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Istekhara dream explanation required

Asalam Alaekum brothers & sisters,

I got engaged 6 months ago with a girl. Before the engagement we did not perform any istekhara(which was a mistake). Now, me and my fiance are having a very difficult time understanding each other and are facing severe problems with each other. So,  we thought we should perform istekhara before making any decision.

Now, I performed istekhara and in my dream I saw a black lady who was going in the car and some how there was a fire in the car the women was burning we tried to save her but we could not and she died.

Does it mean anything? Please help!


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  1. It's not so much what the dream means as how you feel about the dream. If it has worried you that's what you need to take as a sign.

    I would advise you not to proceed with this marriage as there are problems with compatiblity between the two of you. You need to let her go and she needs to let you go. It won't be easy as despite problems you have become attached to each other.

    You may worry about breaking off an engagement and how this will affect families or seem to others. But consider this: would you wish to be married to each other and have these problems recur? Wouldn't you both then wish you had broken off the engagement? After all it is far easier to break an engagement than to get put of an unhappy marriage.

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