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Seeing Jinn and Demons in Dreams

The Valley of Jin

al Wadi al Jinn, Saudi Arabia

assalam ul alikum..

i wanted to share this dream...i really dnt knw da meaning... havin worst nightmares... but i often see these both dreams..i always recite ayat al kursi,durood shareef n sleepin dua before sleep..

i offen see i am hidin frm it...tornadoes r destroyin world n in my dream m sayin qayamat has come...b4 tellin u abt my 2nd dream i wud lyk to tell u m sufferin frm black magic..tht is harmin me frm last 8 or 9 yrs family n i did everythin to get rid of this..namaz..wazifaz,quran,went to many ulmas,gave sadkas..wasted lakhs of money on me..

2nd dream is tht i offen saw demons jins n all sort of evil spirits..they r harming my family, home n me..n i use to kill them by reciting durrod shareef in dream.. n suddenly they disappeared..

i dnt knw who will guide me for i dnt believe at any molvi ulmas..all r greedy, makerz.. i cant bear this anymore..i want to knw da interpetation of both dreams..what is meaning of these dreams? m i really kill all those demons n satanic materials??

~ sweety180

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  1. Assalamualaikum sister sweety180,

    You said you suffer from magic. Did anyone tell you that or did you see the symptoms of magic?

    Secondly, the day of Judgement is certainly near. We need to be prepared for it. I can not say what your dream means, thought.

    Your second dream: yes affect of magic leads to dreams of shaitaan. But when you are destroying them, then I think they are good. Dreams may either be guidance from Allah, from shaitaan or a reflection of your daily life.

    Do not worry about these dreams and just trust in Allah. Recite the Quran and the Shaitaan will not be able to bear it. Shaitaan lierally is tortured when he hears the Quran.

    The simple answer is that I do not think your dreams can be interpreted accurately by any of us and you should just ignore them and move ahead with trust in Allah, with the understanding of the correct 'Aqeedah and by following the Sunnah of Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, and in sha Allah, Shaitaan will stay at bay. Also keeo reciting the adhkaar that help in protecting oneself from the shayateen. I believe you have the link to "fortress of the Muslim" from one of your older posts. Read the duas before sleeping in order to avoid nightmares.

    I pray that Allah protects us all from the evil doings and whispers of the outcast Shaitaan


    Muhammad Waseem Editor

  2. Sister, as in your dream you see yourself reciting durood which makes the jinns disappear i suggest you recite a lot of durood during the day time too...there is powerful effect of durood and a lot of blessings in it. If you recite durood once Allah blesses you 10 times etc...

    Few other suggestions i can give is that after every fajr and maghrib salah read the four 'quls' (sura nas,falaq, ahad and kafirun) and ayatul qursi and and blow over your body. This will protect you from all harm of jinns and shaitaan Ameen.

    Also play or recite surah baqarah in your house often as this gets rid of evil spirits and brings peace to the household. (if you have any pictures in the house of animals/humans remove them so that angels can enter otherwise angels do not enter a place where there are such pictures)

    Try to always remain in wudhu and recite 'lawhaw la wala quwatah illaah billahil alyiul azeem' often along with durood and a lot of Qur'an in general.

    If you go on you tube and type in 'manzil for black magic' or '33 ayats' you will find a reading of ayahs from the Qur'an. These are also known to be beneficial in removing black magic.

    Take care and let us know how you get along. May Allah (swt) cure you, Ameen.

  3. thnx u for da response..yes brother waseem each n every person who saw me they said m caught by black symptoms also i saw..wen i use to sleep my clothes,blanket ,pillow full of blood.. in my wardrobe my all dress wet wid blood..tawaeez n all these types of n my family saw..weird sounds in home. bla bla..everyone who checked they said black magic iz at me so affect is at home tooo..m always duas r not accepting.its soo long tym m in diz problem..
    anyway m tryin to offer namaz n recite durood regularly..if u knw any proper maulana in lahore city who iz not greedy..plz let me knw...
    thank u sis ayesha i will act upon ur suggestion..
    remember me in ur prayerz..

    • Of course, there is Hafiz Abdus Salam in Lahore, but I recommend Shaikh Iqbal Salfi of Rawalpindi. You could contact them with these details:

      Hafiz Abdul Salam: Mobile: 0092 3024011108 (call around Asar time), 99, J Block model town (Lahore, Pakistan)

      Shaikh Iqbal: TEL: 0092 51 5537998, Mobile:0092 3335115646, Kashmiri Bazaar near masjid Darus Salaam (Rawalpindi , Pakistan)

      Shaikh Arif Salfi: Phone: 03005132613,
      03335270480, Aims islamic institute F8
      (Islamabad, Pakistan)

      Still, I recommend you to take lead and try cure for yourself. The method is mentioned in the following handbook:

      Do it yourself with complete faith in Allah, or call any of the people above. In sha Allah, you will find cure. But remember that Shifa' is only with Allah, so do exceasive duas with conviction that it will be accepted.

