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Is this nikkah valid?

It's been 1 year and 8 months when my husband moved to other country for studies and after 5 months my son was born. But we got a problem before a birth of son. He started saying me there is no Allah and bad things about religion and Islam. At that time I was totally depressed that also effects my health my pregnancy and so many complications after child birth. But after birth of my son he again started telling me about his beliefs and he will teach same beliefs to his son that everything is science. I told him if you couldn't change your beliefs than our marriage will be ended. He said ok he even not believe in such nikkah. But when I told my family and his family he started saying no I never said such words to her she is lying and I have belief in Allah and his family boycott with me and saying bad words for me to everyone.
Now situation is very worst he said me so many times that he had no love for me and I don't want to live with me but I will not divorce you, you can get it through court. Now it's a year he never contacted and never supported us financially or morally.


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  1. Sister ,

    For more logical and Scientific clarification of Islamic concepts please take him to Zakir Naik videos .

    Is the Qur'an God's Word? (Q&A - 1)

    Search for more of his videos on youtube for logical explanations .

  2. Your doubts about your husband's religious beliefs aside, he doesn't sound like he's a good husband at all. He doesn't take responsibility and he even humiliates you in front of your family. I don't know, if you ask me, there's no good reason to stay with this man. You shouldn't have to be in doubt about what your husband believes in...

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