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As Salam O Alaikum

Good Day!!

I have read out your useful posts and comments thanks alot.
Which gave me encouragement to ask you some guidance.
I am a muslim and I want to marry a lady (from philippines) who was before christian and 2 months ago she took shahda (from Islamic information center, Dubai) and now she is muslim (Alhumdullilah).
We both want to tie knot in Dubai, as we are resident here, and working in different organization.
history of lady:
The lady was before married to a christian man 8 years before but just after 1 year of marriage, she separated from her husband... and she is still not in touch with him past 7 years, she has two daughters..
So as she was a christian when she married to a christian man.... but now she is muslim (mashallah) so her past marriage is already finished or not???
As her husband is not keep in touch and they are already separated 7 years before??
She is in little confusion, kindly guide in easy way.. because she is a newly muslim.. and islam is a religion of peace and simplicity.. then she can understand islamic ways..
And kindly guide us the possible ways to marry easily in dubai.
by islamic way or by professional legally..
Can we marry in mosque in dubai???
Thanks alot for ur kind cooperation, waiting for your reply


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  1. Why don't you marry in front of your family and in your own country? What is your history?

  2. What is the urge of getting marry soon? She is entering a double marriage if she is still legally bind to the previous marriage. Not just she converts to muslim and her former record is void. A conversion is one thing, but roles and responsibility as a civil citizen should still abide and respect the law.

    1. Ask the lawyer in her country on how to pursue her case. You'd better make everything lawful before you marry her. You do not wish to enter into those legal battle. Her husband can claim her back if he wants to make it difficult. Polygamy is not allow in Philippine.

    2. Philippine does not allow divorce but permit legal separation. If she is telling the truth, why didn't she file a legal separation in these 7 years? You both better consult the lawyer in Philippine.

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