      Muhammad Waseem Editor

      • I am english speaking, do u think i can speak english with them. Someone told me that my family was under black magic for 12 years and i paied a man he said he got rid of the magic. But the magic effected me most, i am still under elaj it calls i think.

        I wounder if it is true, i dont believe easely people, i want to ask if i can also call this people u mentioned. To be sure that i got rid of black magic.

        • Assalamualaikum,

          I do not think they speak English. You should not just go to anyone who claims to cure magic. They may instead have Jinn do more harm to you. So you should go to trusted people only.

          But it is best if you can recite the Aayaat and do the Ruqyah yourself. Access the book I have mentioned above and make use of it.

          If you still want a Shaikh's contact nearest to you, you can tell me where you live.

  4. thnx alot brother..ALLAH will giv u ajar..may ALLAH shower lots of blessin at u..ameen..

    • btw, sweety, do u get this dreams everyday,and see this blood on pillows and etc everydays?? and do u recite the quran everyday??

  5. Assalam u allikum

    How r u ? I was going through all these post being a muslim i do believe in all these things n i know the cure is there too.... like 4 Qul . ayat ul kursi n reciting last two ayats of surah baqra but still there r few things tat bother me .......... n i really wish or u can i wanna know abt them can i have ue e mail r cell number plzzz to talk abt them .......... i dun wna post them plzzzz need help ......

    Allah Hafiz
    take care

    n plz plz plz do consider it .........

    • smiley, we don't give out our personal contact info. If you like you can log in and write your questions as a separate post, and we will answer you in turn Insha'Allah.

      Wael Editor

  6. every month or at least in a month intervals i see a black aura, my guess is that it may be an evil jinn. i see that it is trying to pull me away and i say different suras in fear (aytul kursi,nas iklas,fatiha) .recently i moved to another country but i still seem to see it and it seems too real because i see the same place where i am sleeping and when i check the sides it seems like it is fading away. i m not sure if it is a dream or if it is real.i know that i am not allowed to ask questions here but i am in serious trouble, so please help me.

  7. Assalamualeikum sister,

    I'm a sister from Belgium but of Moroccan origin.
    I had the same problems mounths ago, I had bad dreams since I was 13yr old
    And I know why... It's because my mother did sihr to my father, and the sihr she used one day
    Was filled in a coca-cola and I remember I drunk it and that Same I had bad dreams about dreams and stuff
    I felt my heart beating faster and I knew I was dreaming but I could not stand up, but now i'm 15yr old and I really liked my faith Islam because I wanted to learn everything about it ,so I watched videos on youtube and I will cry and cry and repent to Allah swt for my sins and then I had a dream and I saw that jinn in my house and I was walking downstairs and I was surounded by light and a group of people followed me and I felt confident and I said loud to the jinn get out of the door I will be the best muslim and I felt in my herth how the jinn was confused and scared and he looked at me very angry, then I was eating with those people in the kitchen and the Jinn was next to the window I keept looking at him but he couldn't attack us, I think of the light that surrounded us.
    Alhamdulilah, this was the last nightmare I had sinds then, when I wrote this I almost cryied

  8. tell me one this many time in my dream I fight with Jinn and they attack on me and I do same with them and spare Abe Zam Zam on them every time as result i see smoke and fire. they come in different form some tome bird, animals and old human guide me how i can cover come this stuff

    • Sam, everyday repeat 100 times of "Laa ilaaha illallahu, wahdahu, laa shareeka lahu. Lahul-mulku walahul-hamdu, wa huwa 'alaa kulli shy'in qodeer (There is no god but Allah, alone, He has no partners. To Him belongs the dominion and all praise, and He has power over all things)"

      Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu) reported: The Messenger of Allah (sall’Allahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Whoever says, "Laa ilaaha illallahu, wahdahu, laa shareeka lahu. Lahul-mulku walahul-hamdu, wa huwa 'alaa kulli shy'in qodeer (There is no god but Allah, alone, He has no partners. To Him belongs the dominion and all praise, and He has power over all things) one hundred times will get the same reward as given for manumitting ten slaves; and one hundred good deeds will be written in his accounts, and one hundred sins will be deducted from his accounts, and it will be a shield for him from Satan on that day till night, and nobody will be able to do a better deed except the one who does more than he.
      { Sahih Al-Bukhari ~ Book #75, Hadith #412 }

      Also, you may recite aayatul-kursi with both surah al-falaq (Quran 113) and surah an-Naas (Quran 114) before you go to bed. As you may also play Quran while sleeping--reduce the volume (or put on your headset), and put it on continues-play.

