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I met a man in 2010 and until today 2016 we are still in relationship. We are in long distance relationship.
That is why we take so long before considering marriage.

During the period from 2010 - 2016 I have made Istikarah prayer 3 times on 3 different occasion for the same man.

First one I made when I just met him.
The second one when he started to talk about marriage with me
The third time when he proposed.

1st time i dreamt about clear flowing water and green plants on a mountain
2nd time i dreamt about clear water and white sky
3rd time I dreamt about water flowing on the street which is not clear but a little bit brown

Can you please interpret this for me.


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  1. More detail is needed. Were you in water? was it night or day? how did you feel in the dream? every detail has a meaning..

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