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Istikhara Confusion

Dear Bilqis, Salam Alikoum,

Right now, I know of a guy who wants to marry me, and I want to marry him too. We have been getting to know each other over the past year and have fallen in love. However, it is too soon for us to take any steps as we are still in university. He has not informed his family yet as he is on the verge of graduating, but, I informed my mother of this and we asked a pious woman to do salat istikhara for us. However, the istikhara was not good. I would never go against God. My mom told me to istakheer again myself, and that in doing a second istikhara maybe later on when he proposes or when things become more official, it might change as circumstances change. What do I do? Was the pious woman's istikhara my only chance? What do i do i dont want to give up on him but i don't want to go against God too.

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  1. I think you should wait and do salat alestikhara yourself

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