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Marriage at 4 months pregnant

Pregnant Muslim woman (drawing)


I married my husband when I was 4 months pregnant. But now I'm not sure if this marriage is valid. As I been hearing you can't marry pregnant women.  I have repent for my sins from Allah swt hoping he will forgive me. Can u please tell me if this marriage is valid and proof if we don't have to renew it .  My husband don't seem to be bothered which is stressing me out very much. I don't want to be living all my life as a sin. Please help me .




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  1. There is no other way sister than doing Nikkha after Labor . May Allah make it easy for you

  2. Is your husband is a father of this baby?

    I believe there is no problem getting married as per my information

  3. Some info from islamqa site

    It is permissible for the one who committed zina to marry the woman with whom he committed zina if they are no longer regarded as zaani, which is after repenting sincerely. If she is pregnant, it is not permissible to do the marriage contract with her until her pregnancy ends, and the child is not to be named after the zaani according to the majority of scholars. Some scholars are of the view that the illegitimate child is to be called after the zaani if he acknowledges him. See the answer to question no. 33591

  4. Salam,

    I don't see anything in the Quran that would prevent you from getting married. The deal is that if you were married and were pregnant then to divorce your iddat period would be till delivery of the baby.

    So in that sense, if you were married to someone else, you wouldn't be on the market to get married until your divorce was completed. If you were never married and were pregnant then I don't think there would be an iddat period because there was no marriage. During the iddat period the husband is required to provide the same shelter, food, clothing as he enjoys.

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