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Is seeking forgiveness from a person is compulsary or asking Allah for taubah is enough?

Bismillahir Rehmaanir Raheem

Assalamu Alaikum

I have heard that in Islam if you have hurt someone or done something wrong to anyone, Allah will forgive you only, if the person you've done wrong to, forgives you.

What if you know if i seek his or her apology by informing truth& it will be more big mess or fitna ?


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  1. Salama3aleykoum,

    About 10 years ago at the janaza of my grand mother someone stole my mobile phone. I was devastated and I cried that how could people be so mean. Come to my late grand mother funeral and find it to still my phone.
    (10 years later) Yesterday, my parents got a phone call, from a man who introduces himself as a neighbor of the family from my grand mother (Allahi ramha) and tells them that 10 years ago he had stollen my phone and he is asking for forgiveness.
    He said he went to the imam of the village and explained the situation.
    The imam told him, you have to seek forgiveness, pay back the amount of the phone if she wants it.
    So to answer your question, seeking forgiveness is good. Keeps your book of records cleans and shows you are a good person. But I think Ultimately Allah forgive our sins.

  2. Allah has told us so often that we should seek Him out to forgive our sins, that the only sins he will never forgive are shirk and suicide. So Allah's capacity to forgive His believers is beyond the understanding of the average human being. However, when you hurt another person, you still have the obligation to apologize to them as well. Asking Allah to forgive you is important, but if you have damaged someone's trust, betrayed them, committed a crime against them, they may very well still be suffering because of your sin. Making the apology can foster better relations, resolve conflicts and of course remove any questions the victim may have about what you may have said or done. Don't always expect the victim to be quick or to even accept your apology. That is their right. The damage may be that severe. But you still should make the apology with sincerity and humility.

  3. Can I forgive my aunty without telling her because she has mental issues

  4. This is because if I try to talk to her she will upset my grandparents and mom and she will talk about my dead grandma which will get me angry

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