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Is this normal? Could I be pregnant???

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Assalam o alaikum brothers and sisters. I was in a relationship with my boyfriend whos 18 and I’m 16. I feel very guilty mentioning this but we had sex and we both are no more virgins. The last time I got my periods were two months ago. We had sex and I’m not getting my periods. I’m extremely worried by the fact of pregnancy because I’m pretty sure nothing went inside. Please help me out, is it normal to get periods late?


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  1. Walaikumussalam sis...Diana
    May Allah forgive all of us...
    First u seek thawba to Allah swt as this is the best tym u could ask for his forgiveness...

    Get a urine pregnancy test kit (UPT) from the chemist...
    Check to see if it's positive...
    If negative....u r at a safer side..
    If positive.....u gotta carry out from there...
    If u r a person who's cycles occur normally at 28 days interval... then u gotta worry this tym for the delay....

    May Allah guide u through right path..

  2. Astaghfirullah!!
    Get a few pregnancy tests from the nearest pharmacy, follow the procedure on all of the sticks, just to be sure. Otherwise go to the doctor and find out.
    It is very possible that you're 16 and pregnant. And unless you got your periods late, no it's not exactly normal to have irregular periods.
    What do you mean you're 'pretty sure' nothing got inside? Pull out method doesn't work, and condoms can break.
    Now because I'm pretty sure you're pregnant, you are left with three choices:
    1) convince your boyfriend to marry you
    2) raise the baby on your own
    3) abortion
    Face it, pregnant or not, you've officially ruined your own life.

    • Being pregnant doesn't mean your life is ruined. Your comment is very irrational

      • My comment may be harsh, but it is definitely not irrational. What was she expecting after sleeping with her boyfriend? Lets get pregnancy out of the way, lets suppose they used every method of protection known. That still does not change the fact that this girl is a zaniyah. She has committed ZINA. What other way to ruin one's own life? Despite my extreme frustration upon this girl, I hope that she gets married to the boy in the end. I sincerely hope that her parents do not get her married to another man, an innocent man who would deserve much better than an impure lady as her. "The adulterer marries not but an adulteress or a Mushrikah and the adulteress none marries her except an adulterer or a Muskrik [and that means that the man who agrees to marry (have a sexual relation with) a Mushrikah (female polytheist, pagan or idolatress) or a prostitute, then surely he is either an adulterer, or a Mushrik (polytheist, pagan or idolater, etc). And the woman who agrees to marry (have a sexual relation with) a Mushrik (polytheist, pagan or idolater) or an adulterer, then she is either a prostitute or a Mushrikah (female polytheist, pagan, or idolatress, etc.)]. Such a thing is forbidden to the believers (of Islamic Monotheism". So women like her, unless they would have sincerely repented, deserve men like themselves.

        • I completely agree with your comments It would be incredibly unfair for her to marry a decent God fearing boy and the chances are very high she wud repeat this behaviour after marraige with others. Sadly I see this happen alot in our muslim communities and it boils down to weak imaan thats the harsh truth and it not irrational

  3. Asalam Alakum sister,

    To find out for sure, you will need to take a pregnancy test using a test kit normally available at your local chemist.

    It is possible you may well be pregnant as your periods haven't come on their usual date/time frame, and this is normally the biggest signs of pregnancy.

    But with out a test, one cant make that call.

    Also you didn't mention if it was protected sex(i.e was a condom used)?

    If not than this also increases the chances of becoming pregnant.

    Best of Luck,

  4. Salam go to doc

  5. Take a pregnancy test. TODAY. Pregnancy tests are very reliable. If possible see a public health or Planned Parenthood or free physician and share your medical information. There is a remote possibility you are not, but I doubt it.

    My concern is that since you are 16, you are underage and the boy involved can then possibly be charged with rape. Even if you gave consent, in many states in the US, you are underage and your consent is not valid. This could possibly cause the young man to go to jail. Which you do not want. I would strongly suggest if you are pregnant to consider either getting married very soon or getting an abortion. You still will need to have a serious consultation with a knowledge person to understand the responsibility of sexual activity and birth control.

    Eventually -- very soon -- if you are pregnant, you will have to discuss this important matter with your parents. If your mother is an aware mother, aware of you and your activities, she probably already knows something is up and has not yet discussed it with you. Depending on what kind of woman she is she may herself quietly and discreetly take you to a medical center for an exam and determine what to do next. I know of one 15 year old who this happened to. Her parents were shocked and sad, but stood by her. It was a good thing because even though the young man she cared about wanted to be there for her, his parents were horrible. A little boy was born. His mother and grandparents along with his uncles and aunts raised him. The young mother continued her studies, then married a very nice man who always cared for her. The little boy has grown up and is now in college. No stigma. Because people loved him. In another situation, a mother suspected something was just not right with her daughter, age 16, and talked to her, honestly woman to woman. She remained calm, and immediately took her to a medical doctor and the mother and daughter scheduled an abortion. The young man involved, also 16, was embarrassed, sad and concerned. HIS mother learned of the situation and also supported the two young people. Despite their wishes, the mothers kept their respective children under close watch for the next few years. Years later they each married someone else, realizing they were very immature at age 16, having made taubah and even remaining friends after ward but avoiding zina with a much better understanding.

  6. If you live in the United States, the age of consent is 18. Since you're 16, and your boyfriend is 18, he may be criminally charged. I suggest you visit your doctor, if that's not possible, head to your local pharmacy or Walmart and purchase a pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are very affordable. If you indeed are pregnant, you really have no options but to get your legal guardians involved. There's really not much you can do if you're not 18, that includes getting an abortion. Ask Allah for forgiveness and pray that he makes your parents soft on you. There's really not much else to say or do. I pray things work out and your parents do whats best for you.

  7. You dont have proper scientific knowledge but you know how to perform sex. Hilarious !!

    Secondly, If you are so sure nothing went and all well than go and see a Gynaecologist regarding your menstrual cycle.

    How are folks supposed to know sitting here whether you are pregnant or you are not? You must know what you did and how you did which gets you that doubt of being pregnant.

    Good Luck

    • This question is directed at but i feel the need to put things into perspective

      Well she probably asked Google if she was pregnant and that didnt help so she ends up here

      Besides if shes dumb enough to have unprotected sex at 16 she’s dumb enough to do anything

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