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Is it "Game over" for our marriage?

aoa brother n sisters !!! I have been married for one year allahamdulillah Allah has blessed us baby boy .... My husband lives in back in native country he's in immigration process. after my marriage I stay with him for three months then. I got pregnant n return to my home USA ... After I came throught pregnancy n till now it's been 11 months we have fight every other day from lill issue to big issues when husband gets angry he forgets all his limits n gets very abusive n cruse at me n fam very badly..our most fights r based on his negative approach on everything he takes me negative eveytime..

I don't understand his personality one day he says he loves other day he degrade me like I'm noting to him and then he appolgize n says he regrets hurting me and yeah when I Married to him I was divorced n he was single - in every fight he always mentions my past marriage ..

I do love my husband but I get fed up with his everyday fight we have beautifull son now I'm up to the point to divorce now he's asking for last chance for the sake of our son, not to divorce give him 1 or 2 month to test if he Remains the same I'm free to do what ever I want to do ..I gave him couple of chances to change ... he says all this happening cuz we r not together.. I'm confused n worried if I visit him back to native country he might do something bad with me or child or he is just with for benefit of USA my question is shall I give him one last chance as he's saying .. And can I perform istaqkira for this situation (divorce)   Jazakallah kahair !!!



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  1. Hun I'm sure he loves and cares for you! You shouldn't give up so easily on a marriage although u said u gave a couple of chance but this situation is different. You see u technically were not with him for a year long distance relationship there is always mis communication and ones for hits about why they married. Sister I'm telling you like what i would tell my own sister don't give up now you are also a mother and have to think about the baby too not just you! Sometimes people make mistakes and don't says what they actually mean and smalls problems we make bigger than what they actually. May Allah bless your marrage hope everything works out

  2. hey, i am facing the same problem but in my case, my and his family are involved. both familes hate eachother. but i dont involve myself in it. i contact my husband because i am in my father's home. he put my number on divert, blocked me in facebook and whats app. i texted him to talk to him cause i just gave birth to a baby girl, shes 1 month old. now my 40 days are going to complete but he didnt ask about her and me. but he repplied to my messages. he said bad stuff about me, my mother and sister. he was the apple of my eye but now he broke me and i dont think that my relationship will work anymore. i am confused and he is not even sorry for what he did..

  3. Those are yours alright! . We at least need to get these people stealing images to start blogging! They probably just did a image search and grabbed them. They look good though!

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