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He is becoming distant but says that he will fulfill his promise of marriage; what should I do?


Assalaamualaikum All

I am here to ask something related to a brother's matter. In your age between 45-50 years old what is the most consideration to have a new family after you failed with the first marriage? If there is a man in this age and after failed from his first marriage shows his best intention to a woman to build a new family. The woman agrees because they love each other and she believes he will be a good Imam in the family. However, after seven months (with good communication) he suddenly takes a distance and actually the eighth month should be his proposal to her family.

But he still says that he keeps his word to marry her and he just asks her to understand his recent situation which is not explained clearly. The communication is rarely done due to his busy time as an excuse and both of them live between miles away. The woman once told him to break and asked him go to find his happiness but his response was that he still loves her and misses her. The woman loves him because he is insha Allah a good Muslim. She has done Istikharah and dream (sometimes) positive and (sometimes) negative. But her heart tends to him still.

Is there any advice please?

Jazakumullah Khoir



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  1. AsSalamualaikum,

    The woman may have had no hopes of starting a family, until he showed her hopes.
    He promises her but seems to be just passing time with her.

    In such a situation, it is better for the sister to ignore him, until he returns and gets married to her.
    By the way, the conversations between them are currently not allowed in Islam because he is a non Mahram to her. They could make it Halaal by marriage.
    When he calls next time, the sister should probably say that she isn't going to honor his calls, until he returns and gets married to her, whatever be the reason for his distance from her.

    Muhammad Waseem Editor

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