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Can I have a second marriage to my wife’s niece?


Dear I want to know, can I marry with my first wife's sister's daughter in second marriage?



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  1. That sounds realky disgusting lol

    • Is it wrong if it is your wife's brother's daughter? Seriously. Imagine your wife is frigid and you will marry someone else regardless. Which is better for the kids from the first marriage? A stranger or a relative to them? If the original wife and the mahram and the girl doesn't mind, then what harm is it? There are no genetic bonds with you and the girl. It's certainly better than the common practice of marrying your first cousin!

      • well! there are people in this world who prefer the instruction of god on their own will. everything allah has said have a reason but we dont understand!

  2. It sounds like you may be much older than this girl...ask her family or consult a real mufti or imam if it is ok before you make any moves that may be inappropriate on the girl.

  3. No.

    Narrated Abu Huraira (Radhiyallahu 'anhu):

    Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said, "A woman and her paternal aunt should not be married to the same man; and similarly, a woman and her maternal aunt should not be married to the same man."
    (Sahih al-Bukhari 5109)

  4. Very disturbing question. Uncles do not marry their nieces.....

  5. What a disturbing thought. You need to stay away from her and i don't even know what your own wife would think of that or even her mother. But NO u cannot.

  6. Too many people have asked this question on this forum. It is HARAM to be married to a woman and her niece at the same time. Beyond that, it's disturbing that you are using your family relationship to lust after a girl you should think of as your own daughter. How would you feel if you discovered that your sister's husband had feelings for your daughter to the point where he was seriously considering marrying her? I'm guessing you would be disgusted and angry that someone who you had trusted enough to allow your daughter into his home and with whom you had a family bond would take advantage of her in this way. Stay away from your niece!

  7. What kind of cheap person you are?, i guess you are that man who has asked this stupid question before, when everybody is telling you, why dont you accept it. it is Haram i am very shocked to know that you didnt even spare the daughter of your wives's sister , May Allah protect all the sisters, daughters and mothers from you, you are not able to trust, you should never be allowed to enter anybody's house alone.
    why dont you die before doing this. if i were in that place i would have burst your head with hammer.
    do you dare telling your wife about your devilish intentions? that your sister's daughter is not safe and i am going to marry her for Sex?
    cheap thinking. you are worse than animals.
    can i marry my wife's niece and what she is for in relation? she is not your niece? idiot

  8. Eeeew. Its unacceptable. Surely if she's your wifes niece then she's like a niece to you too.......rightttt????

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