would just like to make a comment .. I wish everyone would realise that sihr and blackmagic the yse of jinns is real.. I find that my husband does not want to think about the idea that a jinn/ jinns may be interfering in our life or marriage. I was told by a sheikh from South Africa after asking for my dreams to be interpreted that there is an interference in my marriage.. He suggested a few things which i will copy from the email and paste here. It may benefit others ..

  41. The  first thing that is required is the following_
    Try and be punctual on you salaah.
    Keep yourself pk and clean at all times.
    Make a habit of reciting the following azkaar 100 times morning and evening
       astaghfirullaah (100)
       Sallallaahu alan nabiyil ummiy (100)
       Laa howla wa laa quwata illaaa billaah (100)
    Laa ilaaha ilallaahu wahdahu laa sharikalahu lahul mulku wa lahu hamdu wa huwa ala kulli shay in qadeer

    Also we request that you read the following eight surahs and blow over water after completion of each surah and then to drink the water. Try and read over a container that can take 10 liters of water. When water finishes it has to be read again. No adding of water allowed. The surahs are as follows.
    1. Yassen
    2. saafaat (after yaseen)
    3. dukhan
    4. ahqaaf (first surah of the 26 juz)
    5. Rahman
    7. Mulk

    Also make a habit that after bathing on friday to take the water and rub on your body like you rub creme or oil.You may dry yourself thereafter. Hope ths information helps anyone who feels that sihr is affecting them inshaallah

  42. Salaams
    Do you people really believe in black magic? I was told ever since I was very young not to believe in this because this makes us humans very weak and for no reason weakens our imans. Please clarify is this TRUE I have been told by my parents not to believe this has this could affect my normal daily life but I cant help but think how can some people be cruel to another Muslim sister, daughter, daughter in law son, son in law mother etc. I didn’t realise there could be such an evil act that can really destroy another human only because of jealous tawba tawba. I am also learning why is it that women believe in this more as in being paranoid than the mean.

    • Samina, black magic does exist. However, I think most people give far too much credence to it. I believe it's very rare. Most of the time when people are having relationship problems they jump to the conclusion of black magic instead of looking honestly at their own behavior, or communicating openly with their spouse, or getting counseling or therapy. They find blaming black magic to be an easy way out, I think, because it allows them to avoid responsibility for their own lives.

      I think your parents gave you good advice. Pay no attention to such things and focus on your own character, and your imaan.

      Wael Editor

      • Wael, while I agree with you, I would like to add the following.

        Black Magic is rare, however we can all be very easily affected by the Evil Eye which is when someone becomes envious or jealous of something we have or praises something without saying 'MaashaAllah. At the same time, Jinn can also affect us without any act of Black Magic being done. This could be for various reasons, perhaps because a jinn has fallen in love with a person, or the person has done something the jinn doesnt like or anything else.

        The cause behind some things which occur without any rational explanation are hidden to the human eye and these could be the result of Satanic forces but we must remember that these forces can only affect us by the Will of Allah and the cure is also only with Allah. We must always seek protection and we can do this simply by sticking to the Quran and Sunnah like glue. Observe the five pillars, incorporate the Prophet's daily duas in your every day lives and strive to perfect your characters by following the example of the Prophet(saw), i.e. recite Quran with Tarteel and Tajweed, read the last three Surahs of the Quran and wipe over one self before sleeping, be good to others etc.

        We do not always know if we have been affected by Black Magic, or Evil Eye etc, but instead of trying to ascertain this, we should make a habit of doing the above to protect ourselves anyway while simultaneously assessing our own doings, as they could very likely be the cause behind whatever situation we are in. Of course there are some situations which are beyond our control and they could very well be a result of black magic. However, we need to seek knowledge and wisen up so we do not end up using this as a scapegoat for every 'problem' that occurs.

        SisterZ Editor

        • Yes, good points. I always try to say ma-sha-Allah and Alhamdulillah when praising anyone or mentioning anything good.


  43. Walaikum salam sister samina. Black magic is real and true and was carried out on our prophet pbuh by a jew and he found out exactly what was done and destroyed it . There is a hadith on that . We always havw to remember that everything happens by the leave and will of Allah so we must not be must put there trust in Allah completely and deal with the test. Remember only that which Allah has allowed can harm you and if the whole world tries to help u tgen you cannot bw helped but if Allah azojal helps you nothing can harm you so always turn to Allah and rely on him .. The treatment is from Allah.I hope thos is helpful .. allah o alim

  44. Salam,

    Of course we shouldn't jump to conclusions. But unfortunately, people who are desperate and not

    very well-educated apply Sihr as a last resort. They want something they can't get and by applying

    Sihr, they want to gain control over the lives of other people. It is sad, I never believed people do it,

    but in my case, I even observed a person doing it and caught her. The evil eye exists, so does Sihr,

    and although we shouldn't jump to wrong conclusions when our life goes upside down, it is still

    a fact that in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Pakistan magicians and Sahirs earn a living for themselves.

    In Saudi Arabia, people doing witchcraft wil be executed. I never believed in the existence of Sihr,

    and I don't believe in the effects of Sihr with the right protection. What annoys me is that people who call

    themselves Muslims are willing to destroy relationships and the luck of others with the help of the Shaitan.

    Doesn't the all-watching eye of God see them? It is the intention which is shocking, much more than the act.

    I absolutely don't know how they can take these measures and still pray, fast and say La Illaha Illalah.

    But I guess I'll never know.

    May Allah protect you

  45. W/Salaams
    Thank you for clarifying brother Wael, SisterZ, Sister Jannah and SisterS for your replies. I will remember to keep faith only to Allah and keep imaan strong.

  46. Asalaam alaikum,

    I am in serious turmoil, the symptoms of Sihr of separation all apply to me, my partner seems to be the affected one and my head feels so heavy it keeps forcing me to remember things that have happened years and years ago. It is like there is a strong force in my head making me hate my partner and I am trying to fight against it so hard but all I do is cry because my partner does not seem interested.
    He continues to be rude towards me, calls me ugly and does not talk to me when he returns from work. When I talk to him, he just replies with one worded answers or sometimes nothing at all. I am embarassed to say but we have gone from a loving relationship to this, a man who once said he wouldnt ever hurt me now shows no affection towards me, infact treats me worse than a dog.
    This has happened suddenly, we have not just grown apart. His family have been persistent on him leaving me but he did not want to for the sake of our child and walked out of his home. Ever since then, he has turned into this.

    I had a few "episodes" around 5 years ago when his mum found out I was expecting a child, I was getting attacked at night in my sleep by evil spirits. Though this resolved itself - one night instead of a harsh struggle, one spirit was soft, he held me and rocked me calmly, whispered in my ear, stroke my head and went and I felt safe. I havent had any episodes again, only one very very recently.

