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I have been in a fix for a few years about a marriage proposal. I am not willing to do it but due to family pressure i still have to consider it.

Anyhow, at the end i have decided to leave it on Allah and perform istikhara.

Now i have performed Istikhira four times in four consecutive days...

The first night i saw different dreams having white, yellow and red color. So i was still unsure which one was dream or which one was my imagination.

The second night i didnt see any colors in any of my dreams until fajar. I slept again and had a dream that my whole family is fighting but i still dont wanna marry. There but there was black sky and black cloth in the dream. When i woke up it was 9am. So, i am unsure if you can see the dream at this time. Moreover, i have seen dreams like this before whenever i am in pressure.

The third night i saw that i am in some competition and i am about to win it.

The fourth night i saw a black glove like something and in another dream i saw that i am eating Maiza "sitta, bhutta" with one of my friends but i accidentally burnt it.

BTW i did istikhara "if it would be alright if i say NO."

So my question is, How do i know? People say you become determined on one of the two ways after Istikhara. One way is that you become determined while the second one is that you see some sign in a dream. As far first point of view is concerned i am still determined that i would say NO. while these dream mean saying No would be bad for me..

Help me out Please.

Khuda Hafiz

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  1. Dear Khuda,

    I have been through kind of the same situation. As the dreams didn't tell me lot, I have considered to use my mind. If you have doubts about getting married than a forced marriage will not help you.

    For me the situation was just not right. However, I am not sure what your reason is exactly for not wiling to marry this person, please keep in mind the choice is up to you, you are in control of your own choices in life of course with the will of Allah swt. When the time is right may Allah swt bring you a righteous partner to share your life with.

    There is one thing I want to point out in the interest of the sunnah: it is the iman which we have to seek in a partner above all the other factors such as beauty, status and so on.

    And allahoea3lam


  2. It's not about the dream it look inside your heart n mind and you will know the right decision you should make.

  3. Salaams,

    Please read the articles we have on istikhara; the links to them can be found on the main page. I'm sure they wil clarify what you're asking about, in shaa Allah.

    -Amy Editor

  4. Dear All.
    Thank you.

    In the end, you are nothing but a Servant of Allah's will.
    And he opens ways in strange manners.

    Lets just keep it to that. I hope all of you are fine.


  5. i want 2ask about my istekhara .

    • safah, Istikhara is not necessarily dependent on dream interpretation. Instead, pray Istikhara sincerely then simply go ahead and do what you think is right, and trust that Allah is guiding you in response to your prayer.

      Wael Editor

  6. Assalam o alaikum sir ., mene ek sal phele istikhara kya tha . jis m mene 3 times dream dekha.1 js m mene apni mamo k beti ko dekha vilage m mango ki tree k nechi . aur 2. dosre bar new house dekha village m jo abi bana hy , wha b mamo k beti ko dekha aur 3 dream m apna ghr dekha jis m mein bhot ro rahe hun wha b mama aur un ka beta aaya hy. in dream ka kya matlab hy? plz tel me i am so worried.

  7. I did istakhara 4my marriage isaw rabbit what does it mean

  8. i m huma i just want to know when will i got married

  9. If u see yellow color again n again in ur istekhara thn what its mean ?

  10. inquiry of istkhara dreams

    • Please read our articles on Istikhara (links at the top of the page) or search our archives, as we have published many posts on this subject.

      Wael Editor

  11. Asaalamualaikum.
    My situation is just same. Me and my chacha is not happy with the rishta which came for me. But my parents are ready. My family went and saw the boy also and after that my chacha rejected and doesn't want to do there. .and I myself is not happy with the rishta. .I did isthikara also 2 times but kuch samajh me nahi aaya. .what to do now. .pls suggest

  12. Yellow light in iskhara means?

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