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Is this jadoo (magic)? If so, how do I nullify it?

black magic sorcerer


I got engaged 3 time and every time engagement was done with will of both families. After seeing me all three families liked me and purposed me by their own will. But only 1 week after engagement boy refused to continue this engagement by saying I don't like this girl she is very weak, ugly and short heighted. My height is five two with reasonable looks(fair complexion)..... whole the same story repeated three times.

For the first two times I thought that it would be a coincidence I would be the choice of his parents not the boys (in our families marriages are just arranged on the wish of our parents, only parents choose bride for their son, boy never looks at bride before engagement or even before marriage, my elder sister and cousins all are married in the same way). In the previous one time only the boy has refused after seeing me but 2 times boys refused even without seeing me.even without looking me they said the whole story that they dont like the girl.

My friends are saying that this could be any effect of some jadoo(magic) under spells of which all boys are behaving like this. According to my friends and family I am not so ugly to be refused like this.

And all the two time after breaking this relationship boys and their families returned to my parents with apologies and asked to continue this engagement. Only for SECOND time my parents continued this relationship but one month after this continuation they lost every contact with us they even didn't received our phone call. My father waited for their response for 6month, after no response from them my father got me engaged me anywhere else (which was the third time of my engagement).

Now for this third time whole story is going to repeat. Boy has said that he don't like me on behalf of seeing my sister. He is saying that my elder sister is too weak and short heighted then how would I looks like? he is fighting with his family to break this engagement I want to ask is this looks to be the effect of some jadoo.if so then guide me to nullify such effect.


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  1. As Salam O Alaikum

    Sister Alina . There is nothing called as Jadoo or so . Please ward off all evil thoughts from your mind and believe in ALLAH (SWT)

    What you have mentioned can be a mere coincidence. Agreed same thing with 3 different families

    What i personally feel is .. Sorry to say that but i have to.. I think there is some BLACK SHEEP out there in your family or closest to your family who is getting all this done deliberately so as out of Jealousy or something else. That person is going to the particular boys house and telling them all such false things about you.

    You or some elderly person in your family please do INVESTIGATE about this. And do DHIKR of ALLAH (SWT) as much as you can. May be he has something BEST for you Insha ALLAH.

    Wa Salam

    • Assalamwalaikum,
      FYI, magic does exist. Haven't you seen Harry Potter!? lol jk... but seriously though, although we know from the Qur'an that magic was present during the time of Prophet Solomon (A.S.) I doubt we will find real magic in today's time.

      Woah woah woah! "That person is going to the particular boys house and telling them all such false things about you. " ...well! that solves the mystery of this sister being single. Now we jus' need someone to pin this allegation on by doing some "investigation", that's fantastic, after this she can get married, hurray! Some really bold accusations here to be honest!

      I will agree though... that having a stronger faith in Allah than evil eye or magic is definitely the way to go! 🙂

      So, the question still remains... why are you getting rejected time after time after getting "engaged" to brother(s)?
      A. Magic
      B. Coincidence
      C. The Black Sheep
      D. It Wasn't Meant To Be

      Dear Alina, please understand this... who you will get married to in life is not in your control, you will get married to whom Allah has willed for you to be with. The boys that refused and turned down their own initiated proposals were simply not meant to be for you. I doubt their rejection has anything to do with hocus-bogus magic. Not many have knowledge about magic, and I don't think your friends are any wise about it either to make comments on it. Have faith in Allah, there will be -InshaAllah- someone who is most suitable for you.

      It is also important to note some of the issues in the process that you're going through in seeking a spouse here.
      1. The tradition of your family is not in line with what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has advised and taught us. A man should look at a woman he intends to marry, and vice versa. How can someone know how you look by looking at your sister or cousin? That is so weird, strange and silly! This is not a man of rational thought... good riddance!
      2. Engagement... is not something we do in Islam, its more of a cultural thing, so an engagement breaking off doesn't really mean much. The man/woman does not become your husband/wife and has no obligation toward you because of an engagement. But wait! He's your "fiance"... well, it still doesn't count! In Islam there are mainly two event in relation to marriage... the nikah and the walima. If you were to say that a guy ditched you after nikah... now that would be pretty bad! So don't feel so sorry about the engagement.

      One last comment, if someone concludes that you're not good for them without seeing you or having any conversation with you... it is best that person goes away from your life because they can't and don't even know how to get-to-know someone, they're probably judgmental or cowardly and/or heretic ...and you wouldn't want to be with a person who is like that? would you? Wouldn't you want to be with someone who's smart, confident, and can take responsibility!?

      May Allah bless you (and all those seeking marriage) with a righteous spouse, ameen! 🙂

      • Great Advice and nicely put.