    I really do need to speak to someone SisterZ please could you forward the brothers details if he can help?

  47. P L E A S E H E L P ME!!!
    Dear brothers and sisters asalamualikum, I am in immense distress due to the multiple problems, I married in 2008 in uk, my wife willingly ask me to leave her with my mother who lives in Pakistan, I visited them almost every 3 months or so, every thing was more then fine, my home environment was better then ideal one, my family was the happiest one in widen family.

    Then last year I went as usually to visit them, every thing seem great, then my mother start to complaint that she had a sore throat from last one month. I took her to the doctor which diagnosed a throat cancer, that was beginning of long dark night in my life, she had 15 hours long operation and when she come back home she was unrecognisable.

    During the same time my family members including my self felt different occurrences in the house, some time it felt that some one in the room other times things been displaced and things like "hot roti" in dustbin at early in the morning etc. My wonderful wife who supported me in all hard times start behaving differently, she regularly loses her temper and start calling me ugly and so many words even to the extent she asked me divorce her.

    She run away from house and end up in women refuge. I went and collect her after five days, she did't felt any sorry, infect she told me she felt light when she left the door and in refuge she though sorry for me. One thing I should mention, when we play "ruqua" in our house my wife can't be able to sit and hear it she always run away and end up in dark bathroom with a shut door.

    NOW she is back to her parents in UK, we have no contact except online where we can see each other activities she behaving very awkwardly, like the flirt person (mind it she used to pray tahujud once), her user name and other titles (which the only thing i can see) shows not the person I known for that long.

    Just last week my mother who is ill over one year was in continuous severe pain, when some one introduced her to a pious sheikh, who told her that she is under great black magic. Sheikh recite some ayat on my mother and give her some water to use for 11 days. quite pleasantly my mom improve very very much just in a week time and her health is improving by every passing day (this happens in just two weeks time which is far more than a year of medical treatment).

    BROTHERS AND SISTER shall I not suspect sehr on my wife too? my all family and dreams are shattered. I dont know what to do where to go (Just believing on Allah s.t. to help me out and try to keep regular prays and zikr and astagfar). PLEASE PLEASE if any one knows any thing which I can do or recite by my own (as wife s not in contact) then please let me know, I don't want to lose my wife and my beautiful children, I can't pay your favour back but I ask Allah s.t. gives you and you children a mercy and great reward for it Ameen.

  48. PL E A S E H E L P US

    Dear brothers and sisters asalamualikum, i have been separated from my husband of 8 years.

    (Remainer of question deleted by Editor)

    • Dear Sister s,

      I am sorry for the difficulties you are experiencing with your husband. But in order for us to advise you, you must log in and submit your question as a separate post. In the meantime, look through the database and you will most definitely find a question similar to yours that has been given a good answer.

      SisterZ Editor

  49. As salamu alaykum, brother Munib,

    This questions are not for me, but I would like to share my opinion and my experience about this with you. Where I live, we can say it is common to protect babies and little kids from evil eye, even people that doesn´t believe do it, you know why, because when you have a baby, no eating, crying, and has no fever, you have taken him to the doctor, is healthy, no problems, the belly is fine, the dieper is dry, ... you check everything but your baby doesn´t eat, cries all the time, ... and someone gets close to you and says, your baby has evil eye and they pray for your baby and you see how the skin turns pinkish, smiles, sleeps, eats, ...then you say Subhana Allah, must be something I am missing. I have met people with careers that laughed about it and when they had babies they called the mother to askl that old woman that is known because prays to God to cure the babies, ...I believe prayers protect the kids as protect us, until 7 years kids are heavily under our wings, during these years we put the basement for them to believe in God(swt) to trust Him, to go to Him, to thank Him, to praise Him, after that age we begin to teach them how to pray properly and this way they begin to learn to protect themselves.

    Babies are very sensitive to energies, with this I mean positive and negative energies, I am sure you have experience to be close to someone and feel like being in a beautiful spring day and being with other people that it is like a heavy dark cloud ready to throw thunders and rays. When a baby is around negative energy, you feel it, he is not the same.

    Negative energy exists and positive energy exists, if we agree to this point, I believe that with the evil eye, if the person is weak energetically speaking when they are around negative energy they are like magnets, if the system has too much negative energy can collapse, the problem when someone is sick is that the main emotion around the sick person use to be fear to the worst and this fear attracts the worst. Being conscious of this, even when we can have that negative possibility on the back of our head, we try our best to promote the most positive and healthy feelings, emotions, thoughts, words and acts around the sick person to attract the best for this person, even when death is already there, the attitude of this person would be full of light because we want the best for them here and there and we will project our best for their best, having always in our minds that we know from the begining it is not our will or desires, it is Allah(swt) Will, submision is the main root of all this, but we have the responsibility to give to this world and everyone on it, the best we can give consciously, insha´Allah.

    The inner power is tested when this negative energies come around, the fact of blaming others of our fate when we don´t agree with our destiny, instead of accepting and trying to change it within our own possibilities, rooted on Allah(swt) and being conscious of our human condition. I believe that is what makes some people more vulnerable to negative energies than others, their attitude towards life, others and Allah(swt). I´ve seen people losing everything they had and had the strength to get up again and even having nothing they had a smile in their Hearts and a plate of food for someone who was worst than them, and more than that not a bad word towards anyone from their mouth, Masha´Allah.

    The capability to forgive, to stay quiet, to pray to Allah(swt) in silence, to be thankful, to be loving, respectful, compassionate, in the less favorable situations, all of this comes from Allah(swt) and our weaknesses comes from us, our tests are opportunities to overcome our weaknesses and transmute them into strong points, turn a negative quality in a positive quality, when darkness is around is the golden opportunity to surrender to Allah(swt) to understand we are nothing and noone without Him(swt). From this point, evil eye makes no sense, but it is a test as many other tests we have in our life time, tests where the negative comes to us to be transmute into possitive, and I say transmute not transform.

    Life doesn´t belong to us, but Allah(swt) has given us the instinct of surviving as a gift to appreciate being alive and to do our best to mantain us and anyone alive and it hurts terribly when someone dies, but Alhamdulillah Allah(swt) help us to heal in time and acceptance of the death as a part of life comes together with the process of Healing.

    I am sure I am leaving something behind but I believe it is enough for now, insha´Allah.

    Allah(swt) knows best.

