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Marriage to Ismaili

I'm a Sunni girl with a liberal mindset who doesn't believe in sects. I want to get married to an Ismaili boy that i have known for years now but i want to be sure if it's allowed or not. We respect each others beliefs and i have no issues with them either since he doesn't disrespect the Caliphs or Hazrat Ayesha nor does he believe that Quran has been altered. He belongs to Nazari sect and apart from his salat his opinions and thinking on religious matters is similar to mine. He doesnt drink and is against it. I want the nikkah to be valid and i believe that since his kalma is also the, marriage should be valid.


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  1. No and never bcos the more u marry to him u will comprehend his aqidah(belief)

    • W salam, there could be nothing better than marrying him. The only problem between Sunnis and Shi'ites are political differences turned into religious beliefs. One of such misunderstood concept is bara'at/tabbara which has become synonymous with hurling abuses against figures that Sunnis revere due to ignorance of Shi'ite Mullahs. Bara'at as simply means not affiliating with someone. It doesn't mean you begin abusing them.

      If that brother doesn't do this practice, then go ahead and marry him. This way you would be following the commandments of Allah and Prophet (s.a.w) of unity. The ignorant mullahs of both Sunnis and Shi'ites neither know about Islam nor about Islamic history and mislead millions. No Shi'ite Mullah tells that Muhammad a son of Abu Bakr was raised by Ali. He married the widow of Abu bakr. Ali's daughter was married to Umer. Hassan and Husain defended Usman, when his house was surrounded by rebels. Hassan was very big supporter of Usman. Hussain didn't fight Muwayueh because they had a truce. Ali's sons from other wives (yes you must not have heard this either, had married several women and had children) including Abu Bakr, Umer, Usman bin Ali (yes Ali named his children Abu Bakr, Umr, Usman) were in battle of Karbala. You know why these facts aren't told by ignorant mullahs. Because they don't these facts either nor want to tell because that will dispel the misunderstandings between Sunnis and Shi'ites. Which will result in loss of their political and religious authorities. Sunni Mullahs are no different !

      By marrying him, you wouldn't only obey Allah and His Prophet (s.a.w) but also doing something greater of bringing unity (which Muslims desperately need for 1400 years). Very few Shi'ites are found who haven't been brainwashed by ignorant mullahs, so I would strongly suggest to marry him. JazakAllah.

      May God bless you with happiness with that brother and bring peace between two groups of Muslims (as Hasan bin Ali did for Muslims; again not many know about this either) Ameen.

  2. Salam sister 1st of all you are not a sunni scholor .So one must be careful in what we say .P eople in general will get mixed messages and they will think different...towards about Muslims.First of all we must understand what Islam is correct and will be excepted or valid by Allah and his seal of prophet who is a guidance for humankind. Yes there is many sects that followed after Shia. ..As a revert and now a practising sunni muslim who is marrived to a lady scholor..I have research the different beliefs out there and found that other then being a Sunni muslim .THEY ALL WORSHIP OR ATTRIBUTE AN IDOL IN SOME WAY OR ANOTHER. MOST OF THE BELIEFS ARE FABRICATED AND WORD BY MOUTH..IT SEEMS THE DEVIL HAS LEFT NO STONE UNTURNED.THE RELATIONSHIP YOUR IN SEXUAL OR NOT IS HARAM..BY THIS YOU ARE ONLY CURSING YOURSELF..THE WAY OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD IS VERY SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD. IT IS ON THE SHAITAN THAT WHISPERS AND IF GIVES YOU EXCUSES ONLY TO LOSE YOUR FAITH OR WEAKEN IT.AS YOU CAN SEE COUNTLESS MUSLIMS MARRIED TO OTHER BELIEFS IN TURN THERE OFF SPRINGS ARE WEAK AND LOST AND POSSIBLE THERE PARENTS ARE DIVORCE. THIS IS ONE POSSIBILITY THAT SOCIETY IS FILLED WITH CRIME UNEDUCATED AND DRUGS ALCHOL IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY..LET US LEARN AND PRACTICE THE BASICS ..THE ONLY THING THAT IS GOING TO SAVE US FROM THE PUNISHMENT OF THE GRAVE AND ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT WHICH IS FACT! 5 X SALAT is a must on every male n female adult zakat fasting in Ramadan and hajj if one can afford it...Keep away from all types of haram adultery ALCHOL music unblessed food haram that's wasted on unnecessary things etc..If everybody followed this way then the world would be different..The golden age was the time of our prophet when it was spreading? Hmm. LIFE WAS SIMPLE N PEACEFUL BECAUSE OF TAQWA!..THE ISMAILIS DO FOLLOW AN IMPOSTER .BUT MOST FOLLOWERS ARE BLIND! IF YOU WANT SUCCESS IN BOTH OF THE WORLD'S THEN WE MUST FOLLOW THE CORRECT WAY 100%EG. IF ALLAH SAYS INTEREST IS HARAM AND THE PROPHET HAS CURSED THE BORROWER LENDER WITNESSES THEN THERE IS NO HOPE REGARDLESS OF HIS INTELLECT OR MONEY.GOODLUK

    • "THEY ALL WORSHIP OR ATTRIBUTE AN IDOL IN SOME WAY OR ANOTHER. " Wow, what a revelation!! Can you share where you found such a thing during the research.

      Don't mislead and cause disunity among Muslims. Doesn't Allah says; "hold on to the rope of Allah and don't be divided...." Shi'ites and Sunnis have been marrying throughout Muslim history.

      Shi'ites do the same as you mentioned above. They pray 5 salahs, fast, give charity, perform pilgrimage, have all same practices as all other Muslims (albeit in a bit different way, but Sunnis have different fiqh/ways too).

      Don't spread disunity. It is in fact, bigger sin. If you had researched properly, you would have found this incident in the Holy Quran in Surah Ta-Ha that when Israelite committed idolatry and Moses (a.s) was furious over this he asked his brother Aron (a.s) why didn't he stop them from such thing? He replied that I feared that you would say that I divided the Israelites. Shirk or the idolatry is the biggest sin but due to the importance of unity, Haroon/Aron didn't stop them sternly.

      No Muslim sect commits idolatry. You better get your facts straight and research properly.

      • Why the shias seek mediators in between Allah n his worshippers for the acceptance of duas. Shias invoke the name of Ali ra all the time by saying Ya Ali etc which is shirk committed out of ignorance. Moreover, we can't deny the fact that tombs at karbala have become places of worship.

  3. Perfectly said Danish brother !

    I second him in his thoughts. Nothing much to say further..

    Go ahead and just marry him sister !


  4. this will be zinaa not nikah it is not allowed to marry with him

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