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I've recently been wanting to leave my job (past couple of months) no luck but got a call last night about a position I applied for the person love my CV and was happy for me to join. However I explained to him my notice period etc and he said he would like for me to join but we should have an interview and meet the other people I may work with before they go on holiday.

So I did Istikhara and had a vivid dream, normally I can't remember all the details and the last dream I had was a bad one. I read somewhere its not good to talk about the bad dreams and to seek Allah's protection.

The dream started on a bus (I normally travel to work on a bus), there was co-workers on that bus and other random people. We decided to get off and there was a traffic jam, police drove very fast down and I over heard someone say on a bike that someone has been shot. As we are working this father comes out of his house looking for his daughter, I looked behind and saw a girl who was on the bus with us (not too sure about if she was on the bus) she was wearing a bike helmet and I said to the father here is your daughter he was happy.

We continue to walk and I take a right to go home however as I was walking I overhear someone says that the traffic jam was not someone who got shot but they had flown a holy persons in for janazah and one of them said it was Abu Bakr. I remember deciding instead of going home to go attend, while i was going to attend on the way I had saw a friend (female) I informed her I was going that way and you should come she agreed but since it was crowded I went along with the people instead of waiting for her. On the way there one of my friends from work nonbeliever who this person was and I informed him he was the 2nd greatest, 1st behind the prophet "pbuh"(not sure if i had said pbuh, may Allah forgive me) and I had also mentioned Ali, Umar and Uthman. So we arrive and the prayer had already started, I join in and start praying to my corner I can see the person next to me isn't praying as normal and when the Iman says "Allahu Akbar" I can see that the person is moving left and right (not sure if he went down) and the Iman says it again "Allah Akbar" and I see that I'm following everyone else and the person next to me isn't.

I'm not sure if the prayer had finished however I'm in a cabin possibly wooden, and see a news paper saying "Black man breaks fast by vomiting a baby's head" (please bear in mind I'm actually black born in Africa) and I thought to myself i wonder if that's because he had got married to his cousin. (this question about marrying a cousin had been brought up some weeks back in real life), after i washed up there was someone else in the cabin (I'm not sure if he had asked who Abu Bakr was but I'm not sure if I replied with the same answer) I asked him if he was born Muslim and I don't remember his answer but I say Mashallah and I then remember that the friend (female) i had told to follow was not there.

When I woke up I had energy and normally tired or sleepy but I was wide awake and told my family as they were leaving for work, they thought I was still sleeping because I was speaking kind of loudly

This is the best I could remember may Allah forgive me if some of the details are not accurate. I tried my best to quickly write them down before going to work. I have the interview tomorrow

I'm not sure who I could speak to about this but I currently not sure if I know anyone who could interpret this dream for me, I guess this could just be a normal dream but finding someone knowledgeable would also be great.


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