    From Heart to Heart,
    María Editor

    • Just one more thought I would like to add, we shouldn´t give anyone the power to influence us in these terms, because just the thought of it, weakens us and make us vulnerable to fall into negativity (doubts, fear, suspicious, .....), when we are feeling good we should be able to mantain our routines(Salat, Quran, Dua, Dikhr, Zaqat, work trying to be our best....., good thoughts, character, behaviour, ....learn about kindness, compassion, unconditional love and respect, ......) this will keep the protection alive and strong enough, this way when downs come to us we can have strong memories of being and feeling good and hold on them to give us strength to mantain our closeness to Allah(swt) through our conscious acts(Salat, Quran, Zaqat, good character, good behaviour, good thoughts, .....following the right ettiquete of Islam, following the example our beloved Prophet), insha´Allah.

      Allah(swt) knows best.


      • Assalamu alaykum Sister Maria M,

        You have your experience, almost as my mother, you lived long years and have a way of expressing thoughts resulting from experience and knowledge which you have come across over the years. Masha Allah, you write well to explain happenings in life.

        But this does not though help my question of evil eye. I said it is superstitious and casting doubts in people's hearts, more pagan than Islamic and baseless in the Deen of Islam.

        Anyways, jazakallah for writing fown your thoughts. I could not access internet in last two days so was unable to read them.

        Your brother.

  50. could i have his contact please, i am suffering from the same, my wife hates me and wants divorce.. people say is black magic....

    • Dear Fahad,

      Since I posted that comment, I am reluctant to post out numbers etc. Can you identify any issues that you and wife have that can be worked on? While black magic exists, it is not always the reason behind problems in a marriage. Having said that I do not know your situation so I cannot comment otherwise. Try to identify the issues between yourself and your wife, try to get marriage counselling, make sure you pray your salaah etc.

      I went to a course on this subject by Jalal Ibn Saeed a while ago and we were given details of a reliable Imam to contact regarding gaining further info and help on this, but I cannot locate it yet. If I find it, I will ask Br Wael if I can post it on this site inshaAllah.

      SisterZ Editor

      • Dear sister

        i have tried identifying the problem by all means, she jus hates me.. we havent been able to make love since we got married as in the starting she would not be ready, we tried 4 times then it couldnt happen. then i thought ill give her time . i thought i was being nice.a she never felt a mans touch before and she needs to be menatally prepared, she used to be awake all night but not sleep next to me.. she was always into books and internet.. but she left me with the reason that i am not normal and her friends n phycatricts told her to leave me immideatly.where i went to doctors to prove her parents wrong.. then she accused me for many things like im gay.. or i am after her money.. or i am not attracted to her.. i tried to beg her.. got angry with her.. she is not listning to anyone,, not even her parents.. so now thier parents are also considering giving up for divorce as she is not ready at all.. i went to an aalim also but he used lemons and all which i don belive.. someone in their house keeps doing black magic to them to attain their wealth.. so we believe its because of that as we had a big marriage..also i am very depressed and dont want to loose my wife.. but she is very adamant. even my begging n love is not melting her..its been almost 4 months since she left.

  51. Assalamualaikum I know this post is quite old but the problem is always there I guess.. There is this excellent book I would like to recommend that will give good insight about the world of the jinn and additionally detail the ruqya (remwdy from Quran) that is prescribed for the same. I hope you find it in your countries InshAllah...the book is called "the jinn and human sickness- remedies in the light of the Quran and sunnah" by dr. Abul mundhir khaleel Ibn ibraheem ameen. I have got it from Darussalam publishers. May Allah guide us on the straight path and heal us of every evil that we aile from aameen. Assalamualaikum

  52. sallaam alaikum brother,i too feel me and my husband have had jadu or some sort of spell put on us,we had a love marriage and his whole family didnt like he was marrying me cos he was divorcing his ex wife to get married again,after he divorced we married a few mths later nd i had my nikah done from my dads house.after we married,my husband started becoming really abusive towards me for no reason,,and i started self harming myself without knowing i was doing it,,i would be bleeding and not feel a thing at all!!..i would sometimes try to hurt my husband by stabbing him cos he would stay out everyday with his friends,and that would upset me..he then would hit me,spit on me and say i was ugly even though Alhamdulillah im not,he would only get angry during the day and it always would be on a the evening he'd be a totally different person and he would act like nothings happened..i would lose my temper in the night always and i would feel this hate to kill after 3.5yrs of our marriage,we hav a 3yrs old boy and im expecting our 2nd child together Inshaa'Allah,,but my husband doesnt live with me nd our son.he lives with his parents who are happy that he's not with me.strange things hav happened since we married,every nyt id smell a burning smell next to my bed and id get these thoughts my husbands having an affair..these suspicions have worsened recently as he hasn't called or been 2 see us.he normally would tl me he's crazy about me and he'd never cheat on me.and he would show me affection,but that would be in the evenings once a i am confused why he's not even bothered to sort out our marriage,i noticed recently that my headaches wont go away and i feel like someones gripped me by the neck and won't let go.also i have dreams of sexual nature with my husband and i feel theres a mental block cos i forget so much.i can leave the keys in the door nd forget my own sons name..all im thinking is wat if he's chatting to women or what if he's sleeping health has worsened in the past 3yrs,i have arthiritis and imy memory is affected by al this worry.he says he loved me so much but he needs time to soert himself out,but i tell him im getting heavier by the day being pregnant and he's willing 2 let me suffer alone?..its like he's not bothered and his family hate me for no reason,they wish he's divorce me so they can see him getting married again,,they all sided with his ex cos she was their gut instinct tells me either the ex or someone els eg.his mum has done some spell on us to keep us apart,cos for the past nearly 4yrs,all weve done is be apart.we've only ever been together the most in every month is,1week and for the rest of the 25days were apart and this has been goin on for nearly 4yrs,,it hurts that we've never spent a whole mth together in each year..he doesnt see wat he's doing wrong,,he knows he's abusive and he knows his family dont like me,yet he's sided with them over me and our my son has started behaving strangly,he grinds his teeth and hates it when i wear a heaed scarf and when i pray..

  53. Assalamualaikum

    I just want to say that sihr, black magic and the evil eye do exist.
    I was raised in a family that was seen as a modal family, my parents were very well known and everyone loved them. This also led to many people wanting bad things to happen in our family.

    When I married I married a successful man from a small tight knit asian community. There were many girls there who wanted to marry him yet by Allah we were married. They hated me, both the community and his family. At first his mother wanted me to marry him as did his sister. But once we were married she bowed to the pressure of her eldest daughter in law (an uneducated woman from a village in Pk). She had wanted her own sister to marry my husband. Its been seven years and her sister is still waiting for him to marry her.

    I did not believe this woman would do magic on me and my husband but my husband has an uncle in Pk who used to talk to jinns so now I think it would probably explain so many things that have been happening to me over the years.

