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Is our relation haram?


Hope and pray everyone is feeling well.. My question is about Nikkah. I am 27 yrs old and into the final year of my studies. I am in a long distance relation with a girl whom i love is 25 years old and we have deep feeling and high respect for each other. we have not met till today as she lives abroad. I pray five times daily and so does she Alhamdolilah. My whole family knows about her and they have accepted us esp my Mom who has tried alot and still she is trying her best to convince her family for our nikkah.

We talk daily and we have supported each other to the very extreme and Alhamdolilah she has helped me come over and quit certain bad habbits like smoking,staring at girls etc and she is the one who insists me to maintain my SALAH five times a day and recitation of the Holy Quran daily... Only her elder sister knows about us and she too is supporting us and told us to be patient Insha Allah one day u two will be rewarded with the best..I do make prayers and cry alot to Allah and she is the only person whom i ask for,,she means everything for to me.

My question is that Is our relation haram? because its not secret my family knows and her sis too..

Thanks.. May Allah guide us all on the right path and May ALLAH Almighty forgive our sins.


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  1. As long as there is no sex acts involved
    The relationship is fine.
    Good luck

    • This is totally unislamic advise .This relationship is haraam even if there is no sex .

      • this relation is not fine and
        bad luck until and unless you dont take that girl in to your nikkah

      • ABC
        Of course marriage will follow
        I'm not a beliver of bfs and gfs.
        Certain things Expecially when taken Islamic, should be seen Islamic
        Got it?

        ABC ya'

        • You are wrong here . There is no guaranty here marriage will follow .This first step of forming relationship itself is wrong and unislamic .We have seen most of Muslims in this forum says they started relationship with good intention and no sex and ended up with zina and bcos of so n so reasons didn't marry each other .so above relationship is haraam from Islamic view point .

    • You really should not be answering on this site with your 'opinions' and advises, especially if it's as ridiculous as what you've just uttered. If people on this site seek Islamic advise, then try to give an answer pertaining to the law oulined by Allah and The Messenger of Allah (Sal-Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam), otherwise if you do not know, remain silent and stop mentioning your 'opinions' from your own whims.

      • Concerned Soul, if you wish to correct the sister then do so nicely and point out in what way her advice was wrong. Simply referring to her comment as "ridiculous" without any clarification is not kind or helpful. There is a way to educate people and there is a way to simply drive them away. If you are going to call people to the sunnah, then practice it yourself. The Prophet (sws) was kind with all people and never mocked anyone.

        Wael Editor

  2. It's okay if you two intend to get married. If in any case, you two are not married because of issues from her family, you two are supposed to part ways. If you don't do that, it will be haram then. Secondly, even if now your attentions are not of getting Married to one another,even then it is Haraam.
    Rest, Allah knows the best.

  3. It's not halal to talk to a girl or a guy who isn't in ur nikah ..
    It's okay to like or love someone but it's not okay to talk to them ..if a guy or a girl likes someone instead of appraoching them directly ask ur parents to arrange nikah for you..
    May Allah bless you and guides you to the straight path.

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