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Is it okay to give lingerie as a wedding gift?

Lingerie in a box

Hello, me and my husband are friends with a sweet Muslim girl about age of 20. She's getting married soon. We were thinking of giving her lingerie as a wedding gift.

I asked my husband about this and he said it would be appropriate if the gift was from me to her but i just want to make sure... Is it okay to give lingerie as a gift to my friend? And if i were to send that it has to be privately between me and her correct?

- K


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  1. from a woman to another woman as a gift,nothing is wrong with that. But if you give it saying its from us to you,it does feel weird. So much other things can be given as gift like perfume.

  2. Personally I think it's too intimate.

    Wael Editor

  3. I dont think so its appropriate Reasons :-

    1 - She is getting married. If you really wish to gift her for the occassion you must give something that is memorable. I am sure even Lingerie would be. But how decent is that ? Does this really happen amongst us we Muslims ?

    2 - You and your husband deciding to give Lingerie i mean on the basis of what ? Is this what we gift a friend on her most important day ? If your husband is gifting you a lingerie its a different story but how has he got ready even for you to gift a common friend (female) that ? 😮
    Surprising !

    3 - What answer are you expecting on this forum from ISLAMIC POINT of VIEW ?

  4. Btw.. sorry to write another post.

    Are you and your husband MUSLIM ?

    • Sister, This forum is not about judging others. It is about asking questions in a safe environment so that we do not make mistakes in the real world.
      May Allah swt guide us.

  5. i dont think its bad. actually its different but it would be more good if you give salami "cash" , it would benefit her.
    ab mushkil waqt main kachay kaam anay se tu rahay 😀 so money is a good option

    • I think to give someone lingerie is inappropriate and crosses the limits of modesty. For one thing you would need to know her size to buy something that fits. As Muslims we need to err on the side of caution and modesty. If your husband sees the lingerie you are giving her, Shaytan may try to bring these thoughts of her wearing those items. I know a lot of men wouldn't be able to stop themselves thinking of this other girl in such a way if they knew such an item was given as a gift.

      Your husband may not be like this. Allah knows best. Modesty is always better and safer.

      • OP: My husband are friends with a sweet Muslim girl about age of 20 getting married soon. We were thinking of giving her lingerie as a wedding gift.

        Since she is friends with you and your husband, she may not mind. If she tells her husband you guys gave her lingerie, it could cause a big problem. Her husband may start thinking in wrong way and create a big long term problem. Just give her a gif certificate or gift card to a store that cells lingerie and other stuff.

      • Shaytan may try to bring these thoughts of her?

        shaytan may not bring thoughts of wedding night which 95 percent of the people at the wedding are having thoughts like this? you cant deny this

        its my opinion if you think its inappropriate your comment should be separate

  6. Assalaamualaykum K,

    I think most women are very particular about their lingerie and if the gift were to appeal, it would have to be the right size, coverage, support, style, color, and pattern. There is no way of your knowing these things unless you ask her and even then, she'd probably want to try it on if she were buying it on her own. Do you have any lingerie stores nearby that offer gift cards like Victoria's Secret? That would be a better option if you must go this route.

    And Allah knows best,


  7. You and your husband talked about giving lingerie to your friend? You didnt find it wierd??

    Personally if my best friend was getting married, I might give her something intimate really privately and as a naughty joke between friends. But I would never ever let my husband in on this. My husband actually would be quite annoyed with me if i talk to him about such gifts for my friend and my friend would faint with shame if she know my husband knows about such a gift i'm giving to her.
    As a couple, I would give her something that she will be useful in her future wife.

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