    I have been strangled many times in my sleep. I have been awake and paralysed, crying, begging for it to leave me. Instead it would run its claw down my back. Not only did I feel it but I heard as the claw snagged against the cotton of my shirt. I said my quls and immediately i had felt as though my invisible ropes had fallen away.

    Furthermore my husband told me there were many time I would be talking to someone in my sleep saying strange things. Other times he would get really frightened because he would wake up in the dark room to see me sitting upright and staring at him for ages even though mentally I was asleep.

    There were also times when I felt my body rising and would find my back forced up from sleep as though I was being pushed upright into a sitting position without exerting any energy of my own. It was the strangest feeling, like air behind me was raising me up. I would look around, wonder why I was sitting so when I should be sleeping then lay down and fall asleep again.

    There are so many issues that I have been facing when I told a practicing friend who had ruqyah done for black magic she gave me a number. I was too afraid to call it and for four years let it go. I kept hearing the thoughts in my head, to such an extent that I started talking back to them.

    A few months ago I was going through a hard patch. Out of the blue I decided I wanted to kill myself or at least hurt myself. I went to the kitchen at night and took a knife to cut open my leg. Then my own thoughts reminded me that I could leave a scar and the person who had caused the mental pain may leave me one day and I would still be reminded of them in the scar. For this reason I let the knife alone.

    I also get into a full furious anger very easily. Mostly my reasons are good at heart, for isntance I may be protecting a child from a bullying relative, but my temper is out of hand. I am ready at the drop of a hat to take a person apart with my words, usually for harming an innocent or doing wrong. My personality is kind, extremely so but these fiery rages I experience have been very destructive. The thoughts bombard me and I hear my own thoughts reminding me to stay calm but they sound so weak eventually they are crushed under the angry voices.

    I also start weeping at little things. Sometimes a colour I find beautiful can make me cry. I thought this was because I am naturally artistic but the strange symptoms I have been experiencing make me think otherwise.

    I am an educated person, I come from an educated and wealthy family. My parents have always been the types to push 'issues' under the carpet. As a result there is alot happening that we cannot speak to imams about as my parents are worried it would make them appear in a negative light.

    Allah gave me the strength to finally take the step today to call a br for ruqyah. When I wrote the details my arm felt as though it was weigh down by lead and my voice wouldnt stop shaking. It was difficult for me to talk, physically so.

    This last week has been relatively bad, I have been having bad dreams, my husbands touch makes me nauseous and there is a weight in my body that refuses to allow my body to rise from the bed despite my not having depression or stress.

    yes I have had a difficult past but this weight I am experiencing is different. it is especially in my shoulders and back. My mind wants my body to rise physically, I try and it is like have to push a fridge uphill. So difficult.

    I pray we all find the right path and keep to it. I pray that the good of heart people are protected and those who have deviated find their way back to Allah swa. May Allah have mercy on all of us, we need it desperately. Ameen.

  54. Salam,

    Here my story, I am living in Toronto Canada, my story started in 2005, I am married since 2001, I have 2 children

    Since we are married I started to hate my husband so badly, I could not stand him or look at his face, I hated my husband more than anything else

    My husband was always caring, hard worker and responsible to me and my children but still I hated him, I will tell him that he is ugly, he is a looser, that I do not belong to him, that he should marry some else , that he is an abuser , that he is a controller , that he is nothing ….I will say bad word about his family, about his look,
    I will tell him that he has diseases , I did not like sleeping with me or being with him, I will do all to avoid him, never like to walk with him, shop with him, talk to him, relax with him

    I was asking on regular basis for divorce but my husband always refuses saying that I am sick and I do not know what I am doing

    My husband will always tell that my faith ( Iman) become low and perhaps there was some black magic done to me, I laugh at him and put him down saying that only looser believe in black magic or such believe

    Always he was saying to me do you want to ruin you life, he will ask me and question , what is wrong with your husband , why you hate your husband with so extreme

    I become so addicted to social media my space, face book and was spending most of my time on internet, surfing, playing games

    I become addicted to music, will listen music when I wake-up and will listen to music before going to bed

    Talking , chatting to strangers, sharing my pictures with non mahram, sharing my children pictures on Internet, and exposing my private life on internet to strangers ( which I was calling friends ).

    My husband disliked so much what I was doing but I was still keep doing tell him there is nothing wrong

    My husband reminded many time not to go to social media and we will always we argue about it, fight fight

    He was saying what a married muslimah wife doing on face book talking / chat with women, men non mahram,
    my husband always remind me that I am doing a lot sins and it is haram to talk to non mahram, , …but I will not listen ( my iman was so low perhaps 0 zero )

    I loved to be on face book, spending hours, telling my friend what I did today , posting pictures, looking at people pictures

    We fight for hours about this but still I never listen and keep going to social media and internet for hours

    When I am married my husband I used to read Koran on a daily basis, praying at night, reading Koran in the morning, my iman was high

    My husband one day decided this is enough, he decided to leave me for few months, he got an opportunity to work in Dallas US, he left me with my daughter and only come on special occasions Eid, Ramadan and some Holiday

    When he come I will always fight with him, finding something wrong with him and tell him many bad words, I become a monster

    June 2008, my Uncle came to Canada for a business trip and he decided to visit us for a week-end, my husband was in Toronto at that time

    While my uncle was with us, I had a fight with my husband in front of my uncle, My uncle is a pious man, always pray on time, read Koran, and give dawah to people

    My uncle was shocked the way I was treating my husband , was shocked about the words I was saying to my husband ,
    he said to me that my husband did nothing wrong , say nothing wrong , why such bad temper , why bad treatment ,
    my uncle asked if we fight always such way, my husband replied and said this our life since the beginning of our marriage in 2001,

    My uncle decided to call my mother and father and get their feed back on this situation , my parents said to my uncle that my husband is a good man and never see heard, anything wrong about him

    Then my uncle came to me and asked why I am treating my husband such way, I just reply I just hate him and I started to cry, he asked why you hate me, I responding I just hated him …but tell me why, what he is doing to you ,

    why you are saying your were naive to marry your husband, your husband is good , why using the word naive, you should instead said used the word greatful , a good husband , caring responsibe, love Islam amd Muslims, clean, no drugs, no smoke, go to mosque, no affairs , no women in his life, no bad past..

    why you are saying your husband is ugly, is so and so where do you see ugly, abuse, control

    i did have not any answer , I was crying and crying and left my uncle and my husband in the living and went to my bedroom to sleep…

    Next day, my uncle made few phone calls to find an Qari in Toronto area who can come home and read Koran ( Roqya ), my uncle suspected that some type of sihir was perform on me to hate my husband in such extreme…

    I did not like the idea and I blame my husband, thinking he was the one who asked my uncle to call someone to read Koran ( Roqya) , my husband said it is not him but my uncle who want a Qari to come and read Koran on me, my uncle confirmed.

