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My Dear Brothers & Sisters,


I am a male living in Pakistan & here it is common to joke on each other that in fact even a child of 3 years can tell you hilarious jokes. So the problem starts here, as a teenager I used to make jokes about everyone and everything without even hesitating once after like 2 to 4 years when I started getting to know  the true Islam an idea came into my mind that what if it was a Sin to make jokes about Molvi's, Angels' And Even Azan, & I have mentioned all that because these are so common topics for joking in our country (Except Azan).So after a little consideration I decided never to make jokes about azan or anything so Holy but still made jokes about Molvi's and angels. But in recent days I came to know that whoever makes jokes about ALLAH or Anything Related To ALLAH is nullified from the Islam.

I swear upon the God Who made me and the Universe, I feel so disgusted about myself and ashamed and angry. I became so terrified after reading this that I immediately made Toba from ever telling these disgusting jokes and to stop whoever tells them. I have been asking for ALLAH'S Forgiveness from that day & that He The Almighty brings me again into the Circle Of Islam.

So please my good brothers and sisters, tell me if there is a way for me to make up to ALLAH for my so evil act. Please my brothers and sisters help me I don't want to end up in Hell.

Please pray for me.....


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  1. salam just be punctual and steadfast in your ammals. Spend 40 days tabligh jammat so you can build your connection aswell as foundation.

  2. Salaams-

    First I wanna start of with saying, there is a HUGE difference between saying something just for the sake of saying it, and saying something because you mean it. Either way you should try to stay away from something like this, but from your post I could sort of sense you did not really mean what you had said.

    Also, if you sincerely meant the jokes you said and did it out of disliking your deen (which I don't think you did, but if this was the case...) then don't worry -- you are still allowed to enter islam again. Allah (swt) can even forgive shirk, so long as you repent before dying.

    It is good that you regret your words, but don't let the guilt become something unbearable. Make sincere tawbah for the words you said, and strive to be a better muslim, and Allah(swt) will forgive you, insh'Allah 🙂

    Wasalaamu Alaikum,

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