  9. As salaamu 'Alaikum.

    I am not a Sheikh or anything, but I attended a lecture on this topic in Sri Lanka where the lecturer requested us to recite Ash Hadu An Laa Ilaha Illa Lallaahu Wahdahu Laa Shareeyka Lahu Bi'dir Khair Wa huwala Kulli Shaiy In Qadeer 100 times morning and evening. If you try it, no jinn or ahaitan wud disturb u ever. Its guaranteed by Rasoolullaah Himself.

  10. Aoa,

    I saw i was standing at Hazrat Musa A.S Grave. it was covered with black sheet and on it it was written Kalam tayyaba with golden color, there were people around me they are going to the grave to recite surah Fateha. I went to and put my hands into supplication to pray then i was interrupted by the women from my side she said to me lets do wazu first.

    I am disturbed what this dream means. Kindly reply soon.

    • Anna, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. Most dreams are merely the product of our own subconscious sorting through the various imagery that it has been exposed to.

      Wael Editor

    • Aslamalaiqum Anna,

      I read the words of your beautiful dream and feel strongly that the answer you got does not do this dream and you any justice. I am no islamic scholar however as a reasonably moderately educated man in religious and worldly education, I can give you my version and understanding of this dream to the best of my ability as I have had dreams in the past in similar context and based on what I have read from reliable sources I will try to be as comprehensive and coherrant as possible. However dont take my words for words I am human and can make mistakes. The brother Wael answered your email over two months ago and said quote,
      "It does not mean necessarily anything and most dreams are merely the product of our own subconscious sorting through the various imagery that it has been exposed to".

      To a certain degree I agree with the brother and to a certain degree I draw the line and disagree and find his answer highly demotivating and therefore am challenging his answer on the basis of evidence found in hadith and by various islamic well known scholars. To give hope is part of our deen and alongside hope based on facts. The prophet Muhammed SWT may Allahs countless blessings be upon spoke about seeing him in a dream is as if meeting him in the state of conscienceness. You have seen the grave of one of the 5 major prophets peace and blessings be upon them all. (Nuh, Musa, Dawood, Isa, Muhammed). To see the kalimah tayabaa is no normal sign its a big sign and declaration of faith.

      Remmember there are three types of dreams mentioned by countless reknown scholars and in Hadith:-

      Major classification of dreams

      Broadly, dreams are of three types: good or bad and from oneself.

      “Narrated Abu Qatāda (RA): The Prophet (PBUH) said, ‘A true good dream is from Allah and a bad dream is from Shaitan (i.e. the devil).”

      (Hadith No. 6984, Book of Interpretation of Dreams, Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 9).

      There is a third type of dream also, which is something which a man/women sees about something which has happened to him/herself. Source: (

      I have no doubt in saying that to see the Kalimah Tayyaba and visiting a major prophets grave is a good dream and hence one from Allah Swt. As for the wuzhu part maybe its to do with your state of purity when praying that you need to maybe make correct wuzhu and put more effort in. You would know that better. Overall its a good dream and appears to show imaan is there and ofcourse theres room for improvement as there is always in life. Another beautiful thing I would like to add that on the Night Journey of the Prophet PBUH he saw the Prophet Musa AS praying in his grave. So you can make links to prayer and the importance of wuzhu here in your case.

      Anyhow Anna wish you all the best for the future and hope you take heart and encouragement from the information I have given you. I am no scholar or man of immense knowledge just an ordinary man. Four more useful websites I would like to leave you with are as follows:-

      All the above sites are abolute gems in terms of gaining and improving knowledge towards deen alongside with im sure several other sites online.

      Hope this helps you. may Allah swt guide you and bless you in everyway JazakAllah Khair.

      • Please do not post your email address as we do not allow it. Jazak Allah khayr.

        Wael Editor

      • Thank you to both of your for taking time and replying about my query. I am very much pleased and I am more focused on myself and making amendments in my life, may ALLAH Swt. help me and give me the strength to do so.