    Next day, a pious Qari originally from Sudan came to our house, my uncle ask him to perform Roqya on me, I said to my Uncle that I am fine and do not need someone reading Koran on me, but my uncle insisted and called my parents and oldest sister who also agreed , so I accepted

    I took a shower, cover my whole body, the Qari began to read Koran

    Just after reading Koran less than 2 or 3 minutes, all my body was trembling, I wanted to vomit , a lot pain in my body, my heart beats was fast, I was sweating so much, I was crying

    The Qari said to us, this woman is victim of sihir and there is no doubt it, she has all symptoms and when Koran is reading on her she also has strong reaction..

    I was shocked , I found myself the one who was always blame my husband for everything , the one who describing my husband in ugly way,

    I was the one who now was diagnose been sick, Me who used to say that my husband is sick, have mental disease , who used to say my husband is not normal,
    I am now the one who the Qari is saying has disease ( Sihir / Black Magic )

    I feel ashamed to my husband , ashamed to my Uncle , my parents, my sister

    In my mind to many questions, who make the sihir to me,
    what about my husband, him for years who is telling that I must be sick with sihir and me always arguing with him saying that he is him who is not normal
    will my husband forgive me
    what about my family, my parents, my sister what will be their reactions

    My uncle was telling me, just follow treatment and all will be fine, your husband will love again, he will forgive you, and about your family they just wanted their daughter to be cured …

    For about 3 months I follow the treatment cure which was recommended by the Qari , of course reading Koran ,

    Reading verses of Koran on water and drinking it after and also clean some part of our body
    Stay away from music and pictures,

    After few weeks I felt much better and since then I am treating my husband with respect, I always thank him for his patience ( Sabr ),
    I hurt him so much but he was patient, he knew I was sick

    As for who has done sihir to me, the Qari said that it is no important to know but what is important is to be close to Allah swt, have a strong faith iman, read Koran on a daily basis, be away from all kind of music and pictures, be clean , be good to your parents spouse….

    Yes sihir exist, Black magic is real and true, I am someone who was very sick because of sihir, it almost ruined my life my life, my marriage

    Sisters and Brothers, if you hate your spouse for no reason , if your spouse has do nothing wrong to you and you keep hating him , just read Koran and be close to Allah swt, be away from everything which is Haram in Islam ,be away from social media, music, pictures read Koran so your faith will increase and you will see with the power of Koran and been close to Allah swt you heart will be cure, instead of seeing your husband or wife in a ugly, you will not hate your partner and treat your husband or wife in bad way

    You will respect you husbandor wife, love him and appreciate him

    Remember the main purpose of this evil act of sihir is to separate husband and wife

    Remember also if your husband or wife or parents, family member or any pious person suggest you to perform roqya because the way your bad behaviour are toward your partner , the bad way you are treating someone, just do the roqya….follow their advise

    May Allah SWT bless you all.

    Sister Amina from Toronto


    I have been following the roqya treatment for almost a month now, subhanAllah my faith in Islam has been reawoken and I am falling in love with Allah swa all over again.

    Initially I was being attacked by the jinns inside me, they scratched me, left bruises when I read Quran or azka, tried to strangle and threaten me. They even threatened to hurt my son, the next day he was screaming in the room I found him writhing on the bed.

    The people who did black magic on me also did black magic on my six year old son when he was just a baby. May Allah curse them and make for them a place in the furthest pit in Hell.

    My child has been suffering from speaking difficulties for years, he would start talking to himself as though talking to someone, grab his head and shaking it as though trying to shake something out of it. Then he would go to his room, shut the door and cry and cry and cry, out loud he would be asking what can I do now? what can I do now that so and so has hidden my toy etc.

    We started giving him roqya water, oil and rubbing itr over his body, reading Quran on him. He covered his ears with his hands and curled up into a ball in pain. Then the evil looks started.

    He would look at us with a malicious expression on his face, also, he started saying things like, "I'm going to kill myself with a knife," "I'm going to cut my ears off with a knife," "Your going to lose me and I'm going to jump in the fire."

    All these things were so disturbing, especially when my child has led such a protected life and he was always so innocent, he always seemed to have aknot in his tongue and never saw things we told him were right in front of him.

    SubhanAllah after two days of playing the Roqya cd in his ears the jinn had seizures, he screamed and begged us to stop burning him in my sons voice, he threatened to kill us, threatened to hurt us, threatened to wee on the bed. But we with the strength Allah gave us, told him he could either leave by Allah's will or we would keep playing the cd and he could by Allah's will be destroyed.

    Its important to note that my son used to do odd things a few months prior to this, he would takes out the blankets from the cupboards and wee in them and defecate in the room and hide his faeces behind his drawing table and underneath the living room sofas. We didnt think it was sihr then it was only recently when we found the taweeze with our hair in knots and my sons fabric belts knotted together and at one end like a noose that we realised, subhanAllah my husbands family really were pure evil.

    As soon as the jinn left my son by the mercy of Allah swa started speaking like a bright, bubbly six year old, the anger left his face, the sadness in his body language disappeared, he was no longer confused, no longer upset or wanting to fight.

    I explained to him about the whispers of shaitan and he told me the jinn were talking to him a long time before they left, they had been telling him to eat his stools and drink his urine, and showing him how to make black magic by becoming filthy in his dreams. They were also telling him to put his faeces in different places in the house.

    Of course they hurt him as well. He suffered sudden sharp pains in his body and would start screaming in pain and we would rush to him, for this we used the shidr bath. He also had extreme body rashes like myself all over his poor little body.

    For a few days he was eating his seven dates a day with a huge amount of difficult then suddenly he went very quiet and angry again once he stopped. My poor baby, either there was a second jinn in him or the first had returned because he started looking at us with suspicion. It took him a few days to open up but subhanAllah he opened up last night and told me they were talking to him again and threatening him. They told him if he was good they would come to him in his dreams and forcefeed him faeces and urine. For a few days he told me he was having this nightmare.

    Some of you may wonder if my child has been traumatised by this, yes, is the answer, I can see the hollowness of his gaze, the shine from his innocence taken from him. My baby has been hurt and again I curse those people who have done this and have been doing this to him for years.

    But with the trauma on my son has also come an acknowledgement. When I read aytul Qursi on him continuously and blow on him as he falls asleep he tells me the dreams dont come, he told me "I think Allah and his angels were looking after me."

    He asks to listen to the Quran cd with headphones so he cannot hear the whispers of the filthy creatures talking to him.

