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Loving older woman


I have a friend shes 7 years older than me..she was married and her husband left her and i was supporting her..i keep calling her everyday and talk for hours..i was deeply in love with her but could not tell day her parents told her to stop talking to me..i feel hurt when it comes the time i talk to her..she dont reply my text messages and dont answer my calls..what should i do??it wwould be great if you could help me..jazaakallah


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  1. You looking for sex or marriage. If you want to marry her you or your family should talk to her family.

  2. Well, if she is devorced, then you can marry her. Contact with her either via her friends and ask her if she is ready to marry you, then follow the legal procedure to marry her. You have to take some actions to fulfill your dream, only praying to the God and sending message to her is not enough.

  3. Marrying older woman is not wrong but loving already married woman is wrong and unislamic .Her married problems she needs to solve .You should not be there .its haraam.

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