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The friend zone

Getting out of the "friend zone"?

I'm 29 year old girl unmarried , I have got some health issues so I got late to get married, searching for good proposal but I'm not getting success to get suitable partner.

I met one person as a friend, and 4 to 5 meetings over I feel he is the best person for me to spend rest of my life happily. I fallen love with him and I need him anyways. But he like me as a friend not giving much interest.

So what I should do I'm requesting everyday  to Allah  to get him in my life ...

What else I should do? Please help me .. ..



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  1. Give an 2 rakat salat al istikhara u will get ur answer from Allah in ur dreams or something sorted feeling, as knowing weather it's good proposal or bad, inshallah don't worry Allah does everything for good only....there must be some reason so don't worry sis I can understand u. Tkc have a good day

  2. Salaam Hun, I would recommend doing a istikhara to see if he is the right person for you. It may just be that he isn't and that's probably why he isn't reciprocating the same feelings towards you. In'Sha'Allah things work out for you. And I hope your health is better now. X I know many lovely people around the similar age who are looking for wives so you never know what the future may hold.. X

  3. Isn't it first appropriate to even ask him if he has intentions of marriage towards you first?? Makes no sense when you dont know what he wants? And be patient in finding a partner.

  4. Sister. You can do NOTHING....nothing to make someone like you if they don't. Be realistic dear.

    If you met him 4 or 5 times, you better not meet another time unless you know what his intentions are. Don't waste your time on people who just want to hang out, chill, and be friends.

    Keep it halal sister, if they are serious and are looking for a long term relationship and have met your parents and they have met yours ...maybe ...but this meeting at random, will get you nowhere my dear.

    Allah has a plan for us all, don't meet random people who won't commit to you and just okay with your emotions because you are lonely and vulnerable.

    If he says you are just a friend beleive him and stay away to avoid falling into sin.

  5. OP: But he like me as a friend not giving much interest. So what I should do I'm requesting everyday to Allah to get him in my life

    Like as a friend usually means he would do things with you but will not marry you.

    • SVS,

      What do you mean by " HE WOULD DO THINGS WITH YOU BUT WILL NOT MARRY" what things are you talking here. Fear allah

      Requesting to the website manager, to block this kind of comments or the person.
      I strongly condemn this. Instead of advising, he is insulting.

  6. Salam sister,
    If you have his phone number, then get your head on straight and call him to ask him if he likes you for marriage. If you dont have his number, then just wait, pray, and see what happens. But keep your distance from haram actions.


  7. Better stop meeting him and ask any of your elders to contact him for marriage. Please do not ask yourself that he wants to marry you or not...Man usually plays with women and make commitments/promise of marriage but then they back out leaving the women hurt and broken. and I hope your health is now good.
    Stay blessed.

  8. People who are worried for their life partners, are little stupid. Please dont allow men to be your friends or lovers.

    I am 31, popular as a column writer, but do not have a good job. My parents dont support me to live another city for job.

    But...i dont allow someone to play with my feelings as a friend or lover. I clearly say everyone that i am only looking for a good husband but not a friend. In the result, everyone gets out.

    Unluckily, my parents presents me in front of many families for proposals, but nobody accepts me.

    I am facing this digusting situation very patiently for many years. I have no problem, but people are hurting me day by day.

    People like my education but not accept me as unemployed. Please pray for me.
    What should i do?

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