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I know a Muslim family, in which father is married to sisters. Both are alive, Both have kids, I know its haram, but whats the status of kids in Islam, please clarify.


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  1. The children are beautiful and pure with no fault of their own. Judgement based on the parents' haram should not fall onto the children's lives and affect their treatment. Names such as 'bastard' are degrading to children who grow up hearing them, so leave them out of all situations for the kids sake.


  2. You obviously live somewhere, where there's the first wife and her status, second wife and her lower status, third wife even lower, etc. and children of the women placed with their mothers accordingly. And since mothers are sisters your judgement- compass just spins and spins! It's a shame really that this exists.
    The parents are at fault, but this does not de-legitimize the children. They're equals. Inheritance and favouritism issues will come from cultural issues, not religious ones.

  3. What do you mean they are married to sisters? cousins? or biological sisters? And if the latter, how is it even legal?

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