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Marital Relationships – Brother and Sister?!

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Hello, this is Rahaman. I have one doubt about marital relationship. I heard about the marriages like, I will tell one example."suppose does one can marry his mother's sister's daughter". I know it is a blood relation and she will be his sister in relation. It is happening in (i dont want to share the location). How can a boy marry a girl who is his sister in relation.  Is it legal and acceptable?

Another question, now-a-days the people having sex with their own sisters. It is disgusting that how can someone think like that about his sister. As i know it is a big sin.

Please give me the answers for my Q's.... Thank you


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  1. His mothers sisters daughter would be a cousin - although I personally don't recommend it, it's defintly permissible because she's not your actual sister. On the other hand, incest is haraam, it's disgusting behaviour ! Hope that answers your questions.

  2. first of all i would like to mention here its assalam o alaikum and we say in reply to this : walaikum assalam. it seems you are from india coz the non muslims in india greet in this way i dont know why (its from experience) well i m not sure (location wise).
    now to your question, you are talking about a cousin. you come from your mother's body while your cousin comes from her mother's body , both got different sperms and ovaries, both have different fathers. i am my father's daughter not the daughter of my maama chacha ,their children are not haraam to marry coz they are not our brothers and sisters.
    if a person is your real brother or sister from your father , then you cant have sex with them coz you cant marry them its a sin.

    • hmmm...first of all thank u for ur answer...
      iam seeing this word first time(assalam o alaikum)
      i also dont know what exactly should spell,,,,
      but iam a muslim even if i was wrong spelling that word

  3. In Islam marriage is allowed with a cousin (sister or brother). Brother sister sex is wrong but it does happen. I do remember reading in news .....about 2 weird situations. In one situation a wife caught her doctor husband having sex with his sister. They started having sex and continued even after marriage.

    In Palestine a girl was raped by 3 or 4 of her brothers. When her mother found out about it she killed the girl.
    Any one can read about this on the Internet.

  4. Thanks to all for clearing my doubts

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