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Salam.. I want to marry a guy since 4 years that boy also wanted to marry me.. Then his family want to perform istikhara he did do.. firstly he did not saw anything but after 2 days he say red color.. then he ask me to do istihara and i saw green light as i sleep.. i want to ask is there any hadith that validate seeing red color means bad..or its just a misconception please reply soon?


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  1. Istikhara has nothing to do with dreams. There is a tab at the top of this website that is labeled "istikhara questions and answers" check it out to clear any misconceptions you may have.

    In a nutshell istikhara is asking Allah for guidance and declaring that all things are under Allahs control, and if its in are best interest then the fruits of istikhara will become evident themselves through one or various events that guide you to make the right decision.

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