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Marriage with my cousin

I am 27 year old guy.
I am in love with my cousin ( mom's brother's DAUGHTER) since childhood.
She also love me always..
My family is ready for this marriage..and total support..
We have same background in terms of money..

But problem is that..
Her mother father not ready.because they believe ..
If we done marriage in same khandaan(kndan)
Then marriage is not successful..
. I am really disappointed.. because i am not able to marry another girl..
Even i cant think..
Allah tara knows..
My love is true..
Please guide me..

My mom talk to her mom..
But she refuses saying same thing..
Beacuse of cousin marriage is not going successful..

We love both each other truely since childhood
Now we both mature and wanted to be marry soon..

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  1. Assalamualaikum wrb.
    It’s absolutely alright to marry your cousin.
    The very fact that Allah made it permissible conveys that it is possible and can be successful.
    Success of a marriage does not depend upon how you’re related to your spouse. Whether it’s a relative or otherwise, it depends on how you lead your life and how you consistently care for your spouse and love him/her.
    Explain to them how marriage between cousins can’t be unsuccessful with various real time examples.
    Tell them how you don’t want to marry someone else and show your resistance.
    It all comes down to how badly you want to marry her and she wants to marry you.
    Nothing else can stop you.
    Pray to Allah to change your parents’ and her parents’ mind everytime.
    Be patient. Allah is with you. He will see your urge and decide what’s best for you.

  2. Marriage between cousins is allowed in Islam, and historically it may have been unavoidable at times, for example if a small tribe or clan was cut off from outsiders. However, marriage between first cousins does in fact carry a higher risk of birth defects in the children, ESPECIALLY if the bride and groom's parents or grandparents were first cousins as well. In that risk, the risk of defects rises quite high, as you are combining recessive genes.

    It's much healthier to marry outside the family. It brings in new blood and new connections, and builds ties among the people of the Ummah.

    Wael Editor

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