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Having problems making it work with my wife

leaves floating, falling into pieces, falling apart

I am seeking for dua's to help my relation with my wife. I love her too much and it seems like something or someone is trying to separate us because there is nothing wrong that happened between us. We had problems before but I apologised and everything came back to normal. Now she is at her parents, she spoke to me saying she loves me and so on, I even got her a new flat like she wanted, then I don't know why she dont want to talk to me and why she is behaving like that.

I am requesting any duas that would help my situation.


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  1. hayaakallaah wa sakkarallaahu lak.

    the only du'aa i can benifit you with is one from suurah furQaan surah 25.

    "and they [slaves of the most mercifull] are those who say our lord, grant us through our wives and offsprings the coolness of our eys, and make us leaders of the righteous"
    brother, make lots of du'aa for your wife, make even more du'aa for your parents.
    rectify you relationship with you mum, and if she is pleased with you, Allaah will please you through you wife and children and wealth and health and every bit of happiness is your, if you make your mum happy and serve them and stay at their feets.

    if you ask me, id say someone is envying you and jealous of the beautifull relationship you have with your wife.
    so make the athkaar in the morning and evening.

    also teach her to learn the athkaar in order to get protection of the devils.

    in suurah baqarah Allaah said that the devils cause disunity between the man and his wife.

    ask her what her concern is as you will not go any furthr without communication.

    the job of the devils is to make a man and a woman who are not halaal for eachother extremely attractive for oneanother, but to make the couple who are halaal for eachother seem fruitless to one another.

  2. Brother Assad, ask her. Ask her what the problem is. Talk to her. Listen to what she says. If necessary, see a marriage counselor who can help you communicate with each other.

    Wael Editor

  3. I am seeking for dua's to help my relation with my wife.

    (Bashir, I deleted the remainder of your question. Please log in and write your question as a separate post, and we'll advise you, Insha'Allah. Also refrain from posting your email address here in the comments. We do not allow it. - Wael, Editor)

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