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Assalaam alaikum,

I recently did istakhara for myself for the purpose of marriage. I am 23years old and my parents recently found a guy for me. Both the families are happy with each other so far and so we proceeded with doing istakhara. Here were some of the things that I saw during my 7 days of istakhara. (They were not too clear because I rarely remember my dreams well!)

Day 1: going for dinner with family friends and eating fish
Day4: my dad transferring money electronically
Day 7: my little cousin sister and I were in a team with others, and I was shooting with a real gun(but i always missed) at the rival team in order to protect us. Somehow we took shelter in a shop. In the end, when it was over,we had survived!

A few more details- I dont remember my dreams from the rest of the days! The dream I saw on Day 4 was based on reality because I had recently spoken to my dad who was going to send me some money since im in college and studying. Also,the dream that I saw on Day 7 was after waking up early morning and going back to sleep so I dont know if its still valid?
Lastly, I'd like to add that my mom did do the istakhara before which came good but then my parents took a second interpretation on that same istakhara and got a slightly negative response. Apart frm this one bad response we have had 2,3 good responses. Now i have done the istakhara myself just to make sure. Any help with the interpretation would really be appreciated!
Jazakallah khair!


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  1. AoA, I pray to Merciful God to bless you with perfect person and give you blissful life in both worlds. Ameen.
    Doing Istekhara: I don't know where and when people began to link Istekhara with dreams! Sister, it has nothing to do with dreams. Just read the translation of Istekhara Dua, and you will get my point.
    It could be loosely translated as "O God if you know that it is better for me here and hereafter, then make it easy for me. And if it is not good for me than distance it from me and do what is better for me and make me agree. "
    It is similar to other Duas and nothing to do with sleep or dreams. As it is obvious from your dreams that it is all what you saw during the day and your unconscious mind portrayed that in its way.

    Don't go after those dreams. If this rishta will be good for you, the process will take place. But if that match isn't for you, some events will prevent you from proceeding. Exactly like other matters, when we pray for some other things. Sometimes things are granted and sometimes things don't work out as you want.


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