  11. AOA. i saw in dream 3 jinns were tightly catching me i start to recite holy quaran one run away but other two still catching me. i was saying to jinns leave me, leave me or i will beat you but when i trying to beat jinns but i was not able to beat jinns and i was saying dont do this with me.....and suddenly i wake up

  12. As Salamu Alaikum ,
    I've had a couple of dreams with jinns,
    The first one a jinn had tried to enter my body and I had pulled it out of me and started to read ayatul Kursi till it died but it was still in my dream but this time it was in a toy and the toy was moving about I started reading ayatul Kursi again and it went .

    My second dream was that my dad had a jinn in him by the way my dad is a strong Muslim so to see this was really weird , he was acting very strange and wanted to go out at night and his eyes were all white and red and the dream was quite scary. I want to know what this means if it is God or bad ( for both dreams )

    • In my opinion these are just fantasies or images brought about by watching horror movies or hearing too many scary stories. I don't think they mean anything, and Allah knows best.

      Wael Editor

    • Aaliyah: The first one a jinn had tried to enter my body and I had pulled it out of me and started to read ayatul Kursi till it died but it was still in my dream but this time it was in a toy and the toy was moving about I started reading ayatul Kursi again and it went

      What did the Jinn who tried to enter your body looked like? How did it try to enter? You pulled it out so it must have a physical form you could hold on too.

      What is your belief about Jinns?

  13. Salam.

  14. Dear sister,
    My suggestion to is that firstly dispose of al the taweezat,talismans u have in the house becoz so spiritual healers they do shirk,they add some other names with ALLAH SUBBANUTA'ALLA which gave treat to satan,jinns,devils n etc.for sme time u vil get scared n get panic.destroy all the pictures n statue in ur house.Always try to b in waazu n tel sme pious person or molvie to recite sureh baqarah n manzil for 40 days peoples to do duas for u n ur family.U n ur family must also beg n cry for ALLAH's mercy.Having prayed for other muslims in his absances is liked by ALLAH alot.listen to ruqya n u urself treat get treated by ALLAH's permission.for smetime or for sme days the things u have may bother u to stop the amals.But b firm n keep doing it.Give sadqa every time to a person who is really needy one.Spending in ALLAH'S path vil get ten times more in return.
    Take care sister n let me know thru ur email.

    • Heyy Aslamlaikam everyone diz iz my first time to comment on internet please excuse my english if i dont make sense maybe i can try to help whoever been going through hard days so therfore i wud like to share my story alittle, i was possessed from a jinn for 3 dayz and in 3 dayz i was struggling between life and death it was very bad it was breaking all my bones from inside squeezing my heart and this all what jinns do i tried not to be scared so when i used to be possessed i continued reading and taking Allah name it was very hard to speak and talk but i did not stop reading... And every time i used to read and say Allah name the jinn wud harm me more bt i didnt care on dat time even if i died i wud carry on saying Allah name wen it harmed me and break me i used to scream Allah name and try to take it out as it was very difficult to talk my voice also changed very scary my family was really upset dey all was broken with me;((( it was very hearbreaking for us all dey all wud hold my hand try to stop me and wud look at eachother and cry i believe if i didnt go to get better as soon as possible i wud not be alive right now it was 3 dayz happening day and night continisely 24/7 not stopping den after 3 dayz my family decided to take me to Bhamingham and i already had a peer and hiz name iz Peer Siddique Saab da most famous peer and trust me guyz he iz not jst my peer he iz my whole family peer and many people out der who he made better who waz alot worst dem me, after 3 dayz wen i went bhamingham with family it was like doing a excorcism der and dat was very bad aswell i lost alott of weight i had bruises on my body and face i was pale i didnt eat for 3 4 weaks nearly a month but now Allhumdullah i eat good i gained back my weight and am very thankfull to Allah and my peer siddique saab for dat! So after the excorsim in bhamingham i was alittle better den before i used to only have kasar which waz also painull made me weak couldnt eat i used to try to kill myself jump out the window but it was the jinn who was trying to do that because i was not possessed after i went to bham but i had side affects as the jinn can control people mind and brain so i used to read ayat ul kursi i used to drink the holy water which was given by my peer i used to read 4 Qul and namaaz but it was very difficult for me to read namaaz because it was stopping me at the time which i wanted to do wudu and read namaaz i used to hav kasar and i cudnt read but sometimes i used to force myself to read even tho i was really weak and cudnt get up i used to sit and read i used to hav kasar while praying but i used to carry on praying bcuz Allah was with me and when i used to hear Azaan on tv or Quran words anywhere i used to hav kasar but i started to control it i used to control my body aswell as my body used to feel different and weaker wen i used to hear da Quran words my eyes would go open wide big sometimes but i carried on listening to it even though i was felt realllyy weak on dat time like fainting my heart used to go really fast and den it was like a course i had to go back to my peer soo i went back with brother and sister after bwt 1 month and thats wen i saw my peer saab face i was emotional from inside like i needed him he looked at me and told me take diz taweez put it around ur neck all the time and another taweez to put in da water to drink and he said if the jinn bothered yu or harrass you tell her to come see me and deal with me haha it was like i was automatically happy on that time when i was with my peer because when ur with peer siddique saab no evil or jinns can be near yu he they not powerfull we are more stronger den the jinns and the evil and the shaitan, and then when i went back home i was slowly starting to realize i am getting mch better i got so much better everyone i am really happy them before i can do things i can be active get up and before i was lying in bed all day long as i used to be weak but i still hav not been outside for like 3 months i dont have kasar anymore i dont feel that negativity or feel the jinn around me anymore my shoulders and head feel lighter now Allhamdullilah much better now i can happy say i am fully recovered now:) but only sometimes i do think about it even tho i dnt want to think bwt wat i went through but i try to move on i do feel scared stilll little bit like what if the jinn comes back inside me or things like that but then i think that can never happen bcuz i have a powerfull taveez around my neck given by my peer which i believe it blindly and i trust Allah sooo much and i have sooo much faith in Allah:) My brothers and sisters what i learnt after what i went through is we are more powerfull and stronger then every jinn and shaitan humans are more stronger and i got better 1000000% bcuz of thinking about Allah every second trusting Allah talking to Allah in my heart believing in Alllah sooo much that when i think about Allah now i have a smile on my face:)) and also i say a bigggg thankyou to my Peer Siddque Saab he is the bestt thanks to him:))) and i will try my best not to think about what i went through i am gone more stronger then i was before:) May Allah bless you all and am sorry if i typed veryy long but i wanted to let everything out and share my story with you all so i feel better now:)) bye take care everyone May Allah guide us all:))) khuda hafiz:)))

