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Kissing on text?

My question is, can a couple (unmarried) kiss each other on text like:

"kissed your Forehead, kissed ur cheeks or kissed your lips"

...just occasionally to encourage each other, or for condolence in any matter? E.G if one is sad or upset, the other one texts like "kissed your cheek" or something? Is it allowed?


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  1. i think this is foolishness, virtual hug, kiss, bla bla just doesnt make any sense

  2. Salaam
    Islam doesn't allow premarital relationships. Hence the concept of girlfriend/boyfriend and as per some scholars even fiancee/fiance is foreign to Islam. This is the closest answer I could find. Another brother asked a similar question about sending kissing text to his girlfriend who lives in another city again the reply Islam doesn't allow premarital relationships. Hence the concept of girlfriend/boyfriend and as per some scholars even fiancee/fiance is foreign to Islam. What seem innocent can lead to zina of the eyes, zina with the tongue. regular text could end up being sex text, remember shaytan is the 3rd party between you. Keep it Islamic and simple follow the guidelines The Prophet(Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam)left us from the Qur'an and sunnah. The young companions would observe the sister they wanted to marry at a distance to see how she enter acted with her family and friends and than they would ask for the sister's hand in marriage and with her consent and approval of the parents they were married. Her wali or marham should be present at these talks and tty to marry soon and send your wife these kisses the halal way. May Allah guide you and her and bless you to come together as husband and wife pleasing to Him and help one another to the Jannah.

  3. Asslaaamualaykum Usman,

    Virtual kisses constitute emotionally intimate bonding, so I would stay away from doing that with the opposite sex. As the sister above points out, one thing can lead to another. On the other hand, If you are a guy and want to give your guy friends a virtual hug or kiss, then feel free. 🙂



  4. Asalam Aleykum.

    Although this is a big topic I will try my utmost to make it clear briefly....
    If the person is your fiancé, in islam you’re allowed to do such thing. Sexual intercourse is another topic which you should ask your local imam to explain to you I’m not a person of knowledge I only share what I’ve heard from a couple of imams.

    So, going out with your fiancé, holding hands, kissing and fondling is allowed
    it’s family’s honor and her dignity that one should avoid their desires to maintain it before the wallimah (the wedding night).

    I hope this has helped a little.

    Fi Aman Allah.

    • Shatu, let me clear up some mistakes or misconceptions. First, in English, the word "fiance" is used to refer to someone who is engaged but not yet married. The person has entered an agreement to be married in the future, but has not yet had a nikah. This state of being "engaged" actually has no legal status in Islam. Someone in such a state CANNOT Islamically have ANY physical contact with his / her fiance.

      Once the nikah has been conducted, the couple are husband and wife and can enjoy all benefits of marriage including intercourse. It does not matter if they are not yet living together. Yes, I know that in Southeast Asia it is customary for the couple not to have physical contact until after the "rukhsati" or waleemah when they begin living together. That is a cultural custom. In reality they are husband and wife. There is nothing dishonorable or undignified in them having intimate contact.

      Wael Editor

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