    My heart breaks, it really does to see what my son is going through, I have asked Allah to give me his pain so he does not have to endure yet I think this is my test, to see my son suffer like this.

    We have called a raaqi to visit us next inshAllah, this would be our second session. We are praying it will be our last.

    My mind is also a clearer place now alhamdulillah, with every passing day I love Allah swa and his Messenger saw more and more. My symptoms included:

    1, Extreme body rashes
    2, Marks appearing on face (disappeared after applying rokia oil)
    3, Bruising when reading Quran or adhkar
    4, Scratches several inches long when thinking of leaving the house or even talking about subject to my husband
    5, Swellings in body parts where jinns had travelled to (arms, breasts)
    6, Paralysis in both legs for almost a whole hour when the jinn induced my menses
    7, Induced menses by jinn (I felt the jinn jumping in the area five times, the sensation came in waves before I began to bleed)
    8, Extreme back pain all over my back and lower back area, shoulders and head
    9, Extreme weakness to the point I could not lift my head
    10, Extreme waswas trying to make me think I was useless, hopeless, ugly etc
    11, Red lines appearing on my palm (wiped away by blowing and rubbing Aytul Qursi)
    12, Jolts and jerks in different parts of my body
    13, Shaking
    14, Extreme weakness during and after shidr bath (my husband would have to carry me, I could not stand)
    15, Burning in mouth and throat for two hours when drinking zamzam.
    16, Stinging in mouth when eating 7 dates.

    My husband has had symptoms as well, his have been:

    1, Hallucinations (seeing things crawl on his clothes etc)
    2, Bones in leg becoming disjoineted coming up and leaving large red bruises then going down again (I would hear him scream as he took his bath and find him struggling with the pain)
    3, Headaches
    4, Itching
    5, Hearing things (i.e. me calling him. My son also has this. SubhanAllah he figured out on his own it was the jinn messing with him)

    He has had other symptoms too but I cannot remember right now, although he tells me since reading his adhkar and following this roqya routine his eye strain has gone alhamdulillah and he no longer gets headaches when he does not wear glasses.

    Please make dua for me and my small family, the jinn in my stomach/womb area who had been trying to give me urine infections and thrush succeeded in killing my 8 wk old baby too. I know it was only by Allah swa's permission but it hurts me that my in laws could be this vindictive.

    Also I felt all of the jinns inside me moving around trying to run when the raaqi was reading Qur'an on me. Apparently they are Muslim.

    ON A lighter note:

    I am getting better and better every day by the Grave of my Lord Allah swa, the whispers in my head are fewer, so much fewer alhamdulillah and I have learnt to ignore them. When they try to agitate me I do wudu again even if I already have wudu.

    Please try and stay in wudu 24 hours a day, it is important for a Muslim's protection to do so. Also already I can see Allah swa's blessing on me and my family. He is looking after us and is giving us many gifts as signs and reward for our patience and pain.

    Jazakallahukhairun my brothers and sisters, May Allah always watch over you and especially those miskin who have to suffer due to the selfish, evil nature of others.


    • Salaam lulu... Am so sorry to hear that you are suffering like this.. Sister,,, i really understand and know the situation you are in, because i was once in the same sheos (if not more problematic and complicated than yours). And i can remember a friend of mine (now he's abroad) telling me that ''all this pains, calamities and suffering i am in would one day become a story of the past''. I could not believe him by then because of the excessive pains and sufferness am going through,, but look at, now alhamdulillah all those illness, pains and sufferings has become something of the past... So sister, i too would relate the same massage to you '' put your faith in Allah and keep on fighting the problem, ONE DAY, ALL THIS SUFFERINGS AND ILLNESS WOULD SURELY BECOME STORY OF THE PAST'' .. Meanwhile, i would want to help you with a powerfull weapon that would protect or shield you or be a barrier between you and any kind of jinn or black magic, sihr etc.. I too, am reciting it daily and i have seen and witnessed the protection of Allah in me.. (1) you should recite the following 100times in the morning (after subhi prayers) and 100times in the evening (after magrib or isha prayers). If in any case you are preoccupied with too much work, the you may reduce it to 10times morning and evening for that day.. LA ILAHA ILLALAH. WAHDAHU LA SHARIKALAH. LAHUL MULK WALAHUL HAMD. WAHUWA ALA KULLI SHAI'IN QADIIR.. Translation; the is no God except Allah. He is the only one without partner. To him belong the kingdoms (of the heavens and earth) and to Him belong all the praise. And He Has power over everything. (2) you should recite ayatul kursi 70 or 40 or 30 or 100 times or more in the morning (after subh) and evening (after asr or magrib or isha prayers).. All this will not take more than 20 to 30 minute of your time.. The prophet said if you recite these above dikr, the jinn or satan {and anything related to them (ie evil eye, black magic, sihr etc)} can never ever be able to get to you or meet you.. And i find this absolutely true coz am a leaving witness and am reciting it daily.. But mind you, this is for protection against anything jinn, or sihr. With the present spiritual medication you are recieving from the shiek/ulema, all the sihr etc in you would leave you.. And with the above dhikr i told you,, no jinn, sihr etc would be able to get to you. For case of your child, you should recite it a blow it on him (at night), if he cant do it himself..

      • Walaikumassalam,

        I am so happy for you that you have got out of this, alhamdulillah.

        I cannot give you too many details about my situation because it is dangerous for us and also very complicated. All I can tell you is my husbands own mother who everyone always thought of as such an innocent creature had been putting sihr in our food for years. We trusted her beyond almost everyone and yet she was the one to betray us. there are many people supporting her, all of which are morally corrupt and very far from Islam with very few scruples. They want to see me and my husband at their level. they want to see us joining in evil as they do and to destroy our child just as they have destroyed theirs.

        SubahanAllah, I am trying to be patient but sometimes, like yesterday when I discovered it was my mother in law who tricked us, the woman my own parents have always loved and respected so much, the woman I have sacrificed so much for, my heart breaks and I feel weak.

        My husband was really upset as well although he had suspected for some time it was her.

        Jzakallahukhairun for the duas, I have many that I am using and alhamdulillah they help much.

        I pray that Allah Almighty removes these evil people and their evil from our lives,

        • You know sister, how sure are you that it is your husband 'own mother' who is behind your problems??, who told you this?? What if is a false alligation against your mother inlaw?? What if she is innocent, how do you think she would feel?? Do you think Allah would be pleased with you??, look she is the mother of your husband, i dont beleive she would do anything to hurt her biological son and his small family... It's just like you and your sick child., i saw in your previous comment that you are even praying to Allah to divert you child illness to you so that your child would be relieved for his illness.. This is an example of mother's love for child,, would you in anyway think of harming your child, or go to a witch coz you wanna harm your child?? The answer should be capital NO. No mother would want to harm her child and his small family.. Maybe there is something wrong some where, she may not be the one responsible,, it may be someone else you dont even expect.. And pls be reciting those dhikr i told you 'even if you have others doing'. It would be of help to you inshaALLAH, i know that.

