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Aoa. M trying for abroad n m confused I don't know I should wait for abroad or to take admission in masters level in Pakistan so i did isthkara & i see a very good beautiful sandle (shoes) in my feet! So what is meaning of this dream what I have to do ? I have to wait for abroad or to take admission in Pakistan? Plz reply me I shall be very thankful to u!


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  1. Walaikum Asalaam.

    The dream probably means you have been thinking aboit Sandles a lot or on that day. Thats about it.

    Please read about how Istikhara works. It has nothing to do with dream as such.

    May Allah make it a success for this life and next with whatever decision you make ... Ameen.

  2. Assalamualaikum sister,

    Seeing yourself wearing shoes means you have a journey ahead. You might travel. . .InshAllah. This tabir I saw in the book of tabir.


  3. And do let us know if you travel for studies. If the meaning of your dream is true.

  4. WS.
    Yes do read up istikhara Interpretation. I think you should apply in Pakistan as fall-back option as you know visa approval can be a problem these days.

  5. keep awAy from all this dream etc......anybody can say anything ....this is how the devil works he looks at long the sandle can stand for success but in duniya but iman will get hurt......My advice build your iman salat zakat fast reading quran in general your connection with Allah!!!!Your career should be how i can be Allah representative at the job...My character dealings and honesty....then and only Allah will put barakah in your risk but you must spend 4 months in tabligh....solution for all problems or else you will face a tough life and it everending duniya

  6. I always dream that I m missing my shoes ......but now I m dreaming that I got back my shoes after missing

  7. Salam I had a dream last night that my shoes was stolen at mosques after subhi prayers. I was scared!

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