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Asalamu alaikum,

I don't know where to start. I'm married and living with my parents and my husband. I'm living on benefits. My husband might be refusing to work, but guilt is eating me alive! He is telling me how good he was before I made all those stupid mistakes, which are about not being thankful for what Allah has given me (a house). Somebody else is renting the property in my original country.

I admit that I used to be bad to my in laws, but my in laws know a lot about me that I hate. The very mistake he did in the beginning was that he told my brother in law that I was raped. I've put my children in Hell. How can I forgive him? I'm in severe depression! Please tell me whether I should move back to my original country and live in my new house? Please make dua for me as I'm very LOST.


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  1. Note to readers: if you click on the poster's username at the top you can see her previous posts and get some background on her situation, as this post by itself is rather confusing.

    Wael Editor

  2. Sister,

    Wake up to begin a new day. Make breakfast and be the best woman that you can be. Be proud of who you being raped does not define who you are as a person. Shame on your husband for opening his big mouth to anyone about what you had confided with him as a personal and private matter between the two of you. Be strong for you and those beautiful children of yours. Be kind to your parents and your husband. Do your best to make peace at home for the sake of all of you.

    Your husband needs to look for work as it is not an option unless he has no pride or respect for himself as the head of your household. The house you speak of in your country is only a house...not a home. A home is where family is.I am praying for you strong and love those children of yours and do your best to be a good wife to your husband. May Allah ta ala guide you and give you strength and happiness in your life.


  3. a bit confusing post , but thanks @Wael for telling us.

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