          • Walaikumassalam,

            I am the first person to be upset by this because I trusted this lady more than my own parents, and believed in my heart that I loved her as my own mother.

            Unfortunately her own family is the one who deals with jinn, as she freely admits herself. You must wonder how I discovered she was the one, I found her cutting my sons hair and then hiding the scissors from me when I came into the room. Also when she cooked she would stop my husband and son eating certain food which she would give to me. When I would reach for something else she would tell me no, that is not for you, THAT is for you. This would happen with that particul food every time she made it although it was no different to any other in the pile.

            She has also on several occasions tried to talk to me about men with special powers and when I told her Allah does not give people magic she treated me as though I was really dumb and didnt know what I was talking about.

            She may have done what she is doing with 'good intention' but what she has done is haraam. She has been listening to another in the family whose identity was revealed when the raqi did ruqya.

            I am sorry this has shocked you, but it is true, subhanAllah. I do not wish Allah's mercy on this woman because we trusted her so much. As did her husband who she also betrayed many times when he was alive. She was raised with these beliefs and will not change her ways.

            Remember that Ibrahim (as) own father was misguided, so please do not think it is an impossible occurance. There are in fact many wives who do this to their husbands and many many more mothers who do this to their sons because of jealousy.

            Alhamdulillah I am practicing my adhkar and dedicating my time to Quran, it has cleared my mind and for the first time in years I am thinking clearly.

            The family I am married into, Allah alone knows how much they have made me suffer through the years. Every one of them, my sister, I have kept quiet and bore this torture with silent tears in the night and several times begging my husband to divorce me, and this was before I even discovered the black magic.

            There is sickness in the world, and shaytan perpetuates it. May Allah guide the righteous and punish those who are worthy of punishment. He is the All Wise, the Just.

          • Walaikumassalam

            I am sorry to have shocked you but unfortunately it is true. She was the one who put sihr in our food.

            I do not make the accusation lightly, and its not something I will ever make public but a seacret sealed tight in my heart. My husband knows this as well, he too suspected for a while her strange behaviour when she was around us, especially pertaining to food. She would stop him and my son eating certain food that was 'not for them' but for me. If I offered it to her she always refused to share it with me. She would also try to educate me on the merits of men with 'special powers' which Allah bestowed upon them, when I told her it was untrue she would become haughty and treat me as though I was foolish.

            There have been many other things she has said and done that Allah has made clear our minds and made us realise. I do not make rash accusations. Believe me, I am fully aware of what I am saying. Certain people in her family who are close to her are all involved in this.

            Sister, Allah alone knows the pain I have endured at the hands of this family. I have begged my husband in the past many times to divorce me so I do not have to endure any more and this is before I discovered the bm. They have put me through so much. One of the many rumours they have spread rumours about me, that I have been cheating on my husband. I was raised in a noble family alhamdulilllah but Allah is testing me. These people are truly dwellers of hell, and Allah knows best.

            He is the Most Just, the Most Wise.

            On a last note, remember that Ibrahim (as)'s own father was his enemy and an enemy of Islam. Also, you would be surprised how many wives do this to their husbands, and how many many more mothers do this to their sons out of jealousy.

            I heard from a raqi about a brother whose mother would put sihr in the lining of of his underwear so he would never marry and stay always with her.

            Take care sis, may Allah be with you always.

  56. Salam

    Me too I hated my husband so deeply, I will not want to look at his face, hear his voice, listen to me , I will avoid him as much as possible

    I was treated for sihir, sihir made to me by close people, people who I trusted so much, people I help and supported in the past.

    Alhammudillah I am well now but my husband has left me ,

    I am widow with 3 children , I wish I could have listen to my husband when he was telling me
    to go do Roqya because the way I was behaving was not normal, but I rejected all his words and efforts
    I also rejected the recommendations of this sister I met in a Masjid who also suspected that I must be sick with sihir, I share with that I do not like to have sex with my husband and said to her that I believe my husband is abusing me, so why you his wife do not see him this way, why you see the opposite what people see…
    she repeated several time that I should read Koran and increase my iman and also do a Roqya

    This sister asked many questions about the abuses and concluded that my husband is good and it is me who must have something wrong, she said not wanting to have sex with your husband is a major sign of sihir, seeing husband ugly where all people seeing normal, seeing as an abuser while people are seeing has a good person, description are signs of sihir, she sister that her husband know my husband, and many others people know my husband and all only say and describe him as good person with a good faith and behaviours

    Since then when I go to the masjid I avoid this sister , I wish I had listen to her , she even offer to help / support, find me a pious to read Roqya and Koran for me

    I had before everything, good caring husband, responsible, clean, he was doing all for us and instead me of been grateful
    I was only seeing as an enemy, I hated him , I was tell him so bad word, and telling that I wish he die, I refuses to have sex with him , I will tell me that they are much nice men outside, more beautiful than him , more intelligent, more funny, more social than him

    Sihir / black magic has totally destroyed me, ruined me, my family, my children are now living without a father

    My husband who I was calling ugly , fat, look old, sick, looser, boring, low, cheap person is now married to a beautify young woman, he has 2 children with her and the facts are that his wife is happy with him

    I asked many times forgiveness to my husband… he said thru my children only Allah swt can forgive what your mother have done to me…

    My 3 children when they reach 15, 16, 18 years also left me and my oldest daughter always asking me what father did you when I was a child, father is a good person, why you treated so badly father to a point that he left us when we were 5, 6, 8 years , because of you we grew-up without a father

    Why mother you did this to us, why mother, I have no answer for her, I just cry cry , I wish I can go back and was nice to my husband, but too late, he left

    When he left he said he will never return, he said to me that I will regret everything and will leave the rest of my wife regretting the abuse I did to him…and this what is happening to me since years …

    I could not got marry again because when someone approach me and ask why my husband left, I can’t tell them that he just left, so they know there must be a reason for a husband to leave his wife ,

    When I was with my husband I will always tell him that I could get marry easy again and it is him who will never marry again because he is ugly and look old ,
    I was so naïve and this how the devil has deceived me, make me have perception which are not real, make me think with no more logic and reason

    Sihir is so strong that you never question yourself and always think you are right, when I was sick with sihir I will never think with honesty, reason, logic,

    I am now 43 years living alone, my parents left this world, my sister and my 2 brothers don’t even want to support me and hear from me , they also say that my husband was a good person and if he left it is because how I was treating him

    I am only crying to Allah, I had a husband , I destroyed him with my own hands

    My daughter is furious at me, she always said that father is good person and it is you mother who were a bad person, who did not listen to father when he was telling you to treat yourself and because of you not listening to father , you also destroy our life ( me and my 2 brothers )

    Why mother you did this to us, why mother, father was and he is still a good man, why mother because of you we grew-up without a father

    May Allah protect you

    Sister Zahra

  57. Salam sister Zahra,

    I read your story with great sadness in my heart.

