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Is my wudu broken by my health problem?


Asalam u Alaikum  Brothers n Sisters,

For a long time I am having a problem with urine drops . When I perform wadu it again falls then I again perform, even three times at a time I performed. Some times while offering prayer it happens, I am much dubious about my prayers always and couldn't ask from any one because of shyness. I am changing clothes for every prayer, feeling shy of what people will thinking about me. My question is that: (1) if the drops falls while having prayer, should I break and do wadu again or continue? (2) is my wadu broken or does it remain valid? (3) is there any solution for control of these drops? I have no idea of what Islam says about this situation. You people please help me get out of this confusion.


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  1. Salam alaikum,

    I am no expert on Islamic rules, but I can tell you that I have this problem too. What helps me is keeping a piece of doubled up toilet paper in my underwear so that the drops only get on the paper and not the clothing. This makes it much easier to change toilet paper instead change underwear constantly.

    Hope I helped,

  2. Dear brother
    Even big waliis of Allah sometimes have problem of falling of urin drops .
    What Islam teaches us is that to do ablution at the time of salah means after azaan when you get ready to perform your salah at that time go fast and have woduu then without any delay go and perform your salah 🙂
    And dear brother this is not a sin that you feel shy to ask people . Islam encourages us to ask and clear our doubts so plz ask the knowledgeable ones about your doubts.
    And lastly when you sit in the toilet don't get up quickly after urine sit there turning means from sitting position just turn your upper body to the left side so that your urinary bladder stretches and left up urine goes away .
    Try this for some weeks and you will see the change
    In Shaa Allah, include me n very Muslim in your precious Duaa.

  3. if the drops fall, while having prayer.. u should break the prayer and wudu again..

  4. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    There are concessions regarding issues of purification for obligatory acts of ibadah. However, it's important to get a fatwa from a qualified mufti in order to be assured that the concessions apply in your case. No one on this site is qualified to give you such a fatwa that can perfectly assure you how to continue when it comes to wudu and your salat. I recommend that you seek out a qualified authority in your area, relay to him the details of your situation, and see how he recommends you going forward in this type of a situation.

    Speaking generally, I've heard that people who suffer from incontinence- whether it be urinary, of the bowels, or even flatulence- can easily obtain an exception to redoing wudu when the case is constant enough that it creates a hardship. Usually in these cases one wudu will suffice one salat even if the incontinence technically breaks it afterwards. But again, you would need an authoritative judgment to be assured this can apply in your case.

    -Amy Editor

  5. AsSalamualykom
    I learn in Madresaa that if u hav such a problem it is called Mahfoz.which says that immediatly after u perform wuhdu u should carry out the task that made u perform wuhdu and while performing Salaah or reading quraan your wudu will nt be broken untill u are done. Bt u hav to make wudu again if u want to perform something else which was nt your intention at first
    Plz note
    Please note a person who is Ma'fuz cannot be an Imaam i know we hav one Molana who cant perform salaah for a gamaat anymore.Allah knows best.

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