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Marriage After Kissing?

Hadith about Zina

Hadith about Zina

If a man and a woman committed zinaa (general meaning) like kissing and touching, then they got married without repentance to Allah. Is this marriage is valid or not?

- sadia

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  1. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    Such questions are best answered by a qualified scholar for peace of mind. There was a similar question on the following site:

    I will quote the relevant bits here:

    "The fuqaha’ differed concerning the validity of a marriage between two who committed zina, if the marriage was done before they repented. The majority are of the view that it is valid, but the Hanbalis are of the view that it is not valid, and this is the more correct view."

    In the post, it is advised that people in such cases go ahead and repeat their marriage contract so that it can be valid from that point, and Allah knows best.

    -Amy Editor

    • assalamualaikom brother

      haven't you regretted it , and wanted to correct things? that is a taubah in itself

      " The majority are of the view that it is valid, " and the majority of the scholars take precedence to any individual scholar, and hence is the more correct view

      The Ibn Hanbal has another view, he is of the view that it is not valid,
      His view is very respected but its only one scholar's view that go against the majority.
      You will be better off with majority in your case..

      May Allah clean your hearts and accept your repentance and help you make a true Muslim family

  2. assalamwalikum, if before marriage if a boy loves a girl very much.. and if he touches and kiss his girl is it consider as a zinaa.. or in a collegedays unknowgly i catch a girl and hug then what it is..

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