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Issues with mother in law

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Salaam all
I don't know how to start my post but i need dua or advise from u all..
I'm married with a 2 year old and my issue with my mother in law is that she moans alot all night while being physical.
My husband and i can hear it in our room all night long which disturbs our sleep and at the same time bothers us alot.. no one wants to hear our parents having sexual relationship its just awkward and embarrassing.
I confronted my mother in law few days ago but she totally denied moaning and makes up stories like its a ghost in the house.. she doesn't have any shame or respect for us.. I'm just scared that my little baby doesn't ask me one day what's those noises.. I'm trying to raise a child with dean and imaan..
Don't say i should move out coz my hubby is only son and he doesn't want to move out away from his parents..
Please give me some dua so that she stops making loud noises and keeps it down at nights..


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  1. How old is she ? She has the right to have sex with her husband and enjoy with moaning .Let she enjoy .
    Only issue is here her moaning you guys can hear . You need to tell her upfront that you dont believe in ghost and its her moaning .Or record her voice and tell her that you have recorded the voice of ghost last night 🙂

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