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Male sexual issues

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Men's health problems can be difficult to talk about

I've had erection issues since last 3 months now. I used to have masturbation issues perhaps like any one else of my age.To counter that i used to stop my self right on the verge of orgasm. I did that practice for a couple of months until one day i lost erection . this happened for the first time in my life. one day i was fine and the next day this happened.

Since then life hasn't been the same. I get depressed more often now. To make matter worse I got married too during this period.

I've find that my erections are not as hard as it used to be.Only a couple of time have i been able to have had hard erections  .But I try to avoid sex as much as i can and no longer find interest in sex.

I'm worried about my life. I'm 27 and never had any such issues in life. I've lived quite a healthy life till now . Theses three months have been terrible . Please let me know what to do in light of Islam .


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  1. asalamu alaikum,

    its not un-common for you to lose erection, although it happens to men in their mid 30's or so. I will advise you to go to the doctors. its treatable so don't worry. I know it can embarrassing but go to a male doctor.

    ma salama..

  2. OP: I've find that my erections are not as hard as it used to be.Only a couple of time have i been able to have had hard erections .But I try to avoid sex as much as i can and no longer find interest in sex.

    Why you want to avoid sex? Are you afraid you won't be able to do it. Avoiding will only make things worse. I am sure a part of you want to have sex.

    I don't think you have a medical problem, more like a psychological thing.

    I hope some women will open up and share their views what will they do in such a situation.

    • @SVS

      Its obvious he is avoiding sex with his wife because he can't do the act with weak erections, as he said he had strong erections only a couple of times in the last three months.

      What he is suffering from is probably a severe case of erectile dysfunction caused by over masturbation.

      Instead of empathising with the brother you are doubting him, why?

      • Brother J: What he is suffering from is probably a severe case of erectile dysfunction caused by over masturbation.

        What exactly is over masturbation? Do you have any scientific study/link to back your statement?
        Washing ones hand excessively do not make the hands weaker.

        I did not doubt OP, I just shared my opinion avoiding sex is not going to help deal with this problem.

  3. Salam brother,

    These are medical issues. You need to go and se a doctor ASAP. Also as you are married you should also speak to your wife about this problem. Let her know exactly how this is affecting you. If you say nothing and avoid her, this may cause problems in your marriage. She may think you don't like her and thats why you are avoiding her. She may think you don't find her attractive etc etc... The list can go on and on.

    So please communicate with your wife clearly about everything. Don't keep her in the dark.

    In sha Allah everything gets sorted.

  4. Assalam o alaikum ...

    [Editor's note: If you require advice about your situation, please log in and submit your question as a new post for publication. There have already been a number of questions published regarding your particular issue, so it might help you to look over the answers given to these.

    Midnightmoon, editor]

  5. Brother, your problem is erectile dysfunction(ED),I have read accounts of many young men & even teenagers who suffered from ED after they practiced overmasturbatin & were addicted to porn.

    I am not sure how doctors can help curing your severe ED, as it is difficult to treat medically, they might prescribe you some erection enhancing pills, but the problem with them, they don't cure the root causes of ED and over a period of time your body gets used to the drugs and they become useless.

    I suggest you to visit this site and read to the accounts of men who have suffered or are suffering with ED ( ) and find out how most have successfully cured themselves by abstaining from masturbation, sex and porn for few months.

    This, infact is the best solution to rewire brains of people suffering from ED caused by over-masturbation and excessive use of porn.

    Take your wife in confidence and abstain from sex. masturbation and porn for a few months, eat healthy, exercise daily( plain squats are good to improve testosterone and blood flow to the pelvic area).

    You are too young to suffer these problems, don't lose hope, trust Allah and Insha'Allah you will see positive results soon.

  6. Assalaamualaikam

    It's not uncommon for men to experience difficulties with their erections during times of stress, and it sounds like the past few months have been very stressful for you, with some pretty big changes in your life. Then things can get into a cycle of worrying about erections ---> having problems with erections ---> worrying even more... etc.

    Brothers may be more able to give you reliable resources and advice, and the recommendation to speak to a doctor sounds helpful, as getting a professional opinion may help reassure you and help you get over this.

    It may be helpful to speak with your wife about this, as that way you can support each other and work through the problem together. And make sure that you reassure her that you still love and care for her, so that she doesn't feel that she has displeased you or not met your desires. While you are addressing your problems, remember to spend time getting to know each other and strengthening the bond between you.

    Sometimes we cannot see why an obstacle has come across our path, but Allah is All-Knowing and The Best of Planners. Trust that journeying through this test will have a purpose for this life or the next, inshaAllah.

    Midnightmoon editor

  7. Salam, ahk you sound like you have low need to get your t-levels checked out...put a million dollars on it that what your problem is......look up bodylogicmd or any of those companies that specialize in erectile dysfunction in men...may ALLAH make it easy for you....ameen

  8. Please make lots of duas to Allah ..when we give up sins Allah Aza Wa Jal cleans our record as if we never even sinned.and only He can give you what you lost. There is a quote it goes like this: "And in sujood I've found what I lost."
    May Allah give you what you lost. Grant you happiness with your wife. Please visit a doctor.
    May Allah bless you and your family.

  9. Assalamu alaikum.

    Erectile problem is very embarrasing. It becomes more when you are more depressed about it also.

    First have a medical check up. Check your Hormones like Thyroid, and also Testosterone.
    Testosterone is MALE and MALE is testosterone.

    IF testosterone levels are low, they can be increased by many means like eating foods that increase it like prawns, crabs, chocolates , ginseng, honey, royal honey, etc etc.. BUt all these are temporary solutions.

    Permanent one may be to have @ Pregnyl@ injections that would trigger your testes to produce testosterone.

    I know of people who had this problem, but after treatment, they are able to have even 3 times sex in a day.

    But still consult with docter and do not do this on your own.

    May Allah help you and those in your problems.

  10. assalam alaikkum

    i m a 20 year old boy my penis was very small
    i m very absett please give me a dua or a solution

    • We have answered other posts on this subject. Essentially there is nothing you can do about your size. If you are watching porn, then stop. For one thing, it's haram, and secondly it will give you a very distorted view of normal sexual relations and body types.

      Wael Editor

    • Facing a similar thing. Now clean from porn masturbation and organs since 118 days. But my face still look dull. My bones gave become weak. And other side effects. Please pray for me

  11. My husband is a pervert. .he doesn't find interest in me. ..should I leave him. .he beats me and abuses me if I asks him about that ladies. ..suggest me

    • Mansoor, my opinion is that you should not tolerate a husband who beats you, period. No one deserves to be treated that way.

      Wael Editor

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