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I have some trust issues with my parents as they've caught me doing things i shouldn't have been doing, nothing too bad actually. For example talking to boys. My dad caught me texting a boy after i said i wouldn't and upon seeing him so enraged i knew i had lost his trust forever i picked up the Quran next to me and swore to never talk to boys again even if they text me first with a question or something. My dad says it was stupid of me to do so and i agree because i instantly regretted my decision, because i would be sinning for the simplest things such as even answering a question for homework. I had broken the oath about a week after i took it, I've also read about kaffarah and since i am 15 i don't think i can feed or clothe people so i decided to fast 3 days continuously. I haven't done so already but i am going to this week. Is that right? or do my parents have to feed the people for me. Also is it necessary for me to tell my parents about the kaffrah for it to be valid or can i tell them later if they catch me again so they don't get too mad.



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  1. Fast for three days and try to never talk to boys again and no there's no need to tell your father about it. Just fast and done !

  2. I am in very trouble and feeling guilty for this i have falsely swear the Quran that i know i was false and next person is right but i can't tell the truth and can't face the people and i will commit suicide for this please tell me what to do aur what will be kaffarah for this

    • Talk to mufti sahab he/she will tell u about kaffarah.....! I have also done stupidity like u ... And m also trying to recover myself I know its very hard to do but trust me Allah will help u otherwise u'll putt urself in phsyconess situation like me

    • please answer me in detail

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