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I need advise on what has been happening and why has this been a bad year...

Well I got married about 8 months ago but I was only with him for 2 months and now I'm at my parents house becuz of lies and I'm waiting for my divorce day. It has been very hard year for me my husband family have been abusing me and making lies about me up until I was a bride.

On my wedding day alhamdulha I never committed zina and was a Virgin. And I don't know why but my mother in law never gave me a white towel on my wedding day which in my culture she should have and I my head on my wedding night I thought she was planning to do that so she could start drama and lies about me. But thank god I had one and showed her the next day but I was upset she never gave me one and I told my mom to about this my mom said the same that she should have.

But anyways life went on and I was still with my husband, after 2 months of being in his house my husband opened his mouth about our personal sex life. It was very bad he and his mom made up the lie that not once I had decided with him. Which is a huge lie. The truth is that I wouldn't most of the time because he was high on drugs so I would tell him to stay away from me being with him. The two months we only had sex twice because of this drug situation. I didn't like the smell and the way he would be verbally abusive to me.

The two months he called me stupid, picked at me and would swear and hit walls. One time he was going to work very early in the morning and his stupid mom hide his Tshirt so he was screaming at me pushing in walls and scared me from my dreams early in the morning. I know this his mom planned.

That morning later on the day his mom comes to me and tells me that her son's said that we never had sex. I told her your son is stupid and crazy and that night I called my mom and dad and they told me to come home and picked me up. From that day I've been at my parents.

I left all my stuff and this family is making up lies about me in the community and I've been suffering from depression and anxiety and taking pills now.. I don't know why this is happening to me.


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  1. Asalaam Walaikum Sister.

    One thing that is clear is that culture pays a huge role in your life, be it yourself or others. When we have a surrounding that lacks deen then issues will arise.

    Use this moment and time of need to get closer to Allah, ignore the family antics of your Husband as they seem to be the type of family who have no self respect so the chances of them showing you any is very slim.

    Move onto greater things and don't look back. Connect with Allah and I promise you ... You will find peace like you have never had before.

    We are faced with these challenges in life to get us closer to Allah , sometimes it takes a life changing experience for us to realise and other times we are fortunate enough to change before such incidents are put infront of us.

    May Allah make it easy on you my sister and please never lose hope. Asalaam Walaikum.

  2. you cant make it better. In such a family in which you are living , i dont think if i were you i would have tolerated this all, this is injustice. Leave this husband and move on to your life if you dont see the signs of improvement. , these people are abusive , liars and envied. There's no use of living with them . By talking about sex openly and takign drugs shows that your husband isnt a good person.

    If you would live in this abusive relation anymore than what kind of lesson you will give to your children about marriage, if you dont see any signs of improvement of your husband then its better to quit this marriage, be brave. Dont take the lies and beatings, dont let them steal your self esteem and confidence. Its only been two months of your marriage that they have broken you like that , im wondering if you would spend your life with him then what would happened. Every individual deserves a respectable life, kick him out of your life.

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