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Lies lies and more lies

Lies, telling lies, lying

Salam, I just need advise. I'm currently a married girl but for the past couple of months I've been living at my parents home due to problems with my husband and in laws. I was in the house for less than two months than more problems came along when my sister in law husband moved in also.

First of the first month I was married my husband was good for me than after a month he becomes verbally abuse towards me ...than somehow he and his mom made a lie about me in our community once I left to my parents..he said that not once did we have sex which is a BIG lie and very bad to say..I was a virgin up until my wedding night and I even gave my blood white cloth to my mother in law. To proof this.. Me and my husband only had sex maybe two times since we got married the two days of our wedding..after that I never allowed him to touch me bcuz he was either on drugs/drinking/abusive towards me I can see where he thought of to make this big lie up.

My point is we did have sex and I was a virgin..and soon I'm getting a divorce because of this big lie he is saying. I can't be with him what if I have a baby in the future and he will say it's not his and the whole community knows this. Soon we are both putting our hands on the holy Quran and he will swear that he never had sex with me. I will do the same and say he did which along I'm embarassed.. I don't know why this is happening to me ..I know he told his mom that we never had sex since close to the wedding date and she is making it a bigger lie and saying we never ever did which I don't know why she is saying that ..she has four more daughters she needs to get married and I hope allah will give me ease and her karma for these lie..what happens when one lies on the Quran?


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  1. Get help from your parents.He is a shameless person to lie on such issue. He will never change and get some lawyer and file for a khula or divorce.There is no need to put your hands on Quran and say such things. You will both be asked by family court judge to take oath on Quran and say this.You do this only that time in presence of judge and lawyer, no need to dramatize all this in front of his family because they don't deserve it and they will sow what they reap.

  2. I wonder the same thing. I hope Allah doesn't forgive her or her awful son. Because these kind of people never change and them asking for forgiveness would just be another lie. I hope things get better for you.

  3. salam sister,

    always many side to any story.

    assuming your side of the story is as you said, we feel sorry for you and ask for allah helps.

    You could pray isthiakara, make duaa and increase or start saying Asthowfirullah (Huzret Abu Huraira RA says 12,000 at night). Allah will open you the door out of unknown source. Believe in Allah. With allah believer should place trust in. He is enough for person to place trust and handle any affairs.

    In the meantime get your advice from your loving parents.

    Sometime better to have pain now which is smaller than later.
    Allah inflict human with troubles and issues to test us, forigve us and to turn ourselves towards him.

    good luck

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