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A married man having secret conversations

Secret Phone Call



If an Islamic man is married and have secret conversations with a non islamic woman without the wife's knowledge.

Is that permitted?

- Girly

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  1. Walaykum as salam, sister Girly,

    Your husband is not acting properly, secrecy, hiding, talking to other women in this conditions only shows that he is sharing something that is private, and he is allowed to have privacy only with his wife, then this is not right.

    All of this situation wakes up a cloud of suspicious and jealuosy that darkness the enviroment, talk to him straightly and bring forward all this issues, and ask him why does he have the need to look outside the marriage?

    Don´t make suppositions or think by yourself, this can drive you insane, talk to him to act for real and when you do it be as quiet and calm you can this way they won´t be afraid of telling you everything , gain his trust, and when you know how it is everything working, take decisions on how to improve the situation, insha´Allah.

    All my Unconditional Respect,

    María Editor

  2. that is not good at all

  3. WELL, Let's just take care if this with proof cuz eventually he will say you are crazy and making everything up. You can put a secret tab on his phone and it will show you the numbers he is callingtexting and so much other info. it is called spy-ware. You need to search for it on the internet... it is fabulous and mainly used to keep track of your childrens' phone calls/conversations. A private attorney can also help you with that if what you really want to do is find out if he is cheating on you *You must be prepared to handle whatever info. you obtain... are you ready for all this info???? Do you really want to find out NOW??? Be p r e p a r e d *

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