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Issues with my brother

Family or Work?

To get straight to the point my brother and I don't get along in the best way but we do not hold hate against each other that I know of. My brother and parents always will have an argument at least once in the day because he is undecided of what his religion is. (He is also my half brother) but it won't make a difference. I worry that my family (my sister and brother) and parents will cut ties with him when he leaves for college. I also worry because we do not talk to him regularly. What is written down for us if we don't harness any hate toward him but do not talk to him for more than 3 days just because we do not? What can I do at the least to keep ties with him? Should we still try to talk to him even if he doesn't want to or do we keep trying? I am extremely worried...


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  1. Ask yourself what would the prophet due?He is no doubt our mentor

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