    Sis, if there is any consolation, hopefully through these few points:

    1) Yes, you should do ruqyah. However, a person who is possessed would not be acting/thinking right so this will include refusing to get treated, and if your ex husband understood this issue, he would have brought you to a raqi himself, or brought one to u, or do ruqyah himself on you. But he did not. Allaha'lam, perhaps he was too uppset with your mother so that he misdirected it to you and did not take u to raqi rather just tell u to do it yourself; perhaps its also the effect of sehr so he just was in the mood of blaming (as is the case with sehr tafriq) so he just tells u to go instead of bring u to raqi himself.

    2) If this is indeed sehr of separation, then u must not take all the blame on yourself. When sehr is made to break a couple, both will be affected even if to different degrees (allaha'lam). If he believed u are in magic, then he should not have left u without treatment nor forget that your behaviour was magic-influenced and as such, must not be taken personally (as simplistic as it sounds, but that's basically it). So, stop beating yourself up for the break of your marriage (even if others keep faulting you)

    3) What's happen is in the past and there's nothing u can do to turn back the clock. Believe that whatever happened has been destined and believe that Allah is the most Just and Most Generous in His rewards. Believe that if you are patient and stay positive, inshaallah you will be rewarded tremendously in ways u cannot even begin to imagine. Believe that, no matter how great your ex husband was, there is a greater being and that is Allah and the heart that remembers Allah is in peace. And believe that. this life is not the only life we have; there is an after life. And there is Paradise where the joy you cannot even think of. So open your eyes to the world and enjoy it in halal means while you are still here.

    4) Do lots of charity work in whichever small ways u can. There is so many sufferings in this world, people who don't eat for days, no place to sleep, etc... Feeding a poor would do teremendous good to your happiness.

    Inshaallah you will find peace and blessings soon.. Take care sis

    • It is not a sin to have Ruqyah done by someone else, but it is highly recommended to avoid it and to do Ruqyah on 'oneself' - as this shows our reliance on Allah alone. There is a hadith of Rasool(sws) regarding this matter, it goes:

      "Seventy thousand people of my followers will enter Paradise without accounts, and they are those who do not practice Ar-Ruqya and do not see an evil omen in things, and put their trust in their Lord." which is Narrated by Ibn Abbas and is in Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 479

      When I began writing on this website over two years ago, I used to encourage people to go and seek Ruqyah from others and I apologise for that and may Allah forgive me. I had read hadiths encouraging us to do Ruqyah ourselves, but never understood why, until I attended a course recently and the above hadith was explained to me; hence my change of opinion over this matter.

      SisterZ Editor

  58. A.S. I am also running a similar problem. The magician sent jinn to me and when I sleep the jinn attacks my head try to injured. I am suffering from other complicated problem related with black magic. I would appreciate if you give me his contact info. I need help urgently.


  59. dear friends / brothers and sisters ,
    i 'm not a religious scholar , but According to the religion islam

    the remedy of magic is :

    please read surah naas , surah ikhlaas , and surah falak ( 3 times ) and ( put air from your mouth on your hands and roll your hand on your complete body )
    after every salah

    secondly , please do reciete surah al-bakrah from quran , when surah bakrah recites , the shaitaan cannot come uptil 72 or 73 hours in that boundary

    do salah , and read qurani , have faith on Allah ,

    at last , the belive of magic existance is just proved by religion , not by science , and the same religion have told the remedy of that problem as well

    You are not allowded to do remedy of magic ( by using magic ) , thats prohabitted in Islam

    so just recite quran , do salah , have faith on God , and try to Have ajwa Dates , Aab-e-zam zam Water , do hajj and umras , do lot of Prays , and do efforts from your side ( cool down your self )

    and do consult a proper religious scholar only , for other remedies , and just dollow quran and hadise ( no other deeds )

    Best regards
    please remeber me in prays

  60. (Comment removed by Editor. Zahra, if you need advice on your personal situation then please log in and write your question as a separate post. Thank you. - Editor)

  61. Asallam alaikun admin.

    Pls I dnt know which of the sihr am suffering for. Ever since I started thinking of getting married or settling down, I awlways face rejection.
    Wil nt know wat I did for Dm to deserve dat. Even some might even gotten serious b4 d break up. Am tired about it.
    D only thing I noticed was dat I always have s*x in my dreams that I wil even feel it wen I woke up but dnt know why it usually break all my relationship. Some might even confess that I look older dat my age and all stupid excuses. Am tired of it all.

    • Hafsat, do not post your email address here, as we do not allow the exchange of private contact information. I strongly recommend that you investigate other reasons why you have faced rejection, rather than jumping to the conclusion of sihr. Look at personality issues, physical appearance, and character issues.

      Wael Editor

      • Jazakumllahu khairan. Had made much consultation with the symptoms I face and was told it was night husband dat is sending life hunsband away. Dy said it was a spirit dat wen seeing us going 2geda, wil come between us. Asallam alaikun

  62. You should find a genuine pious person an have ruqya performed an get her to listen to quran iv recitations everyday

  63. She has sihir when shes angry show her no attention

  64. Brother and sisters do ruqya for yourself and your spouse here is the link. It will solve your problm in sha Allah

  65. I am a man of 43 years.I had been married for 17 years. And suddenly my wife decided to sepe rate and leave the house. I have 2 children. Can anyone help me. Kind Regards..

    • Such decisions do not happen suddenly. Most likely your wife has been unhappy for a long time. You need to speak to her and truly listen to what she has to say. Offer to see a marriage counselor. Find a way to heal the problems in your marriage. Doing so requires genuine effort and a willingness of both people to make changes. It has nothing to do with magic.

      Wael Editor

  66. against sihr to read 2 or better 3 times dayly surahs Bakara and rahman torether..

    wash with Manzil dua and ayats against sihr 7 times read both into 5 l water, drink 1 glass and wash with rest.

    rub the same olive oil not dry the skin after washing!!!

  67. sura Bakaqa into water 3 hours and wash with it and drink 1 cup/ do it 3 till 6 moths.. all djinns go out.. for protection read ayat kursi mornings and evenings.. all life none stop

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