        To the OP:

        Do not give up hope and most likely this is not due to magic. Now, in the off-chance that it is or you are ever exposed to black magic, it is best to not give it importance. Rather, have faith in Allah swt that He can solve your problems and do not start seeking help from someone who claims to have a taweez--or someone who takes money to help you. Those who take part in such things show little faith in Allah swt because we must remember that Allah swt has power over all things.

        You may want to read Surah Baqarah and increase your dhikhr in general, but you should be seeking to rely on Allah swt as your first and last source of help.

        May Allah swt help you in your journey to marriage, Ameen.

  2. eat 5 dates daily

  3. @Anonywho

    Some really bold accusations here to be honest!

    Gentleman / gentlewoman

    Tht wasnt an accusation , well you took that boldly. It was just one of the POSSIBILITIES, reason being ( the OP hasnt mentioned which country she is from )
    Where as my POSSIBILITY i said keeping into mind my COUNTRY. As things like that i have heard and witnessed in my COUNTRY of someone doing that out of JEALOUSY

    Also it cant be some COINCIDENCE with same reasons that too with 3 different PROPOSALs 3 different families.

    And as you said HURRAY..Then indeed yes HURRAY .. Alina sister will get married sooner insha ALLAH .. There is no harm in investigating the possibility of what i said if she really wants to verify that

    Peace !

    Wa Salam

    • First, let me agree with you. Yeah, you are right about it being one of the many possibilities. To be fair, I did keep option C as "The Black Sheep" and there is no harm in investigating this possibility. 🙂 But do you know this thing about "possibilities" is that there are thousands of scenarios one can tell you, and one each of them is a possibility, for good or bad. Are you actually going to try and eliminate the bad possibilities? That'd be unwise in my opinion! Would it not be better to create the good possibilities?

      Now let me ask you, if your possibility really turns out to be the case... what are you practically going to do after you know? Talk to the person spreading false rumors about you? Try to advise them not to do so? What if they don't stop (that's also a "possibility", have you considered)? I can keep talking about all the possibilities in the world and the whole ocean will not be enough as an ink for me to tell you all the possibilities there are out there!

      I am not saying that we should be ignorant or deny the reality of the "possibility" that you mention. I'm sorry that you are living in a country where you've witnessed such situations, it is really sad. But do you not see the problem with this way of thinking? Think about it! You will start to look at people with distrust, with judgment, as your enemies, as there will always be someone out there to ruin your life and the sooner you realize and accept this fact, the better! Just to briefly tell you something I value... to my enemies, I give less or no attention, and that is their defeat! Work on creating your success and put your faith in Allah. The main enemy we should all be worried about is Shaytan, not some jealous small/close-hearted looser who is spreading rumors! If someone is actually listening to their rumors and forming opinions about you on this basis, then it makes them loosers too because that is simply immature!

      I'm trying to focus on what sister Alina can do to improve her chances of getting married in the right way, and not discuss the "possibilities" of why her engagements broke off or analyze why things didn't work out for her... because whatever the reason maybe whether it be coincidence or a black sheep or magic... it is a dead-end, it doesn't matter much! For whatever reason things didn't work out, she's got to move forward in life and not be held back by these 3 disappointments. Ultimately, who you marry boils down to the decree of Allah, as with all other things in life.

      Please don't get me wrong, I don't wish to argue any further on this... if you feel any differently, then okay... its cool, you have your perception and I respect that; and I have mine which I hope you respect as well! 🙂

      Ameen to your dua, may Allah bless sister Alina with a righteous husband who will complete her deen and bring her closer to Allah, ameen! 🙂

      Assalamwalaikum! 🙂

    • P.S. You did make an accusation, you just don't know who to put it on... but I don't blame you as you see the world differently than me! Peace! 🙂

  4. Salam,

    Magic does exist as mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah.

    Sister, if you believe you are affected keep up your daily salah and if you can get up for Tahajjud that would be great. Please remember to read your daily azkar in the morning and evening & try to be in wudu at all times. May Allah heal you.

  5. Assalam wa alikum sister

    I agree with anonywho that a man should look at a woman he intends to marry, and vice versa but never alone together but with each other family around. And that engagements are not something we do in Islam, its more of a cultural thing. Therefore don't think of engagements as something that is set and cannot be broken off.

    You don't know these men or their families they may have not been good for you. All goodness comes from Allah as he is Al-Barr (The Good, The Beneficent). I am not saying these men are bad or their families but I mean that if you were married to one of these men then it would not have given you the opportunity to strengthen your Iman and as much as the one that Allah has chosen for you. When we muslim get married our test does not end at marriage for example being someone's wife, mother and daughter in law or sister in law are all test which can bring us closer or further away from Allah.

    I think maybe Allah is testing your patience so don't despair and maybe being married to one of them was not good for your Iman so that is why I think you are not married yet. InshaaAllah you will get married to a good muslim soon.

    Hope I helped

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