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Aslam-o-alaikum, I am writing to inquire about a serious problem that has troubled me for some time:

Sometimes while urinating the urine comes out forcefully and a few drops splashes on my feet. I tried to avoid it as best as I could, however, there are still some times when I am unable to avoid the drops. Fortunately this does not happen often. I told my mother about it, ahe told me to immediately rinse my foot and then purify myself by performing wuzu. My question to you is that is it necessary to do ghusl after this happens? And is it haram if one does his best to avoid it and is unable to? Please tell me as it leaves me very depressed to learn that I may have upset my Lord in any way.

May Allah bless you.


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  1. wa'alaikum salam

    You don't have to do ghusl, your problem is something you can't control just make sure you perform wudu when it happened before you pray.

    Allah is The most merciful and compassionate, He does not impose on any soul a responsibility beyond its ability. In shaa Allah you will not upset Allah and may He cures you. Ameen

  2. Wa Alekum Asalam

    dear sister, I do not know what type of toilet you have in your house. If the toilet you have is the ones on the floor, then it is a must, that you should cleanse the parts of your body that urine has been to it. Also sister it is not obliged to do ghusl rather change cleanse yourself and change your clothes.

    I hope my Answer is of help to you InshaAllah.

    Wa Salam Alekum

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