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Is there a dua for a baby boy?

Pregnant teen

salam malaikum

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I'm 14 weeks pregnant now. Is there any dua to ask for baby boy?



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  1. Salaams,

    The sex of the baby is determined at the time of conception. If you are already pregnant, the baby is already a boy or a girl. It looks like you will have to be patient to see which one it is.

    -Amy Editor

  2. 14 weeks pregnant?

    Oh i think you mean is there a dua you can make to receive a baby boy, instead o a girl.

    There is not a hadeeth regarding asking A l l a a h to receive a boy over a girl, because in the religion, baby boys are not preffered over girls.

    You can just put your hands up to the sky whilst facing the qiblah, and ask A l l a a h through his names and attributes to give you a boy.
    But it has already been decided.

  3. As salamu alaykum,

    You can check this post.

    María Editor

  4. Why wouldn't you ask for a healthty baby than a baby boy would it matter if its a boy or girl

    I totally against it when ppl prefer boy more than a girl specially when it is coming out of a women mouth cuase they female them selfs

  5. AOA

    i am 34 years old, mother of three kids. by grace of God, thrice of them are healthy daughters. now i am expecting again and this is my 6th month of pregnancy going on.. now i am desperately having a dire need to get my baby boy this time. please i beg you to advise me some dua to get my baby boy this time. please you also pray for me. i will be highly obliged to you for this kind act of yours.


  6. Thank You For Guideing Us

  7. I prayed I wanted a son......because I was going threw a bad patch with my in law n I felt if I had a son my husband will never leave me. I cried day and night I begged Allah swt---prayed and I read the boy dua......Allah swt gave me a gawjus son and me n my husband moved out......I went threw a very bad pregnancy but at the end it all came together. Allah always has it planned for you....u just need to put ur faith and trust in him.

  8. What ever comes from Allah is a blessing and good for us whether it is a boy baby or girl baby , just make dua that the baby should be fit and healthy .

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