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Love marriage

I love a guy since 5 years. He loves me too. Recently my parents got a proposal for me, and which they were going to accept it. I told them I don’t want to marry this guy, but they dint listen to me. I told them about the guy i love. They scolded me and said they wont let me marry that guy. The guy is a Sunni muslim and there aren’t much difference between us, still my parents are not agreeing. My niece told quite alot wrong things about that guy to my sisters. My brother told me to forget him and move on. But we love each other alot. Now that i have told about my boyfriend to my family they are in a hurry to get me engaged to some other guy soon. I really want to marry the guy i love. I want to convince my brother so that he can convince my parents. I want to marry him with my parent’s permission. Please help me.

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  1. Marriage with out a girl conset is haram

    Forced marriage is haram

    At the same time relationships, communications beyond marriage is also haraam

    So love before marriage is not accepted in islam
    But because of current media and generation it became so easy to love

    Before deciding to marry you both should look at life in long terms how differences will be accepted in terma of daily life, religious terms will both of be able to adjust untill death

    Is the love because of just hormones or age issues or just physical attraction or just by seeing how good the other person was by seeing them in office or school or work bit they all have an unexposed side which will be known only after marriage so how are you going to tackle those and live a life

    Once all these are done move on to marriage
    As i said marriage without girl conset is haram she can cancel the marriage anytime as she wish
    But if the girl has a conset on a guy and wish to marry a specific guy her father or wali should also accept it .Without their acceptance the marriage is invalid

    Tell your parents or brother to search about marriage laws
    See mufti ismail menk, yasir qadhi, nouam alikhan
    About islamic marriage laws and racisim in islam

    Then you both come to an dexision

  2. Love marriage is not permissible at all, i think you are shia in this case you should marry to sunni bcz of your culture.

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