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I have just turned 18 this month and i am from india. My main motive is to know whether Allah swt will ever forgive me? And what should i do so that he forgives me? I also broke so many people's trust and hearts will Allah minimize the hatred for me in thier heart?

I started dating a boy(A) since dec 2016 but in the beginning of march 2017 i broke up with him. There were many reasons to do so, because he tried to flirt with every other girl, he tried abusing me for silly reasons and he even called me a slut!
I never committed zina with him but still i was engaged in many other sexual activites. But i always thought we both would marry each other. I now know committing such acts before marraige is totally haram, and i'm ashamed of it.

I was badly in love with him. I made various promises to him like he would be the last man in my life and i wont even think of anybody after him. I knew i was doing wrong by getting involved in sexual activities, i even promised myself that i wont repeat it but still i did. I've even lost confidence on my ownself now.

After 20 days of breakup:
It hasn't been much time after we broke up but then i started flirting with another guy(M). We were not dating but He told me if you will be single in future i would marry you, i replied yes! Why not, we will grow old togther. I didn't flirt much except for this marraige thing.

Right after the next day..:
My ex boyfriend(A) had a girl bestfriend(MA). The next day, right after this M's incident i started talking to madiha's ex bf(N). We both were so much similar to each other, i loved talking to him, i came to know he was M's childhood friend. He told me M is not a good guy and flirts with every single girl.
I honestly never had any kind of intention to date N, but i really dont know how we just started dating.

It has only been one day when i started dating the other guy N. Everything was okay but after one day i immediately started crying. I felt so bad, i thought what did i do! I made promises to A(my first love) i cant be doing these promises to someone else. I feel like i cheated everyone, even MA, she respected me sooo much. But i broke her trust by dating his ex.

How i feel:
At first i thought i just broke people's heart but later i realized that Allah swt has helped me in every bad situation but what did i do, i myself destroyed not only my life but other's too.

Now MA, N's ex is abusing me and scolding me that why did i do this. She is giving me bad words which i think i deserve! She even said that A gave me the perfect title: A Slut! I really feel ashamed now.

I'm really guilty:
Allah swt has always been helping me, but i guess i took his help for granted. I kept repeating those sexual bad deeds. On top of that i even got involed with 2 other guys, i broke MA's trust. I get abused by her, and she hates me. I am not dating anyone now, niether N. N is also heartbroken because of me. and he hates me too.

I listen to every single thing what MA says me, i don't defend myself in any ways. It's really hard to listen to those harsh words but i will have to.

2 days ago i have successfully moved on from A's breakup but this deed Of mine has put me in more griefness.

Will Allah forgive me?
I feel i just devastated my and other's life. I often felt like committing suicide but then i realised, thank god i'm not dead yet. Thank god i have time for taubah still. I don't even know are those people ever even gonna forgive me. But i swear i repent for each thing.

Any suggestions?
Does anybody can suggest me anything that i can do or say to N or MA?

I'm going through a tough time now please remember me in your prayers.

Jazaak Allah!
Please help me..!


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  1. Walaikum As Salam Wa Rahmatullah,

    Dear Sister, Of course Allah will forgive you in shaa allah. Please keep up your dua and sincere repentance. Please make sure you pray your Salah five times a day and on time.

    What gone is gone, nobody can't change. But you have your all the future ahead. Learn from your past mistakes and do the right things now. See you realize your mistakes and Al ham dulillah this is the clear sign of a pure heart.

    Dear Sister, my sincere request and suggestion, do not contact MA or N or any body else at all. Just simply cut off all the communication and block them from everything by which they may contact you. Please Dont even think i will say Sorry just for once and stop contacting - there's no need of it at all. You make dua for them so that Allah guide them and forgive - this is sufficient for you and them in shaa allah. I am wondering reading your message - are you ruining their life or they are ruining your life? I think they are ruining your life also, so please completely get rid of them.

    Now most important part, please keep up your duty to Allah as much as possible. Don't spent lonely times, pass more times with parents and siblings and with close people you trust and they must be your mahram. And to please Allah more, get married as soon as possible to a Good Islam practicing guy - who is very sincere about his prayer and maintains other religious commitments of Islam. Do not delay in your marriage - please request your parents to find a suitable partner and they will help in shaa allah. The more you delay in your marriage - the more Saytan will try to take advantages of your vulnerable situations. Just make sure you marry a proper islam practicing guy. Remember, as soon as made taubah sincerely and became determined to not repeat the same mistake again, your sins are forgiven in shaa allah and you are purified just like you didn't do anything at all.

    Keep praying to Allah and continue your good efforts. Allah is very close to you, seeing and listening you.

    May Allah make things easy for you.

    Fi Amanillah

  2. Bismillah, im going to be straight forward, you are getting into haram relationships, you are committing sins! Ask Allah for forgiveness and don't repeat these sins stay away from these sins Allah always forgives!!! If your sins were to reach the sky and you ask Allah for forgiveness with a pure heart vow never to repeat the sin again Allah will forgive all of your sins! If you do the same thing again and again Allah will always forgive you as long as your ask Allah for forgiveness with a pure heart!

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