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Is texting ok?

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i am in love with a Indonesian girl but i live in pakistan.i am a boy from Pakistan and the girl i love is from Indonesia and we never video chat or call we just text through messaging and we are too far away from meeting or something which is prohibited in Islam and we are just friends until our marriage. we not talk about love or something so is it allowed to talk to her like that but we talk in limit...?


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  1. No .Texting is haraam with non mehram woman

  2. No, texting and e-mail is ok. Dont be childish!

  3. Ah! My dear brother, just imagine someone doing same act with u r real sister and have same justification in his mind ??? I hope u get u r answer. May ALLAH show u the right path. Best Regards

  4. No dear brother, it is NOT OK. Girls and boys can never be "just friends" because shaitan is the third party among them. And texting is just the same as being alone together with that person in the sense that no one but the two of you will be texting or reading those texts...So unless you and her both would feel comfortable reading your texts to your mothers and fathers, I doubt you will have anything halal to talk about.

    If you two are serious, man up and tell your parents to help you ask her father for his daughters hand in marriage. If you truly ARE in "love".

  5. No ..Regardless the point is that talking to opposite sex is dangerous....SHAITAN is the 3rd party and he us very very very patient and timing is everything stay away because you are already questioning

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