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Marriage difficulty

I want to marry a girl. the girl whom i want to marry is a good girl.. she does her prayer, follow the rules of islam and well worshiper of Allah.. my mother has given permission of marriage but my father is refusing.. the only reason he is showing that her family is not a renowned and wealthy family.. and her family has got some internal issue or problem of their own ..but nothing is related or against islam.. now we can take care of our self and i got the ability and enough money to marry a girl or i can manage enough money to keep her well and she is happy with what i my question is can i marry this girl now ?

My another question is is it necessary the present of parents during the procedure and time of marry?  Can i make my wali some one else. or it is enough to take only the permission to get marry.


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  1. Your father is wrong. If it is possible, seek counseling from an Imam regarding this matter. No knowledgeable person would tell you that you should marry someone because they are wealthy or not marry someone because they lack a prestigious status. That is absolutely no guarantee you will have a successful marriage. Your father needs some serious pre-school Islamic training. From what I understand, children can disobey their parents if their parents do not permit the child to do what is right or insists that the child does something haram. You are also an adult, so the control your father has on you is not the same as if you were a teenager.

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