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Aoa I like a guy and I want to marry him.. but his mom likes another girl in his family.. I did istikhara for that.

Day 1 I saw my dad saying hurry up for marriage.. he wore black coat white shirt and black and white tie

Day 2 I saw guy I like in white shirt and black upper teeth

Day 3 I saw nothing but somebody roared and ordered me to be patient

Day 4 I saw grass and pink tulip

Day 5 I saw grass and a girl in red clothes with yellow scarf.. and had feel as if she is girl his mom likes

Day 6 I saw black rope

Day 7 I saw myself wearing black dress that I already have and blue flashing lights... light blue it was... lights were rather more focussed part of my dream

Can you help me interpret this all... coz I'm still confused as to what next to do... thanx


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  1. Assalaamualaikam

    Istikhara is not based on dream interpretation. Please read our articles on istikhara, which are published on this website.

    Midnightmoon editor

  2. There is a huge misconception that you have to have a dream in istekhara and that the dream has to mean something. This is not true. Shaytan can also come into your dreams and put bad images in your head. You have to go by your feelings toward the person or deed or whatever it is you're doing istekhara for.

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