  15. Salaam
    My husband lost his job a hear ago.. he still didnt get the job he is still searching . By showing him to the maulana he told him he is caught by nazar n gave him taviz n i told him that its shierk. Few days ago he had stopped wearing that taviz n yesterday he had a very strange dream like he saw three man entering his room the room is differnt from the one he stays in. They were jinn After that he told them to leave but one man among them controlled the jinn while he was controlling he told my hubby to turn his face n then they went away.. my husband got up with a jerk from his dream. While he tried to sleep afterwards he say some people again entered his room with a kid but they were not jinn he told them to leave them even
    He is not understanding his dreams pls help us pls

    • Samraa, I don't believe that these dreams have any significance or any bearing on your husband's career search. Let your husband make dua' for a good job, and of course he should also continue searching diligently for work.

      Wael Editor

  16. Asalamoaleycom brothers and sisters, i want to share with you all my dream, the last night i dreampt i meet a woman unknown in my dream, so 1 minute later a jiin got her! So she came around me and hit me, calling me by bad names amd i was afraid.. after all i woke up. Can someone help me with the interpretation?

    • Hello, m facing problem from last 5 months. Jin is not leaving my body i did every thing but still can't get rid of it. Can any body guide me the best way to get rid of it.

  17. I had a dream a women jinn was having sexual intercourse with me and afterwards trying to attack me. I started screaming but my sisters couldn't hear me in my dream but in reality i was actually screaming and my husband woke me up. Can someone please tell me what this means. Also i have a 9 month old baby i have been sleeping separate for 9 months from my husband so as my baby and i can sleep and not disturb my husband at night. Long story short ive started sleeping with my husband again and ive noticed that my son is disturbed all night and cries in his sleep as if he is disturbed. Ive noticed this only when i sleep with my husband. Could this be a jinn trying to get me to sleep alone? I know it sounds funny but i have a strong feeling it may be as when my son sleeps alone with me he NEVER CRIES AND SLEEPS THROUGH OUT THE NIGHT. Please let me know about both my questions.

    Thank you.

  18. Hello
    The thing is not to be afraid in dream they have the same meaning like in life, you have killed them fought them and done well, keep up the good work.
    You are protected by angels and know that you are strong like Allah, God, The creator says as his

    Many people go through this and don't posted. You have you are brave. Stay strong and true to love, life and positive and they will be less and less until they go. Remember every feeling or emotion you have isnt yours. Its for you to understand especially if its negative.

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