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Is it possible for a married Christian woman to marry a Muslim man again?

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I am married Christian woman. I have a Muslim boyfriend now. I love him and he proposed for marriage to me. I agreed to him but I have doubts if it is possible for me to marry again to a Muslim man.

Is it possible for us to get married?


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  1. Salaams,

    If you are already married, then the husband you are married to now should be your only husband. As a female you cannot take more than one husband. If you are married now, we would never recommend you to divorce your current husband just to marry someone else. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't have any "boyfriends" if you have a husband at home. That would be considered as infidelity, even for Christians.

    If you are in fact single and NOT married (typo, maybe?), then you can, as a Christian woman, marry a Muslim man. There are no Islamic prohibitions against this.

    -Amy Editor

    • Sister Amy,

      good pm! Thanks for the advice.. but i just want to ask more. coz truly saying i am married but we r not living together already since 2 years we are separated in sense we both understand that we have no commitment w/ each other and my husband knows that also but we can say not legally separated coz theres no such divorced in our country. And annulment will cost us too much and time also. So please enlighten me more coz im really confused. I loved my boyfriend too much and he accepted me of what i am that is why he offered marriage. So meaning sister theres no way for us to get marry?

      • Salaams,

        If you are technically still married (even if you are separated or not dealing with each other any more) you still cannot marry someone else until you divorce your husband. Once you divorce him, you are free to remarry....but not before then.


  2. i thick what sister Amy said is right u cannot merry more then one man. in islam we have that only a man can marry more then one woman.& i thick any religion do not allow a woman to marry more then one why do u want to abandon your husband try to set your love with him try to love each other again dont always thick to find love in such ways if your husband is not giving u more love & compassion try to discuss with him dont always thick to live him and find another. thick of your future & thick of your children.u dont know that he might be the best to u.your sister shystar Fatima

  3. Hi khurrama. We have the same situation and I fully understand how you feel. Loving a man dearly and being loved the same way too. We cannot marry again unless we file annulment and indeed this is a long and costly process. Its very sad to be in this situation because I know how painful it is to love someone you can never have. I pray, someday we can see whats the best for our situation. That we will be strong enough to do what is right no matter how hard it is. Loving a very wonderful Muslim man is the greatest thing that happened in my life, this is a sincere love beyond boarders. Though, reality bites, if we truly love them we must think of their welfare more, what is best for them even if this decision will cause us great pain. For that is love, selfless and true. I share with your hurts and agonies, for I do feel the same.

    Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow. We must fail in order to know. We must lose in order to gain. Some lessons are learned best only through pain.

    No matter how hard we try, no matter how great is our love for this man, complications will still arise because of this forbidden love. So, the best thing to do is to set him free. It doesn't mean it will be the end of a great love but it is a proof that indeed we love them so true that we are willing sacrifice.

    I pray that both of us will be brave enough to let go of a great love and be able to smile again.

    God bless !

  4. Peace be unto u khurama. . . . . I can understand d situation u are in, and no one will ever suggest to u to marry another man without divorcing ur present husband. However since divorce is not recognised in ur country and anulment takes a long process, i know of a possible way to anull or authomatically cancel ur marriage without necessarily seeking d consent of ur husband. Khuramma have u consider looking into islam... U know in islam, there is no marriage contract between a muslim woman and non muslim man but d vice vasa is true (ie a muslim man can marry people of d scriptures- jews, xtians).. Khurama When u search about islam and u are convinced about it (ie u believe it is d religion of God) and then u consider reverting to islam just for d sake of Allah (and not for marriage)., then there is what we call iddah (ie waiting period) in which as a revert u are going to wait for three month to see if ur husband will also revert and if he does'nt whilst ur iddah is over, ur marriage with ur ex will be authomatically anulled/cancelled and then u would be free to marry ur boy friend without even any consent from ur ex. . . Hope i have answered ur question.. May Allah guide to His right path..

