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I have been married for about 4 years now but we have not had sexual intercourse at all I feel that my marriage is not valid at all

I heard from one source that if not done within 6 years the marriage is over..automatically

Is this true

Please help


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  1. That's insane, have you tried to commuciate this with your partner? What's stopping the both of you?

  2. If you had sex you had not had sex for 4 weeks after your marriage I would have been dubious about whether it was true or not. 4 months I'd say no chance, total lie. But 4 years? It's scarcely believable that such marriages can exist.

    We as humans have desires, these are natural desires that Allah has instilled into us. He has made the wife atrractive for the husband and the husband attractive for the wife. So why would anyone choose not to engage in this intimate act when it's been made halal and is reward for both husband and wife?

    The question is why haven't you had any in 4 years? Have you been living apart? Is there some sort of issue (mental or physical)? If after 4 years you haven't had sex how have you been fulfilling your natural desires? (please don't answer it's one of those questions to think about but not answer).

    Your source is wrong, not having sense, no matter what the period does not automatically void your marriage, but it would be a sound reason to invoke a divorce.

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