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AoA i am going through some what a similar problem regarding istekhara.I like someone and we are in a relationship,we both are pretty serious ,anyhow he asked his father to do istekhara and it came good and i asked my father to do istekhara but he didnt had the complete information as in his mother name and all and it came bad. one more problem is that my parents like another rishta of a boy for me and i am not willing to marry him and my parents are not agreeing for the boy i like because of the bad istekhara .Now my question is that i mean if there is anything that we can do as in his istekhara was right but from my side it wasnt and my father didnt have the details about his parent's name as well.I am not satisfied as the guy i like is Alhamdulillah Muslim and offer prayers and we both Alhamdulillah follow Islam.If someone could help me out and guide me properly please JazakAllah


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  1. Asalaamu alaikum, first thing id say is please research the correct islamic way of doing istikhara because it has nothing to do with mothers name whatsoever and asking for or requiring a mothers name has to do with black magic so thats worrying.

  2. Exactly what Astar said. Research it properly.

  3. You can do Istikhara for your marriage by yourself. Not necessary for your father to do it.

    No fathers name or mothers name is necessary for Istikhara.

    Please learn the information regarding Istikhara from or any other reliable Islamic source.

  4. Asalamualykum. I am in a troubled marriage so I did some research on istikhara. They say you can do it anytime of the day. 2 raka. I googled it and posted the link below to what I did. But what I do personally is after the Isha prayer i will preform the istikhara prayer Or if I am really desperate and in pain from all the hurt I went through, I set my timer to wake up in the early morning like 1am or 2am and make wudu and pray.
    It is best to sleep with wudu as well if you can. As far as your mom having to do it and not seeing any sign, I think that is totally wrong. I am sorry you are in that tough situation since it is never easy having to be told you can not marry who you want. That happened to me as well. You have to do what is right for you to. If he is a truly great man, great for your future, your religion and so on, and you feel your istikhara was fine, then go for it. It is harram for a parent to force their child to get married to who they want. The correct way in Islam is if the Sheik ask you if you are marrying at your will and you say no. He will not marry you if you dont want and your parents make you. So keep that in mind. But I will make dua for you and Inshallah you will get past this hard time to decide. Allah is the best planners of all and keep your faith in him. Things happen for a reason which as humans we do not understand. Good luck 🙂

    Here is one web site that explains how many times to be done:

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