    • Hi sir , i am Willing to convert and i have the same situation also... May i know ur email add sir so i cud b more enlighten

      • Rafaelyca, we do not allow the exchange of personal contact info on this website. If you have a question and need advice, you can log in and write your question as a separate post, thank you.

        Wael Editor

    • hello mr.mohd..

      the same problem of mine Im a christian and willing to accept slam is it possible i married to muslim man,but im married already in my country.?

    • Alsalamalaikum, praise to Allah,
      Brother Mohd... I am a newly convert to ISlam (Alahamdulilah)
      Since the time i posted here. I did some studies about
      Islam and was covinced buy it as the true religion. I read about
      IDDAH and this is what we did by my husband now. Since
      Its is not allowed plus its really expensive and it will take time in the
      philippines. We waited from sept to dec. (IDDAH) and after that
      We were scheduled for marriage last Jan. Alhamdullilah it all fine.
      Now , Brother MOhd,since i am married now in islam- is our marriage also binding or legal
      in any country Esp. In the philippines? wud my previous marriage will be
      Considered invalid? Since we dont have divorce in the phil? ( I dont have any
      Communication or anything with my ex for 13 years).,,
      I hope u cud enlighten me more.,,.

  5. Well first off , in islam it's haram to date. Second, your ''muslim boyfriend'' is not so muslim since a ''real'' muslim wouldn't go and date someone who is already married. Also, if you are christian and a believer why don't you familiarize yourself with the bible? It clearly says that christians should only marry christians. If you like him so much why don't you leave Christianity and become Muslim since cheating doesn't sound to bother you

    "Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? 15 Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?" (2 Cor. 6:14-15).

    Good luck

  6. I am an Advocate Of High Court and in problem regarding a case in my hands. The scenereo is detailed as " A christian girl married with a christian boy on 03-February-2013 and after mutation and after 11 days fled away from husband home with a MUSLIM BOY and converted to islam and get married with HIM without taking divorce from his ex christian husband . What is according to SHRIAH that does her 2nd marriage converting as a MUSLIM after 11 days of 1st marriage as christian is valid according to ISLAMIN TEACHINGS. because she did not perform IDDAT and also no applied divorce after accepting ISLAM and without everything got marriage again.What is legal value,whether her 2nd marriage is correct or VALID or Invalid.

    HASAN Javed Chatha
    advocate High Court Lahore
    Pakistan 03004550694

    • Hasan, you should consult an 'aalim who can give you a fatwa on this matter. We are not qualified to do so.

      Wael Editor

      • mr mohd can u help me where could i ask here in jeddah ksa regarding my legal matters?

        • Rachel, I have emailed you a phone number. He is a student of knowledge who has knowledge on legal matters also. If he is not able to help, he will direct you to the best person.

          Abu Abdul Bari

  7. Hello,

    I am a christian with 1 child to my ex-boyfriend and presently i am committed now to a Muslim man who is divorced for 8 years.

    we are living in 1 house.
    No marriage involve.

    • Hello Mich,

      If you are looking for advise, you should login and submit a post separately. We will publish it in turn, God Willing.

      Abu Abdul Bari Editor

  8. Hi, i just newly converted to ISLAM. I have some question. I was married before when i was christian to another christian. That was May 2013, then when i got my marriage certificate in National Statistics Office in the Phillippines, i found out that my husband was married before me dated february 2011. Meaning he was married before and he again married with me for the second time. I confronted him and he told me that yes he was married before and not annulled. He cheated me so i separate with him. My question is, if ever i found love, is it possible for me to get married with Muslim? But i was married to christian and that man cheated me because he was married before our marriage. please enlighten me.

  9. Im married to a christian man with 2 children but weve been separated for more than 8 years. I converted to muslim and marry a muslim man. Is my marriage with my muslim husband valid according to muslim law? Hope you can help me. Thank you so much.

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